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Action Plan

Improvements for Coming Year – Action Plan (2013-2014)

  • Continue to maintain significant writing assignments for students and enhanced feedback from faculty. 
  • Ensure that computer hardware and software (regarding reliability and availability) are continually monitored and approved. 
  • Update the course “learning outcomes” ACCE matrix.
  • Completion of EMU’s annual Continuous Improvement Program.
  • Complete more projects (community service and coursework) with CM students and faculty.
  • Continue to implement adjunct evaluation procedures.
  • Continue to enhance student print reading skills.
  • Continue to offer two Career Fairs per year rather than one.
  • Strive to continue to place in ASC Region III competitions.
  • Improve recruitment efforts with high schools and community colleges.

Assistance needed:  

Front office administrative support for students and faculty in Roosevelt Hall.
Return of conference room and adjunct office in Roosevelt Hall.
Updated construction tools and equipment for the lab.
Release time for ACCE re-accreditation self study.