Our Photography

Photography plays an important role in our communications because it tells our story visually.

Our documentary-style photography captures the Eastern Michigan culture both inside and outside the classroom. We strive to show authentic interactions with students, faculty, and campus life. A balance of authentic portraiture, candid moments, and points of impact makes our communications richer and more interesting.


Portrait photos should have an authenticity that comes from real emotion—not everyone has to have a toothy grin. So ensure that these shots always feel natural and not staged.

These images can range from lighthearted and warm—which captures the spirit of our EMU community— to serious and academic, with more stoic expressions. It’s important to maintain a balance of both in our communications.

Photography portrait examples


No matter the discipline, our classrooms and studios house visionaries who create change and improve, enliven, and inspire the world.

So in our photography, we skip routine shots of academics, instead making sure that we demonstrate how our people enthusiastically and naturally interact and collaborate.

Photography example of classrooms


When people see our materials, we want them to get a sense of EMU and be able to see themselves here. Be sure to include images that realistically depict the EMU experience and what it’s like on our campuses.

Photography example of classroom


The vibrancy, community, and architecture of our campus is something to show off, and these images paint the picture of what our community looks like. Pepper sense-of-place shots throughout communications in a way that help the layout breathe. When capturing these images, make sure the scene’s are warm and well lit.

Photography example of campus

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