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Programs and Services

Diversity Training

Throughout the year, we facilitate various workshops that make students aware of their multiple social identities and how they impact their lives inside and outside of the classroom.  In these sessions, students receive hands-on, practical skills for challenging their biases, confronting inappropriate behavior, communicating with people from different backgrounds and working to increase unity and inclusion on campus.  If you are interested in sponsoring or participating in one of our training workshops, contact Mary Larkin, Program Coordinator for the LGBT Resource Center at mlarkin@emich.edu.

Intersections Lounge

Located on the second floor of the Student Center across from Service EMU, The Intersection is an inclusive space that supports our diverse student body by providing a place for students to come together to be empowered, create community, and grow. This space is intended for all students to gather, with a focus on our underrepresented populations, and is managed by the Diversity and Community Involvement Department (DCI).

Hours of Operation

  • The space is an open lounge until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except for holidays when the Student Center is closed).
  • From 5pm until building close and weekends, the space is available for booking for social justice oriented programs and events. Events held in The Intersection must have a social justice focus or be hosted by an office, student organization, or department with such a focus.

Use of The Intersection

To request use of the The Intersection, and to see Expectations for Use, please complete an Intersections Request.

The BrotherHOOD Initiative

The BrotherHOOD (Helping Others Obtain Degrees) is a university-wide initiative designed to engage, empower, retain and graduate more males of color at Eastern Michigan University. Through collaborative partnerships with offices throughout the university, we employ a success-driven approach to help males of color develop as students and as men instead of addressing deficits and challenges they need to overcome.

Learning Outcomes

Through participation in the BrotherHOOD Initiative, students will be able to:

  • Establish healthy, mutually beneficial relationships, manage interpersonal conflicts effectively and demonstrate appropriately assertive behavior.
  • Seek help for academic, financial and other personal challenges and offer assistance to others as needed.
  • Articulate and make plans to achieve individual short- and long-term goals and objectives.
  • Effectively and coherently communicate through writing and speaking.
  • Exhibit self-reliant behaviors necessary to effectively manage their time and personal affairs.


BrotherHOOD "Barber Shop"

Come get a free haircut, grab a bite to eat and enjoy meaningful dialog with other male students, faculty, staff and alumni. Open to all students. For more information and details please visit the BrotherHOOD site.

The SisterHOOD Initiative

SisterHOOD provides a safe space for Women of Color to promote the following six building BLOCKS: Beauty, Leadership, Outreach, Creativity, Knowledge and Sisterhood (BLOCKS). Through monthly dialogs and programming we build a community that focuses on developing one’s identity as a WOC, celebrating our cultural influences that shape our lives and to share/receive encouragement and positive reinforcement from other students and professionals who look like us.

Leaning Outcomes

  • Identify and define beauty, both inner and outer, for themselves through the process of self-love and reflection by engaging in discussions around self-identity.
  • Create opportunities that will enhance their leadership potential.
  • Express the importance of helping their fellow sisters and surrounding communities by embracing intersectionality and celebrating diversity.
  • Demonstrate scholarship by partake in academic, personal and professional development opportunities both inside and outside the classroom.
  • Share, connect and grow in solidarity though celebration, affirmation, and conversation.

How Can You Apply?

If you are interested in becoming a part of the second cohort of SIsterHOOD Scholars (Fall 2017), please look for our Resource Table at Fast Track Orientation. You can also submit your application by using the online form.

This is how we will review your all submitted applications. To receive this information by email please contact the SisterHOOD Graduate Assistant (sisterhood_scholars@emich.edu)


SisterHOOD Dialogs

More information coming soon for this event.

SisterHOOD Queendom Vibes "Dialogues"

Gab a bite to eat and enjoy meaningful dialog with other women of color, faculty, staff and alumni. Build a community of students. Open to all students. For more information and details please visit the SisterHOOD site.

All Diversity & Community Involvement centers and administrative offices are are located on the 3rd floor of the Student Center