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Program of Study

The Program offers legal courses (those with an "LEGL" prefix) based on a standard schedule. This standardized schedule was created so that each Program major can develop a plan of study leading to graduation. The Program Coordinator is available to help you with your plan of study. However, it is your responsibility to plan your studies through graduation. This means that you must be familiar with: (1) all University General Education requirements, including all prerequisite courses; (2) all Program course requirements, including all prerequisite courses; and (3) all University graduation requirements. Failure to develop and follow a plan of study may cause delays in your graduation.

Independent Study

In the rare case, there may be a need for a student to engage in a course of “Independent Study.” All Independent Study requests must be approved by the Professor as well as by the School Director and the Program Coordinator. Independent Studies are neither permitted as a substitute for University and Program degree requirements nor as a part of a plan to improve a student’s GPA. There is an Independent Study Application, which can be obtained from the Program Coordinator.