Viewing Your Direct Deposit Advice

Beginning October 15, 2008 we will be issuing all Direct Deposit pay stubs via email. The benefits include:

  • It is a "Green" Solution, since direct deposit pay stubs can be saved electronically and only printed by the employee when necessary.
  • Employees will receive their direct deposit pay stub no later than payday.
  • Postage savings for departments that currently mail out direct deposit pay stubs.
  • No more lost mail making the employee's payroll information more secure.

Follow these directions to open and view your electronic Direct Deposit Advice (eDDA) on a Windows XP machine using EagleMail:

  1. You will receive your electronic Direct Deposit Advice (eDDA) as an email attachment (PDF) to your (a.k.a. your EagleMail account) email address no later than payday.
  2. Click the receipt.pdf attachment link.
    receipt.pdf Link

  3. A Password dialog box displays prompting you for a password. Your password consists of the following:

    - Your last name up to 4 lowercase letters (Ex. If your last name is Smith - "smit")
    - Your 2 digit birth month (Ex. If your birth month is July - "07")
    - Your 2 digit birth date (Ex. If your birth date is the third - "03")
    - Password example - "smit0703"

  4. Click the OK button.
    Password Dialog Box

    Note: Please double-check that you are using the correct format when typing your password. There are a number of common errors being made: a) Typing the birth year instead of the birth month (ex. smit0783), b) Typing less than 4 numbers (ex. smit73), c) Using uppercase (ex. SMIT0703), or any combination of the three (ex. SMIT783).
  5. Your electronic Direct Deposit Advice (eDDA) displays.
    Electronic Direct Deposit Advice

    Note: If you retain this email message in your mail file you will be able to view, print, and save your eDDA at any time. See Saving/Printing Your Direct Deposit Advice for more information. Optionally, you can view and print pay stubs, dating back to 2003, via the my.emich employee tab; however year to date (YTD) totals are only available via Earnings History and Deductions History in my.emich. See Viewing Direct Deposit Information for more information.

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