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Bachelor's in Business, Marketing, Management and technology Secondary education

This is a high need area [PDF] in Michigan as defined by the U.S. Department of Education.

Eastern Michigan University offers students an undergraduate teaching degree in business, marketing, management and technology education with a GQ teaching endorsement by the State of Michigan. This endorsement allows graduates to teach 6–12 students the following subjects (see May 2017 update from the Michigan DOE):

  • Accounting
  • Business Communications
  • Business Education
  • Business Law
  • Business Management Administration
  • Business Math
  • Business Technology
  • Finance
  • Marketing Education**
  • Distributive Education**
  • Computers*
  • Computer Literacy*
  • Keyboarding*
  • Word Processing*
  • Computer Applications*
  • Web Design*
  • Introduction to the Internet *

This major DOES NOT require teaching minor. However, a minor is recommended.

Students can choose from any offered by EMU; however, our School offers a vocational technical endorsement minor for those with work experience (4000 hours within the past five years or 2000 hours and one semester EMU co-op course work, + MOCAC/NOCTI test). Work experience areas include:

  • Aeronautics/Aviation/Aerospace Science And Technology (49.0101)
  • Airframe Technology (47.0607)
  • Automobile Technician (Natef Certified) (47.0604)
  • Business Administration Management And Operations (52.0299)
  • Collision Repair Technician (Natef Certified) (47.0603)
  • Computer Programming/Programmer (11.0201)
  • Computer Systems Networking And Telecommunication (11.0901)
  • Construction Trades (46.0000)
  • Cooking And Related Culinary Arts (12.0500)
  • Digital/Multimedia And Information Resources Design (11.0801)
  • Drafting And Design Technology/Architectural (15.1301)
  • Electrical And Power Transmission Installation (46.0301)
  • Electrical/Electronics Equipment Installation & Repair General (47.0101)
  • Engineering Technology (15.0000)
  • Finance And Financial Management Services (52.0800)
  • Graphics And Printing Technology And Communications (10.0301)
  • Lineworker (46.0303)
  • Machine Tool Technology/Machinist (48.0501)
  • Marketing, Sales, And Service (52.1999)
  • Mechatronics (14.4201)
  • Medium/Heavy Truck Technician (Natef Certified) (47.0613)
  • Radio And Tv Broad Casting Tech. (10.0202)
  • Welding, Brazing, And Soldering (48.0508)

Students interested in the BMMT Program should consider enrolling in BMMT 200, Principles of Career and Technical Education the introductory course in the Program. For advising questions, please contact Professor Konnie Kustron at

*Per the State of Michigan: "(a) specific endorsement is not needed to teach these classes.  With the addition of the seventh standard to the Entry-Level Standards for Michigan Teachers, all new teachers are entering classrooms with technology knowledge and skills. The COATT and M-COATT programs are further strengthening the technology skills of teachers. School districts are free to assign any faculty to these classes that provide evidence of professional development related to specific technology classes, as long as they are certified to teach at the grade levels the classes are offered. A teacher with an elementary certificate can teach these introductory computer classes in grades K-8."

**Per the State of Michigan (see p. 15), "school districts will be free to assign any teachers to these courses who provides evidence of professional development and holds a certificate for the grade level at which these courses are offered."