Submitting "In Progress" Time Sheets and Leave Reports

There will be times when an employee will start their time sheet or leave report, but will not submit it by the 11:59pm deadline (e.g. the employee may begin their time sheet during the pay period and then may be unable to submit their time sheet prior to the 11:59pm submission deadline due to illness). When this situation occurs, the time sheet or leave report is considered to be In Progress. It is the Superusers job to submit and approve the employee's time sheet or leave report. These steps will also work if the Superuser is being asked to submit and approve a time sheet or leave report with the Return for Correction transaction status.

Follow these directions to submit an "In Progress" time sheet or leave report:

  1. Open the Summary page. See Accessing the Summary Page for more information.
  2. From the In Progress section of the Summary page, click the employee name in the Name, Position and Department column.
    Note: All hours must be recorded on the time sheet.
     Name, Position and Department Column

  3. From the Employee Detailed Information page, click the Submit button.
     Submit Button

  4. A Transaction was successfully submitted message is displayed. The time sheet/leave report is now pending and awaiting approval. If you are finished, click the Previous Menu button; otherwise, to complete the time sheet or leave report, click the Approve button.
    Approve Button 

  5. A Transaction was successfully approved message is displayed. Click the Previous Menu button.
     Previous Menu Button

    Note: The Summary page is displayed.

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