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What is the average amount of time required to complete this online degree?

2 to 3 years

How often are the courses offered?

Each of the four core courses is offered  in the fall and winter semesters in alternating formats (online, hybrid, and face-to-face lecture). Concentration courses are offered in fall, winter, and summer semesters according to each semester's current catalog schedule.

How many weeks do courses run?

Fall and winter online courses are offered on a semester basis (15 weeks). Summer courses are offered on a term basis (8 weeks) as well as other variations per the current catalog schedule. The fall semester runs from September through December, the winter semester from January through April.  See current catalogue for summer schedule.

How many courses do most students take during any semester or term?

Most students register for two courses per semester with the option of one summer course.

What is the Research Capstone?

The capstone is the culminating experience in the Master of Science in Technology Studies program. This is an online course that provides an opportunity for students to integrate and apply what they have learned in their core and concentration courses with a clear purpose and objective relative to research topics in technology studies. The outcome will vary depending on topic, methodology, and approved format of final deliverable. Students will have a choice of formats: research essay, creative project, which includes a shorter essay plus project, or the CISSP certification.  


What does “conditional admission” imply?

Conditional admission is reserved for students who do not meet the minimum academic requirements for admission (2.7 undergraduate GPA). Under the supervision of a Masters of Science in Technology Studies faculty member, a student is given an opportunity to become fully admitted by successfully completing six, graduate-credit hours in two of the core courses in the Masters of Science in Technology Studies and attaining no less than a B grade in each course.

Does EMU online offer students an opportunity to take a course prior to gaining degree acceptance?

Non-Degree students:
Students who would like to take graduate courses without formally applying for a specific program of study should still submit all of the above criteria.

An overall GPA of 2.7 or better and a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution are required. If your undergraduate GPA was below a 2.7, seek non-degree admission using the Application for Undergraduate Admission. Your enrollment will be restricted to undergraduate courses.

For more information please visit admissions requirements.

What is the deadline for applying for admission to the Masters of Science in Technology Studies degree program?

This program has a rolling admission policy, so you may submit your application at any time.  For more information please visit admissions requirements.

How long does it take to get accepted into the program?

The amount of time to be admitted to the program depends on how long it takes all of the required documentation to reach EMU, including, official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate coursework, submission of personal statement, and two letters of recommendation.

If an opportunity becomes available, are classroom visits acceptable?

Classroom visits are most acceptable. Please contact us for directions to a live class location.