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Assemenet Results

Status of 2012-2013 Goals Assessment Results:

Progress has been made on all the goals listed during the past school year (2012-2013). The CM faculty feel that all these goals are still relevant and are worthy of continued focus. 
1) 1st Teaching & Learning Goal: 
To fully prepare management-oriented professionals for the construction industry through effective teaching/learning. 

(1) The AIC Level I test was required of all capstone course students: Test results: Winter 2013 - 50% passed. 
(2) Dr. Ben Ilozor (EMU CM faculty member) participated in an ACCE re-accreditation visit in 2013 to Wentworth Institute of Technology.
(3) At least one EMU faculty member attended both ACCE annual meetings (2012 and 2013).
(4) An adjunct evaluation process is in place; adjuncts have been observed in the classrooms and evaluated.  Feedback was given to each adjunct evaluated.  
(5) The CM faculty continue to include written communication assignments and provide feedback regarding grammar, spelling, and punctuation skills. 

2) 2nd Teaching & Learning Goal:
To expand learning opportunities for CM students encompassing diverse experiences. 

(1) Conducted one major learning beyond the classroom construction service projects for the greater community over the last year.  Built a gazebo for the Ann Arbor Housing Commission at the Green-Baxter Court site.
(2) Faculty worked with students who participated in the EMU University wide Undergraduate Symposium based on the Green-Baxter Court gazebo. 
(3) Maintenance of sustainability content in the CM curriculum; LEED course has been continuously updated and improved and is offered online; other courses have implemented sustainability topics including CNST 201, CNST 303, and CNST 437.

3) Research & Acquisition of Knowledge Goal:
Maintain CM faculty involvement in research and knowledge acquisition related to their fields of expertise.

(1) Faculty has attended CM-related conferences/meetings to expand knowledge base including ACCE, ATMAE, ASC, PMI, WCA, and AGC; faculty presented at PMI. 
(2) Faculty/Program maintained affiliations within professional associations, including ASC, AGC, ACCE, ESD, ASCE and PMI; faculty incorporated knowledge acquired from professional associations into course curriculum.
(3) CM faculty wrote books and research papers and examined construction related Ph.D. dissertations

4) Engagement & Service Goal:
Conduct service activities that strengthen and diversify the CM Program. 

Status : (1)CM faculty has improved recruitment efforts to increase the percentage of minorities in our Program by attending Explore Eastern events, Just Build It Expo, President’s Scholars and community college recruiting. 
(2) Young Detroit Builders visited our program last year. 
(3)Visited GASC Technology Center in Flint Michigan for their Career Fair. 
(4) Faculty and students completed one major learning beyond the classroom construction service projects over the last year – gazebo design-build for the Ann Arbor Housing Commission at the Green-Baxter Court site.
(5) Faculty member continues to serve on two ACCE committees (Guidance Committee and Finance Committee); faculty member continues to serve on the PMI Board of Directors; faculty member continues to serve on the WCA’s Workforce Development Committee; faculty member continues to serve on Michigan AGC’s Continuing Education Committee, faculty member continues to serve on Michigan AGC’s Safety Committee. 

5) Optional Goal 1: Teaching and Learning: To promote research and practice informed teaching relevant to the current trends in the industry. 

(1) Hosted ten guest speaker sessions.
(2) Held two IAC meetings; CM IAC conducted two capstone course class exit interviews.
(3) Two teams were sent to the ASC Region III competition including Commercial and Heavy Civil – placed third in Heavy Civil.