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OUR Mission

We Support Your Goals

Who We Are

The College of Technology (COT) cultivates the intellectual and personal growth of diverse individuals through research-informed education and diverse programs that emphasize practical application of scientific knowledge.  The College of Technology Student Services Office is here to support undergraduate COT majors with meeting their academic and career goals.


These are some of the services we offer.

  • General Education Program advising
  • COT major exploration
  • Probation/Dismissal advising
  • Graduation audits/U.achieve
  • Course registration questions
  • Faculty referrals
  • Second bachelor degree
  • Additional services


We offer the following programs to assist you in your success.

  • Group Advising
  • Fast Track
  • U.achieve: electronic degree auditing
  • Starfish: first alert management system


We offer the following resources to assist you in your success.

  • Math and Writing tutors in Sill Hall
  • Career Services referral for internships
  • One-on-one general advising
  • Degree plans for second admit
  • Faculty advising for all COT majors
  • U.achieve training


Who we serve:

  • COT Students
  • Michigan Tax Payers
  • Employers
  • Donors
  • Community
  • COT staff and faculty


The value we bring:

  • Students’ prepared for in-demand careers
  • Academic success planning
  • Degree completion
  • Students’ equipped with critical thinking and time management skills