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Jamil Baghdachi


MS - Polymer Technology

School of Engineering Technology

201 Sill Hall (Main)



Jamil Baghdachi

Professional Summary

Interests and Expertise

The research of Professor Baghdachi’s group is focused on the creation of new materials, rational design, and formulation, preparation of polymers, coatings, adhesives and composite systems. Design and preparation of current interests include conventional and nanotechnology-based automotive, industrial and aerospace coatings, smart materials: Stimuli-responsive, anti-microbial, re-mendable, self-healing, and self-stratifying, corrosion and high temperature resistant polymers and coatings.  The focus on the coatings area is on design and formulation of environmentally friendly coatings: Waterborne, UV-cure, powder and high solid coatings.  

Fundamental studies are aimed at understanding the adhesion and corrosion phenomena and practical methods of improving adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces and improving corrosion resistance of metals used in industry. Further investigations aimed at understanding and accessing durability and service life of polymers and coatings, the role and interactions of ingredients and methods of enhancing coatings durability. 


Selected Publications

  • Baghdachi, J. Provder, T., “Smart Coatings,” Smart Coatings II, ACS Symposium Series 1002, 2009.
  • Baghdachi, J. Provder, T., “Smart Coatings,” Smart Coatings I, ACS Symposium Series 957, 2007.
  • Baghdachi, J., Clemans, D., Xu, Q., “Evaluating Antimicrobial Activities of Surface Coatings,” American Chemical Society, Symposium Series, 957, 2006.

Selected Presentations

  • Roon Foundation Award, 1st place 2009, Federation of Societies for Coatings Technology
  • Keynote Lecturer, U.S. Army Corrosion Summit, Clearwater, Fl, February 3-5, 2009.
  • FSCT, Distinguished Lecturer 1999-present
  • Keynote Lecturer, ASME/STLE, October 20, 2008. 
  • Keynote Lecturer, SATER, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Septembre 8, 2004.
  • Society of Automotive Engineers, “Distinguished Paper” Annual Congress, 1999.  

Professional Memberships and Affiliations


Awards and Patents

Additional Information

Twenty two years of research and R&D management experience in coatings, polymers, adhesives, composites and plastics industries. More than 75 publications and 38 patents. Active in consulting and short-course instruction. Expertise and research interests include: coating formulation- automotive, industrial, architectural and aerospace-conventional, waterborne, powder coatings, UV cure, polymer development and modification, smart coatings nanotechnology and adhesion, corrosion, plastics, durability and performance assessment.