Snapchat Takeover

Alumni Fridays

Where has EMU led you? Take our Snapchat following on a mass job shadow and show us where your degree has taken you!

#TRUEMU Takeover Tuesday

#TRUEMU Takeover Tuesday is a way for EMU students to take over EMU’s Instagram/Snapchat account to show us a day-in-the-life of YOU (the student). We are looking for passionate, enthusiastic, outgoing individuals with a knack for Snapchat or Instagram to host our account and show how #TRUEMU you are. 

Study Abroad

Are you taking your studies beyond the scope of the classroom? Take EMU on the journey to show some of the sights, culture and educational adventures you'll experience while being abroad.

Student Org. Takeover

Are you a part of a student organization or club at EMU? Do you have a big event coming up? Are you actively recruiting? Or do you just want to show off how fun your student org is? Host our Instagram/Snapchat account for the day and give our followers a glimpse into your student org, club or upcoming event.

Ready to get started?

Fill out our Instagram/Snapchat Takeover Request form.