Holiday Sharing and Gift Giving Program

Annually we work with Parkridge Community Center and partner with the Department of Public Safety to provide holiday gifts to local youth.

Diversity Training

Throughout the year, we facilitate various workshops that make students aware of their multiple social identities and how they impact their lives inside and outside of the classroom.  In these sessions, students receive hands-on, practical skills for challenging their biases, confronting inappropriate behavior, communicating with people from different backgrounds and working to increase unity and inclusion on campus.

Intersections Lounge

Located on the second floor of the Student Center across from Service EMU, The Intersection is an inclusive space that supports our diverse student body by providing a place for students to come together to be empowered, create community, and grow. This space is intended for all students to gather, with a focus on our underrepresented populations, and is managed by the Diversity and Community Involvement Department (DCI).

Hours of Operation

The space is an open lounge until 5 p.m. Monday through Friday (except for holidays when the Student Center is closed). From 5 p.m. until building close and weekends, the space is available for booking for social justice oriented programs and events. Events held in The Intersection must have a social justice focus or be hosted by an office, student organization, or department with such a focus.

Use of The Intersection

To request use of the The Intersection, and to see Expectations for Use, please complete an Intersections Request.