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Courses and Registration

The CSIE Program offers different courses each fall and winter semester.

Winter 2020 CSIE Courses

  • CSIE 177L2: Introduction to Physics and Engineering

All of our courses are open to all students who meet the basic course and skill prerequisites. Be sure to check with your academic advisors to decide which CSIE course is best for you.

Some CSIE courses are clustered (for example, taking a CSIE seminar with a specific section of Chemistry 117), and some are stand-alone courses. In addition, some courses require departmental or instructor permission to register — please contact the CSIE Program office, the course instructor, or Academic Advising for more information if you are not able to register.

When your CSIE course is beginning, please contact our office if you need books or other materials for your course. We'll also be in touch regarding activities, study sessions, and other resources that are available to you.

New Students (including Transfers)

If you are a first-time student at EMU, ask your academic advisor to enroll you in a CSIE course and then contact our program office for more information about books, events, activities and syllabi.