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Dr. Al Bellamy


Master's in Technology Studies and Technology Management

School of Technology and Professional Services Management

18 Sill Hall



  • Bachelor of Arts – Case Western Reserve University
  • Master of Science – Purdue University
  • Doctorate – Purdue University
Al Bellamy

Professional Summary

Interests and Expertise

Emotional Intelligence and Management, Technology Management, Computer Mediated Communications, Mass Customization.


  • Research Design And Statistics.
  • Technology Assessment.
  • The Management of Virtual Teams.
  • Implementing Technological Change.
  • Technology and Organization.
  • Introduction To Statistical Reasoning

Selected Publications

  • Bellamy, A., Gore., Sturgis, J. (2005) Examining the relevance of emotional intelligence within educational programs for the gifted and talented. Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology. No. 6 (3) pp.58-78.
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  • Bellamy, A. Becker, P. Kuwik, P. (2001) Developing a technology management Curriculum from the perspective of strategic intent. The Journal of Technology Studies.
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  • Bellamy, A. (2003)Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership: Recursive Leadership Processes Within the Context of Employee Work Attitudes” Paper presented at the 2003 meetings of the Midwest Academy of Management. St. Louis, Missouri.
  • Bellamy, A., & Bellamy, A. The Relationship Between Neurotic Styles ,Transformational Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, Perceived Leadership Effectiveness, and Worker Attitudes. Paper presented at the Midwest Academy of Management 2007 meetings. 
  • Bellamy, A. (2007).Exploring the Effectiveness of New Technology Planning and Implementation on the Perceptions of New Technology Effectiveness. Journal of Technology Studies. Winter 2007, No 1. Brake, M, Bellamy, A, Bertsos. G, and Bhatnagar. K. (2008). Choice of Technology majors among High School Students Advancing Women In Technology. September.
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  • Bellamy, A. & Becker, J. (2015) “An Exploratory Analysis of the Relationships Between Personality Characteristics and the Perceptions of Virtual Merchandising”. Journal of Social Sciences. March, 2015.
  • Bellamy, A. & Yousef, W. (2015). The Impact of Cyberbullying on The Self-Esteem and Academic Functioning of Arab American Middle and High School Students”. Electronic Journal of Research in Educational Psychology. Vol.13  (3)

Selected Presentations

Professional Memberships and Affiliations

  • Midwest Academy of Management
  • International Association of Technology Management


Awards and Patents

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