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student research

  • Characterizing the American Ecodesign Approach - Celeste Malvar – Stewart
  • Design for Disassembly - Dana Harder
  • Consumer needs in athletic women's wear - Penelope Frenette
  • Experiential Retailing: Extraordinary Store Environments and Purchase Behavior- Alana Garvin
  • Industry inconsistencies in women's apparel sizing and the effect on perceived body image - Nicole L. Weidner
  • Women's comfort intimate apparel made from nonwoven polyurethane - Peisy Alamsjah
  • Embedding Aromatherapy essential oils into various textiles using ß-cyclodextrin inclusion complex - Natalie Rae Reynolds
  • Ultrasonic seaming of spectra, PET, polyester/cotton blend fabrics – Renuka Reddy
  • A comparative study of polylactic (acid) and polyethylene terepthalate woven fabrics in women's apparel and garment analysis - Jocelyn Goodell
  • Etextiles/ Ecotextiles - Caroline Chiohh
  • Clothing to maintain comfort using thermo - Regulating Fabric - Prasad. S. Bhatkhande


  • Sangeetha Yadav received EMU Graduate Thesis Award for 2009.