Insert a Link in an OU Campus page

You can link different web pages and files. The target pages must be uploaded to OU Campus by the approver to make them available to link.

Follow these directions to insert a link in a page in OU Campus:

  1. From an editable region on the page, type the text you want to become a link.

  2. Click the left mouse button and drag to select the link text.

    Inserting a Link in a Page in OUCampus
  3. Click the insert/edit link button on the edit toolbar.

    Inserting a Link in a Page in OUCampus
  4. The insert/edit link window is displayed. To link to a target file, click the browse button.

    Note: Alternately, if you are linking to a web page, type the page address (e.g., in the link URL field and skip to step seven.

    Browse Button
  5. The OmniBrowser window is displayed. Locate and select the desired file from the file browser list.

    Images are stored in a folder called images and documents (e.g., PDF files) are stored in a folder called docs. Both of these folders can be found one level below the top in the directory structure or in the individual subdirectories, depending on your file structure setup. When linking to a file, an approver must upload the it to OU Campus before it is available for use.

  6. Click the select file button after you are in the desired folder.

    Select File
  7. The insert/edit link window is displayed. By default, the page/file will Open in This Window/Frame, replacing the page containing the link. To open the page/file in a new window, click the target field pull-down arrow and select open in new window (_blank) from the list.

  8. If necessary, type descriptive text in the title field.
    Note: This description is accessed by screen readers and further describes the content found on the destination page/file.

  9. Click the insert button.

    Insert target feilds
  10. The link is inserted into the selected editable region. When you are finished, click the save button on the toolbar.

    Inserting a Link in a Page in OUCampus
  11. The preview page is displayed with inserted link on the page.

    Preview Pgae

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