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Antony Modarressian

M.S. in Polymer and coating technology: 2003 (EMU),M.B.A. Director of Technology, Matrix System Automotive Finishes. LLC. (A division of Quest specialty Coatings)


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I have worked in the field of polymers and coatings for about 20 years now. I truly can say without my education and training at Eastern Michigan University I could not have had the acceleration in my currier that I enjoy today. I started as a coating chemist at the paint company in Detroit Metro Area and in 6 month I was promoted to the Lead Chemist handling a major project. I created a low VOC 2-K urethane platform and from then, my currier advanced and I was able to take on new challenges. Today, I serve as the Director of Technology in a fast growing company that offers many platforms in Auto Refinish Market. I recommend Polymer and Coating program at Eastern Michigan University to all students that have a love for polymers, paints, and Coatings. And those who like to live their lives to the fullest.