Adding/Editing a Faculty Page in OU Campus

If you have edit access to a page, multiedit button is displayed. This button redirects you to the editable regions of the page.

Follow these directions to edit a faculty page in OU Campus:

  1. Create a new faculty page by clicking new button and selecting new interior page.

    New ButtonNew Interior Page
  2. Select the page type as faculty page, name the page in filename field and click create button.

    Faculty Page type
  3. A new page is created, click the multiedit button in the page to edit the contents.

    MultiEdit page
  4. The page is directed to properties page where the multiedit content is displayed with all the fields to be filled in for the page.

    Faculty Edit Page
  5. When you are finished editing/adding content, click the save button on the toolbar to save all edited or unsaved changes on the page.

    Note: The available Edit toolbar tools are similar to those found in MS Word.

    Edit fields
  6. Click on the publish button to publish the edited page. 

    save and publish