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Transfer Students

1. Minimum Program Hours
Regardless of the number of hours accepted by the University for transfer credit, and irrespective of any other courses that may be required, all students seeking a Bachelor of Science degree or a Second Bachelor of Science degree with a major in Legal Assistant Studies must complete a minimum of 33 semester hours of Program courses, including at least 30 hours of legal courses (those having an "LEGL" prefix) at Eastern Michigan University.

2. Transfer Students: Transfer Credit
If you are a declared Paralegal Studies major, then the Program Coordinator is your Program academic advisor. Pursuant to University policy, the Program Coordinator has authority to approve transfer credit for certain Program courses. Specifically, the Program Coordinator has authority, in his or her discretion, to approve transfer credit for courses having an "LEGL" or "BMMT" prefix. The Program Coordinator cannot approve transfer credit for any courses with prefixes other than these. The Program Coordinator cannot approve transfer credit for any University General Education courses (other than those with a "BMMT" prefix), nor can the Program Coordinator approve transfer credit for Program courses that are offered through other departments (e.g., "ACC"; "LAW"; "PLSC"). Students seeking transfer credit for a non-LEGL or non-BMMT course must consult with the College of Technology Academic Adviser or with the department offering the courses for which transfer credit is sought