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SAG Course Policies

Late Homework Assignments

Homework assignments turned in beyond the deadline given will not be accepted.


Absences and Tardiness

Only 2 absences are allowed for any SAG class. Any unexcused absences over 2 will result in the student's final grade being lowered by 5%.

Students must notify the EMU Ombudsman's Office of the absence and the reasons for it in order for the absence to be excusable.

Being late 10 minutes or more for class will also be considered an absence.



An incomplete (I) grade is awarded only when a student's work has been of acceptable quality (C or better for undergraduate students, B or better for graduate students), but the required amount of work has not been completed due to illness, necessary absence or other satisfactory reasons. A student should never be awarded an incomplete for poor work or willful non-attendance of class. 

Refer to EMU's Grade Schedule, Policies and Procedures for more information.


Independent Studies

Students who wish to take an independent study class for SAG must submit an independent study application to the SAG faculty.

Only 2 independent studies per instructor per term will be accepted. See the form in the link above for further qualifications.