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Our Mission

The Center for Regional and National Security is committed to excellence in teaching, training, and research within the areas of Information Assurance, Law Enforcement/Fire Management, School Safety/Security, Homeland Security, and Emergency Management. Building on the tradition that Eastern Michigan University has established, this Center extends those values in a global philosophy that enhances students, community, state & federal agencies, and people of all nations.

About CeRNS

The Center for Regional and National Security (CeRNS) at Eastern Michigan University advances citizen security thorough innovation and excellence in teaching and research. It is dedicated to providing solutions to some of the tough problems facing our nation in Information Security, Law Enforcement, Fire Management and regional and national efforts in Homeland Security. Its work aligns perfectly with the University's mission of commitment to excellence in teaching and basic and applied research for service and outreach to the immediate and wider communities.

CeRNS conducts a broad range of related activities that make for cooperative interaction of talents and abilities available nowhere else in the United States. It delivers highly technical, management-oriented programs by which research-initiated projects are implemented across disciplines and encourages and supports broad-span, original thinking that brings together in new ways the expertise of the several disciplines within the Center's three platforms.

Training Announcements

2020 School of Police & Fire Staff and Command

Eastern Michigan University’s Center for Regional and National Security (CeRNS) will be accepting application for the 2020 School of Police & Fire Staff and Command programs starting July 1, 2019.

For additional information, please Click here to view.

2020 Fire Announcement              2020 Fire Application

2020 Police Announcement          2020 Police Application

School of Cyber Crime Investigations and School of Forensics

Eastern Michigan University and The Center for Regional and National Security no longer offers the School of Cyber Crime or Forensics.

This is a current list of present and future training opportunities . Please check back often for additional classes. If a class is already in session, check back for newly scheduled dates.


Present and Future training events at the Center for Regional and National Security. Please check back often.