Membership in COER is free and open to all interested scholars; however, participation in IUAES-sponsored initiatives requires membership in the IUAES. To join COER, simply send a note to the current Chairperson ([email protected]) giving full contact information, and briefly describing your interests.

COER was established through the efforts of some fifty international social scientists who formed an Organizing Committee and prepared a "New Commission Proposal"--eventually ratified in 1995. Current officers emerged from that original group, while others constituted a core list of Founding Members. Their support is gratefully acknowledged.

COER is coordinated by a Chairperson and, during its probationary period (1995-2000), it was also supervised by a regionally representative Advisory Board. Since 2000, the Advisory Board has been replaced by a wider consultative body, formed by COER's Regional Representatives. All officers have volunteered or have been nominated for their positions, which they can relinquish at any time. There are no term limits. COER's Regional Representatives assist the Chairperson in matters requiring international consultation; all organizational and administrative responsibilities rest with the Chairperson. In 2001, an Editorial Board was also established to assist the Chairperson in publication matters. Furthermore, the organization of a thematic "Consultative Committee" is being explored. All administrative developments are presented and ratified at the COER Business Meetings, usually held concomitantly with each ICAES.

Beside individual membership, COER benefits from cooperation with various other IUAES Commissions and other international organizations and scholarly bodies. Since 1995, several cooperative linkages have been successfully established, and they are listed under Institutional Affiliations.