Via Support

The College of Education has used an online portfolio and assessment tool, formerly LiveText - and now Via, since 2006.

Students use Via for online portfolios and for submitting assignments for specific courses.

Faculty use Via for assessment of student learning outcomes and to provide formative feedback to students - both of which are key components in our continuous improvement cycle.

The College of Education uses Via for college-level reflection on programs we offer, as well as reporting on student learning for national accreditation purposes.

Accessing Your Account

Students seeking teacher certification, and certain other related programs, will need to purchase a Via account depending on the specific needs of their program. Do not purchase a Via account until told to do so by your instructor. If the upcoming semester will be the first time you will need to use Via, you will not be able to set up your account until after the semester has started.

To log into your Via account, even for the first time, visit Via to sign in.

If you have not had an account previously, the system will prompt you to set up your account. First-time account setup will require a credit card. New accounts are good for seven years.

To use your Via account in the future, use the login link above.

If you previously held a LiveText account, you may still access information in that account by logging in with your LiveText account login information.

See the FAQ’s, below, for additional information.

Frequently Asked Questions