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Undergrad Program Coordinator: Dr. James Stein
Graduate Program Coordinator: Dr. Armagan Korkmaz

The Construction Management (CM) program was developed in 1974 as a part of the Industrial Education Department. In 1980, the College of Engineering & Technology was formed. At this time, the Construction Technology program became a part of the newly formed Department of Industrial Technology in the College of Engineering & Technology. In 1980 and 1988, thorough curriculum revisions were completed which upgraded the program to meet the advisory committee's suggestions and the ACCE (American Council for Construction Education) accreditation standards. In 1984, a graduate program was developed in the Industrial Technology department with concentration in various areas including Construction Management. In 1990, a separate Construction Minor was added. In 1991, the program was accredited by ACCE. Also in 1991, a new course in electrical, mechanical and equipment systems was added along with clarifications of prerequisites, and Fundamentals of Construction Management was developed to serve as a capstone course. In 1993, the program’s name was changed from Construction to Construction Management (CM). The new name better represents the mission of the program and positions held by its graduates. In 2002, ACCE reaccredited the BSCM Program for a 6 year period. In 2006 EMU's Construction Management (CM) program implemented articulation agreements with Monroe County Community College, Washtenaw Community College and Oakland Community College. The Construction Management program is currently aligned with SVBE (School of Visual and Built Environments). In the fall 2007, the new EMU requirements for general education requirement was reduced from 50 to 40 credit hours, thus allowing CM to add up to10 elective hours for construction students. The new CM curriculum is now in the process of being analyzed and re-designed to take advantage of the extra 10 hours.

The department offers B.S. and M.S. degrees in Construction Management and Ph.D. in Technology with a concentration in Construction.


The mission of our CM program is to educate and fully prepare hands-on, management and business-oriented professionals to work in and lead the U.S. and global construction industry.

Based on this mission, after a thorough grounding in general education such as mathematics, and the physical sciences, students are challenged with the mastery of specific construction science and construction professional knowledge and skills. Students are required to apply their newly acquired knowledge in laboratory and real-life work experiences. Senior-level courses emphasize business, management, and problem solving associated with the real construction environment, and serve as logical culmination experiences. Graduates acquire high-level construction management literacy, management skills, and ability to solve real-world problems. Graduates can further advance their managerial skills through pursuing the master degree of our ‘Construction Management Programs.’ The master program is related to the bachelor program based on courses corresponding courses and studies conducted a more advanced levels. 


The undergraduate CM program at Eastern Michigan University is a four-year program designed to prepare men and women for management positions in the construction industry. Graduates have a general understanding of construction materials and processes. Students prepare material take-offs, complete estimates and bids, prepare contracts, and schedule projects. Graduates are able to communicate and work effectively with personnel at various levels within the construction industry. The program has been developed with the cooperation and input of experts from construction associations, industry, and feedback from graduates and their employers. The program reflects the current needs and trends in the construction industry.