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Course Overrides

General Override Procedure

If you wish to request an override for a LEGL course, contact the program coordinator in an email containing the following information: name, E#, course name and the course CRN (course registration number). Failure to provide this information may result in the program coordinator’s ignoring the override request until a proper email is received. The program coordinator will refer override requests to the appropriate instructor of record for approval and processing.

Prerequisite Overrides Are Strongly Disfavored 

Course sequences are designed in a way such that later courses build upon skills and competencies taught in their prerequisites. A prerequisite override will be granted only under exceptional circumstances, and only if the student can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the program coordinator and the course instructor that his or her learning and performance in the course will not be impaired on account of the override. A prerequisite override does not excuse the student from taking the overridden course, nor is an override considered to be fulfillment of the overridden course. A prerequisite override only allows the student to take a sequential course out of order.

BMMT Department policy mandates that only the instructor of record for a course may override a prerequisite to that course, unless the instructor of record for a course is an adjunct instructor. If the instructor is an adjunct, then the student must consult the program coordinator for assistance.