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Thank you for visiting the Polymers and Coatings Technology program web site. These programs offer very interdisciplinary, applied and industry oriented curricula with excellent career opportunities for students with a wide array of interests in polymers and coatings and related fields.

With consistent growth of the polymer and coatings industry over the past several years coupled with an increase in government regulations, new technologies and innovations, has steadily increased the need for highly-skilled scientific personnel to work in this specialized field. Since the demand for polymers and coating graduates far exceeds the supply, the starting salaries are approximately 15 to 20 percent higher than the average starting salary for chemists, as based on recent surveys by the coatings industry and the American Chemical Society.


Polymers and Coatings Technology [M.S.]

The M.S. in Polymers and Coatings Technology curriculum prepares students to become science and technology leaders in a global environment where coatings and polymer technology is growing rapidly. Grounded by a solid foundation of chemistry and technology core courses students can take a variety of elective courses to customize program of study to their unique interest and educational goals. A required independent study / thesis courses prepare students for research, product development, testing and evaluation through project based learning. The program prepares graduates for increased responsibility in industry and government in such functions as RandD, product development, technical services, safety, health and environment, technical sales and marketing in companies manufacturing and using paints and coatings, polymers, plastics, adhesives and inks. Graduate are also prepared to pursue Ph.D. in relevant discipline.

Polymers and Coatings Minor

Polymers and Coatings Minor, a 24 credit hours curriculum, has been designed for those chemistry or professional chemistry students who want to broaden their field of study and are interested in hands-on experience in industry-oriented undergraduate experience. This program is ideally suited for those with General Chemistry majors.

Coating Research Institute

Coating Research Institute (CRI), a research organ of this program provides great deal of opportunities for students to work on cutting-edge research projects under directions of highly experienced faculty members.

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Laboratories and Equipment Students have access to well equip laboratories, conveniently located in Sill Hall and CRI. These labs have state-of-the art equipment and regularly updated to keep pace with the changes in technology, education and the demands of industry.

Transfer Students

Students transferring from another institution are encouraged to discuss the content of the courses in the major with the program advisor. The Undergraduate transfer center at EMU processes transfer course credits.