Campus Safety Advisory

EMU Police are investigating unconfirmed reports regarding two individuals walking together on campus, one of whom is reported to be carrying a long gun. EMU Police are actively patrolling campus. If you observe suspicious activity, call 911 or EMU Police at 734-487-1222. As soon as we have additional information, we will share it with you. 

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College Supports

College Supports

Program Goals

  • Increase awareness and training of faculty and staff regarding Autism Specturm Disorders.
  • Facilitate a positive environment for academic achievement.
  • Improve coordination of university services.
  • Respond to the individualized needs of students.
  • Guide the student toward becoming more independent as an adult.

Ask yourself…

  • Does my child have Asperger’s Syndrome or a related social communication disorder?
  • Can my child be admitted to EMU based on his or her own merit?
  • Can my child succeed in college with enhanced academic and social supports?