Opening Your Time Sheet

The Web Time Entry (WTE) system gives EMU employees a better way to report, track, review, and pay employee wages. This system is designed to reduce employee errors and make it more convenient for them to report their time. Employees can record their hours and make corrections to their time sheets or leave reports from anywhere via the Internet.

Bi-weekly and student employees can use the Time Sheet link to report, track, and view their time sheets.

  1. Navigate to the Employee Services menu. See Employee Services Menu Overview for more information.
  2. Click the Time Sheet link.
    Time Sheet link

    Note: Approvers, Superusers, and Proxies, you must first click the Access my Time Sheet button and the Select button before the Position Selection page is displayed. See Accessing the Summary Page for more information.
  3. The Position Selection page is displayed. Click the appropriate Title and Department button.
    Note: Some EMU employees have more than one job/position or are paid from more than one account. These employees will need to submit separate time sheets for each job
  4. Click the Pay Period and Status pull-down arrow and select the desired pay period.
    Note: You can also view the status of your time sheets from this field.
  5. Click the Time Sheet button.
    Time Sheet button

    Note: The Time Sheet page is displayed.

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