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  1. Gas chromatograph/mass spectrometer

  2. Preparative and analytical Gas Chromatographs (2)

  3. Gel Permeation chromatograph/High performance liquid chromatograph


  1. Nicolet Fourier transform infrared spectrometer with microscope

  2. Superconducting-magnet nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer (multinuclear)

  3. Jasco UV-Visible spectrometer

  4. Colorimeter System 48582 colorimeter

  5. Near-infrared moisture meter (Kett)

  6. Variable angle classic light scattering spectrophotometer

Thermal Analysis

  1. Modulated differential scanning calorimeter (Q-1000)

  2. TGA with Mass Spectrometer detector (Q-500)

  3. Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer (Q-800)

  4. Calorimeters

  5. Rhopoint MFFT Bar 90

  6. Dipole Limited TDS 2.1 dielectric reflection spectrometer


  1. Brookfield Viscometer

  2. Parr Physica LS 100 Rheometer

  3. Bohlin VOR Rheometer

Mechanical Properties

  1. Instron Tesile tester

  2. Microhardness (Tukon)

  3. Abrasion tester

  4. Nano-Identer/Scratcher (XP of MTS)

  5. Film Formation Analyzer by Adaptive Speckle Imaging Interferometry

  6. DT-BK3 Mechanical Recorders


  1. Localized Electrochemical Impedance Spectrophotometer-270 (PAR)

  2. GAMRY AC Impedance Instrument with multiplexor for four cells

  3. GAMRY DC Impedance Instrument with multiplexor for four cells


  1. Scanning probe microscope (SPM), Digital Instruments Nano IIIa

  2. Carl Zeiss research grade optical microscope and Mettler hot stage

  3. Hitachi SEM and IXRF EDX system with x-ray tube

  4. Zeiss ConFocal Microscope

Particle Characterization

  1. Malvern Zeta Sizer (PCS-based particle sizer and electrokinetic mobility analyzer)

  2. Particle-size analyzer (Microtrac UPA)

  3. 90 Plus Particle Sizer (Brookhaven Instruments Corporation)

  4. Capillary Hydrodynamic Fractionation particle size analyzer (Maytec Applied Sciences CHDF-2000)

  5. BET gas-adsorption surface area analysis system

  6. Rank Brothers Microelectrophoresis system

  7. Electric birefringence apparatus and particle classifier

Surface Characterization

  1. Dynometer

  2. FTA-200 Dynamic Contact Angle Analyzer with Tilt Stage and environmental chamber

Coatings Applications and Process Equipment

  1. Pigment dispersion equipment (sand mill, Cowles, high-speed disk, ball mill)

  2. Spray equipment (conventional, airless, electrostatic, powder)

  3. Spin Coater

  4. Electrodeposition equipment

  5. Medium-pressure UV curing equipment (Fusion 300S)

Accelerated Testing

  1. Prohesion cabinet

  2. Cleveland humidity cabinet

  3. Q-UV tester cabinets

  4. Constant Temperature-humidity oven

Miscellaneous Equipment

  1. Hewlett Packard LCR meter

  2. Nicolet Digital Oscilloscope

  3. Cahn Vacuum Electrobalance system

  4. Radiometer Copenhagen Autotitration system

  5. Macbeth Spectralight Dual Luminaire

  6. Brinkman RotaVapor

  7. Steam Generator