Newsletter of the IUAES Commission on Ethnic Relations

E.L. Cerroni-Long, Editor

Greetings to all COER members.
COER was established to address an issue that, while steadily acquiring growing relevance in the world, has so far received only uneven and often controversial theoretical elaboration by anthropologists. The large international membership attracted by COER, however, indicates that the issues of ethnicity in general, and ethnic relations in particular, deeply interest practitioners of our discipline, and are often central to our research endeavors. COER set out to coordinate these endeavors by facilitating exchanges of information and cooperative research efforts on the matter of ethnic relations and by creating opportunities for the presentation and dissemination of the most promising research in this area.

Latest Developments

In the year 2000 COER celebrated the fifth anniversary of its establishment by going online! The COER website (www.emich.edu/coer) was established at the end of the year, and we continue to encourage members to renew their status by contacting the Chairperson ([email protected]) by e-mail, updating their contact information to ensure regular communications. If you are not a current member but you wish to join our group, please follow the same guidelines (after reviewing the page on “Membership”), and identify yourself as a new member in your message.

In 2005 COER launched two new initiatives: an international colloquium, and an electronic journal. The 1st International COER Colloquium, titled "Addressing Ethnicity: Theory, Practice, Policy" was held in Florence, Italy, July 7-9, 2006. A selection of the papers presented and discussed at this colloquium were subsequently prepared for publication in the inaugural volume of Ethnoculture, COER's international, peer-reviewed, open access electronic journal, posted online in 2007.

Also in 2007, COER successfully organized a very broadly representational session for the quinquennial International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences (ICAES), scheduled for 2008 in Kunming, China. The proposed session was approved but unfortunately the congress itself had to be postponed by one year. The 16th ICAES, renamed 16th IUAES World Congress, was held in Kunming, July 27-31, 2009. The program sponsored by COER reflected the scientific value of the ethnicity research conducted by COER members (COER Program at the 16th ICAES).