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"Building, Teaching, and Inspiring the Workforce!"

Our teaching program and curriculum prepares prospective teachers in the areas of information processing and management, administrative services, accounting and computing and basic business such as economics, consumer economics, business law, business management, computer literacy and introduction to business. 

Successful completion of this course of studies, in the context of other program requirements, qualifies the student for recommendation for certification for the Michigan Department of Education Secondary Provisional Certificate endorsed in business education, certification code GQ, and, with appropriate work experience, vocational certification code VB or VM. With four thousand work experience hours in each area, both endorsement areas can be added to the certificate.

Check out our curriculum and the degree options available to students.  (A special note to majors: BMMT Majors do NOT take CURR 305. BMMT Majors take BMMT 363 in place of CURR 305.)

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April 2018: Course Testing Out Procedures

The BMMT Program has a "testing out" program for selective classes. This testing out is based on EMU approved procedures, and is used most often for such classes such as BMMT 201 and BMMT 220. The Program Coordinator and School Director must approved all "testing out" applications. For more information, download the Undergraduate Credit by Exam Form [PDF] .

Job openings:

Secondary - Computer Programming Teacher

Secondary - Engineering Technology Teacher

CTE Business Management / Marketing / Finance Teacher

Industrial Technology / Vocational Automotive Teacher

Mechatronics Instructor

Precision Machining Technology Teacher

CTE Business / Marketing / Accounting Instructor

CTE Intro to Nursing & Healthcare Instructor

Substitute Culinary Arts Teacher

Automotive Service Technology Teacher

CTE Health Science Teacher

Construction Trades Instructor

Construction Trades Technical Assistant