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Online Master of Science in Quality Management Program

This online master's in quality management program is tailored to the needs of busy professionals by offering the "anywhere, anytime" convenience of an online education. 

Our diverse students come from a variety of academic backgrounds and business sectors. It is appropriate for a technically-focused individuals who have previously pursued a four-year degree in technology, business, services, engineering or science. It meets the needs of technical professionals looking for both an advanced degree and appropriate preparation for their natural progression into management-level positions. It also meets the needs of professionals who are on a technical, rather than managerial career track, as it will help them to be more effective in team-based environment.

This 30–36 hr program takes the part-time students approximately three years to complete and has a project or thesis option. Get program information.

To apply, please visit the Graduate School website:


What Students Say

  • "I can tell you this program, the professors, the material presented and the subject matter covered are magnificent. Truly, every class and more so, every chapter provided me with tools and skills sets I could take back to my office and employ the very next day." – Mike Fick, director of LEAN, quality, supply chain and facilities, Landscape Forms Inc. (used with permission)


  • "Instructor and course [EM 547] structure is well organized. I like his enthusiasm towards encouraging students to read additional articles/books and his feedback boosted up my confidence and corrected me in many ways." – Unknown student, through anonymous course and teaching evaluation


  • "The course [QUAL 546 TQM] was extremely beneficial in opening my eyes to quality concepts that can be directly applied in real world business." – Daniel Keatts, maintenance planning manager, Ford Motor Company (used with permission)


  • "Professor Tucker is consistently excellent in all of the classes he teaches. He is very knowledgeable about the subject matter and is able to provide interesting examples of his experience with the topics." – Unknown student, through anonymous course and teaching evaluation


  • "Dr. Fields and Dr. Tang are amazing teachers. They are highly professional and yet courteous." – Unknown student, through anonymous course and teaching evaluation


  • "Excellent interactions. Always available for guidance and advice." – Unknown student, through anonymous course and teaching evaluation


  • "Professor Tang is very involved with this course [QUAL 655 Technical Six Sigma] and his students. He provides feedback and the course is well structured with weekly activity and discussions. This course was very well organized, informative and interactive." – Unknown student, through anonymous course and teaching evaluation


  • "I really enjoyed this course [QUAL 556 Human Aspects of Continuous Improvement]. I feel this subject is very important and overlooked at most companies." – Unknown student, through anonymous course and teaching evaluation

  • "It was a pleasure seeing all your familiar names course after course and engaging in discussions and reviewing each other's work! I also would like to thank Dr. Tang for a great program and great guidance throughout several of my classes. Truly an inspiration." – Saed Haddad, Quality Engineer, Bridgewater Interiors/Johnson Controls (used with permission)

After the Program

Our graduates have achieved great professional success in their careers. Our students are employed in manufacturing, healthcare, education, food service, public utilities, social service, information technology, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and more. Our program also functions as a primary area of specialization for students enrolled in the Ph.D. in technology program at EMU.