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Applications are NOT available at this time.

If you have questions about job openings/positions, please contact the Center of Race & Ethnicity at 734.487.2277 or [email protected].

Center of Race & Ethnicity Student Staff Positions

The Center of Race & Ethnicity (CMA) celebrates historically underrepresented populations, provides opportunities for cultural and identity exploration, and empowers members of the EMU community to become social change agents. The CMA Student Assistant position is a pre-professional experience geared towards student leaders who are interested in creating a safer, socially just, and inclusive campus here at Eastern Michigan University.

Responsibilities typically include functions such as: planning cultural heritage celebrations, maintaining the organization of the CMA office, and connecting students and/or student organizations with on-campus resources.


  • Maintain weekly office hours
  • Attend DCI Student Trainings/CMA meetings
  • Collaborate with Student Organizations, EMU affiliates, and outside partners to plan, implement, and evaluate programming for cultural heritage months.
  • Update social media content.
  • Assist with creating marketing materials for CMA programming.
  • Ability to research cultural and social justice issues.
  • Assist with leading/facilitating discussions
  • Other duties as assigned by Program Coordinator and DCI Director

General Requirements:

  • Ability to work 10-15 hours a week.
  • Admissions and enrollment as an EMU student.
  • GPA of 2.5 or higher is required.
  • Maintenance of 67% cumulative completion rate is required.
  • Enrollment as a part-time student (at least 6 credits)

Desired Skills

  • Effective verbal and written communication
  • Programming/event planning experience
  • Proficiency in Google Applications  
  • Great time management skills
  • A self-starter who can work independently
  • Team-oriented
  • Availability to work evenings or weekends as needed
  • Demonstrates good customer service skills


The Center of Race & Ethnicity is part of Diversity & Community Involvement