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Post Bachelor's Teaching Certification (PBTC)

This program is for someone who holds at least a bachelor's degree and who wishes to earn an initial teaching credential at EMU. It is a non-degree program made up of undergraduate classes leading to either a Michigan elementary or secondary teaching certificate as well as a post-baccalaureate certificate from EMU.

A student would need to complete the program requirements for the Business, Management, Marketing and Technology major. A teaching minor is NOT required but recommended. The secondary teaching minors are listed in the post-bachelor's advising handbook [PDF].

We strongly recommend that if possible, BMMT candidates seek to pursue a CTE Standard Certificate in an approved occupational area. This credential will assist in seeking appropriate employment. To seek a Standard CTE Certificate, the student  must have 4000 hours (approximately two years) of relatively recent work experience related to one of the approved occupational areas. Those hours don't need to be done to become admitted, but they are required to earn certification.

Students may use coursework from their previous studies to satisfy some of the PBTC requirements. The length of the program varies, depending on courses previously taken and the area of certification sought. For more information contact  the College of Education advising office at 734.487.1416.