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Prospective Students

Regardless of which program you are applying to, the first step is to apply to EMU. If you have questions about the programs or the admission process, contact an admissions adviser.

Aviation Flight Technology (Pilot Program)

There are additional steps you must take in order to get started in the Aviation Flight Technology program. You may find these additional steps in the Aviation Flight Technology Packet [PDF]. This packet includes everything you will need to know to get started.


Getting Started

This process can be confusing. In order to get started we highly recommend scheduling a visit with an enrollment coordinator. The enrollment coordinator will walk you through the process of becoming a professional pilot as well as showing you around our facilities at Eagle Flight Centre.

Important Documents

  1. Application Expressing Aviation Program Intent [PDF] and Reference Referral Form [PDF]
       - application deadline: May 31, 2018; applications received after this date will be placed on our waiting list
  2. Aviation Flight Technology Packet [PDF]
  3. Application for 2nd Admission into the Aviation Program [PDF]
  4. Course Rollout (what to take and when) [PDF]
  5. Transfer Policy and Academic Retention Policy
  6. Second Admission Policy
  7. R-ATP (required before graduation) [PDF]

Before scheduling a Fast Track Orientation, you are required to schedule an enrollment appointment with the Eagle Flight Centre. Not scheduling an enrollment appointment before attending Fast Track will delay your ability to register for aviation flight courses. Please complete the aviation flight technology packet checklist before scheduling an enrollment appointment.

You may schedule an appointment by contacting us at 734.481.3000, or at scheduling a visit.

Items to bring to your Enrollment Appointment

Transfer Policies

You may transfer in a Private Pilot certification. Please visit the EMU catalog regarding transfer policies. If you have any questions please contact an aviation adviser

For questions regarding the Eagle Flight Centre, contact 734.481.3000.

Aviation Management

There are no additional steps needed for the Aviation Management program. We recommend meeting with an aviation adviser to plot your course.

Important Documents