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Institutionalize key Project components at EMU to ensure that the CSI E program is brought to full operation by the fifth year, and sustained beyond Project-completion grant.

1.By the end of the grant, CSIE-dedicated space in the new Science Complex for work on STEM projects will be renovated and equipped.

2.Events and programs to publicize STEM education will be developed and implemented by the EMU Foundation.

3. For each year of the grant, the endowment match for the CSIE equipment/supplies fund will be met.

4. CSIE classes will be entered into the input system to become regularized courses, with four classes being added each year.

5.  Each year, CSIE will purchase technology, supplies, and services to enable CSIE classes to successfully meet course goals of project-based, community-engaged learning.


  • Developing
    •  Development of the proposed STEM Hub is behind schedule. A working group continues to attempt to procure physical space for a CSIE project lab. (Updated April 16, 2019)
    • CSIE has yet to fully coordinate with the EMU Foundation regarding STEM education event and program promotion. (Updated April 25, 2019)
    • Fundraising continues to be a challenge. CSIE is working on a crowd-funding platform to generate funds.  (Updated April 15, 2019)
    • The CSIE model has been presented to possible donors at various events in hope of raising funds.  (Updated April 15, 2019)
    • The CSIE website will now be properly maintained and continually updated by a dedicated staffer. (Updated April 16, 2019)


  • Ongoing
    • CSIE has participated in Giving Tuesday at EMU.  (Updated April l5, 2019)
    • The CSIE office has seen an increase in student traffic. The office supplies tutoring, textbooks, and other supplies.  (Updated April 15, 2019)
    • The Washtenaw County Environmental Health Agency continues to partner with the Contaminants in Groundwater course. (Updated April 15, 2019)
  • Accomplished
    •  Four new CSIE courses have been added: Contaminants in Groundwater, STEM-It, Scientific Learning, and Small World. (Updated April 15, 2019) 
    • A new CSIE website has been developed for tracking student attendance at tutoring sessions, allowing for effective student support follow-through.  (Updated April 15, 2019)