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Softwares used by SAG

Autodesk 3D Studio Max

3DS Max is used for the majority of the 3-dimensional work in classes. Modeling, texturing, lighting, rigging, animation and more are topics covered within 3DS Max.


Adobe Photoshop

Students will employ Photoshop mostly for creating digital images that are imported into 3DS Max and applied as textures to 3-dimensional models. It is also used to create user interface elements, such as buttons, for use in Flash.


Adobe Flash

Flash can create animated and/or interactive graphics. It serves to introduce SAG students to basic animation principles. Later in the program, Flash is used to combine animation projects with a user interface, allowing informational software modules to be built by students as a senior project.


Adobe After Effects

3DS Max outputs sequences of image files of animations. After Effects takes these sequences and lets the user combine them into a single movie file. Additional effects, such as titles and other text, can be added as well.


Autodesk Revit

Revit is used for architectural design and rendering. Users can rapidly develop models of complex buildings. Images of the models can be rendered within Revit or can be exported to another software, such as 3DS Max, for further development.


Autodesk Autocad

Autocad is a well-known software for drafting and design. Students learn Autocad early in the SAG program to get them acquainted with how many modeling and design software work. This prepares them for later coursework using 3DS Max.