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Date: June 2–4, 2020
Course Fee: $1,250.00
Location: Boone Hall, Ypsilanti, MI
Room: G11A
Instructor: Vijay Mannari, Ph.D.



UV-cure technology is rapidly advancing not only in coatings but in advanced 3D printing (Additive manufacturing AM), beside many more areas. This course introduces fundamental aspects of the materials, cure process, formulations and applications of UV-cure technology. This course will also introduce the emerging UV-LED technology. Attendees will learn the types of UV-sources, raw materials used in formulations, and their effect on cure-speed, cure-extent and performance properties. Testing and characterization of UV-cured coatings will also be discussed.

Who should attend?

This course is designed to provide a thorough fundamental understanding and working knowledge of UV-cure process and coatings, with some focus on 3D printing (AM) applications. Personnel working in research and innovation, product development, process development, technical support and / or marketing functions, testing and specifying materials related to of UV-cure coatings or additive manufacturing (3D printing) can benefit. Suppliers of UV-cure equipment, UV-sources, raw materials for UV-cure coatings or 3D printing areas will benefits as well.


What you will learn:

  • Putting UV-cure technology in the context – comparison with other conventional curing technologies
  • Fundamentals of photo-reactions and UV-curing process, free-radical, cationic Thiol-Ene chemistries
  • UV-sources – types of mercury lamps and emerging UV-LED sources
  • Raw materials for UV-cure compositions
  • Formulation of UV-cure coatings, inks and 3D-printing materials
  • Testing, characterization and optimization of UV-cure process
  • Applications of UV-curing coatings /materials in wood & concrete coatings, packaging coatings, advanced sol-gel coatings
  • Emerging applications and challenges 


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