College of Education extends international outreach in China and Korea

The College of Education (COE) has developed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU's) with Beijing Normal University in Zhuhai and State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs office in Beijing. Three visiting scholars from China arrived on EMU's campus in August 2013 and are being mentored by EMU teacher education faculty. EMU professor Joe Ramsey is mentoring Xiangjie Gao, Lijuan Wang is being mentored by Linda Lewis-White and Neil MacNish is being mentored by Linda Williams. "We are excited about these new relationships and hope the program attracts more students from overseas and encourages local students who wish to teach abroad," said Dean Jann Joseph. There are a total of six EMU graduates who are now employed as teachers in China. Two teachers are employed at Carey International School in Zunyi, China and four other EMU graduates are teaching in other cities in China.

Through a partnership with the Korea National University of Education (KNUE), four graduate students from KNUE will begin online classes at Eastern starting Winter 2014 semester. The students will come to Eastern during Summer 2014 to complete their master's degree. Also, approximately eight pre-service teachers from KNUE will arrive at EMU in January/February 2014 for teacher educational training at local public schools. Over the summer, the COE hosted more than 50 teachers from Korea for professional development workshops.

"This international outreach program is an integral and important part of the College of Education and we look forward to continued growth," said Joseph.

For more information about the College of Education's international outreach initiatives, contact Regina George, director of the the Office of Urban, Community, and International Outreach at 734.487.1060 or [email protected].