Approving/Publishing a Page in OU Campus

Pages reside in the staging area until published, at which point they are copied to the website.

Follow these directions to approve/publish a page in OU Campus:

  1. An email request is received by the selected approver who has the privilege to approve and publish pages in the below format.

    Note: Alternately, click the approve or decline link in the email message.

    Approving/Publishing a Page in OUCampus
  2. A final check window is displayed after clicking the publish button.

    Approving/Publishing a Page in OUCampusFinal CHeck
  3. The page is published to the website and the compose optional notification page is displayed. Optionally, type "Web Page Approved" in the subject field and "The web page referenced in this message has been reviewed and approved" in the message field.

  4. When you are finished, click the publish button.

    Approving/Publishing a Page in OUCampus
  5. The webpage is now published and is ready to view.