Adjusting Your Time

Occasionally you need to change the time that you worked for a particular day and/or earnings type. For example, you copied regular time from one day and pasted it in each day of the entire pay period; however you were sick one of the days. Changing time for a particular day is no problem as long as you have not submitted the time sheet for approval. Once you have submitted the time sheet, if you need to make a correction, your Approver will need to return it to you for correction. See Returning Time Sheets and Leave Reports for Correction for more information. for more information.

Follow these directions to adjust your time sheet:

  1. Open your time sheet. See Opening Your Time Sheet for more information.
  2. From the Time Sheet page, click the displayed hours link for the date and earnings type to be changed.
    Time Sheet page

  3. Delete the incorrect time.
    1. Bi-Weekly: delete the incorrect time in the Hours field.
    2. Students: delete the incorrect time in the Time In and Time Out fields.
  4. Click the Save button.
    Save Button

    Save Button

    Note: The time sheet will now display the Enter Hours link. You can now enter the correct hours/time. See Entering Time for One Day for more information.

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