Student Support

Absence Notification

The Dean of Students will notify instructors if:

Your absence is the result of hospitalization, physical and mental health issues, personal crisis or an emergency family concern. Documentation related to your absence must be submitted to the Dean of Students and will be verified prior to notification.

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Late Withdrawal Information

EMU policy provides you an opportunity to withdraw after the official deadline from individual class or the entire semester/term, if you have extenuating circumstances of recent occurrence that clearly prevent you from completing the course or courses in question. If you would like to petition for a late withdrawal, you may do so using the late withdrawal/tuition appeal request form and dropping it off at the Office of Records and Registration drop box in the hallway directly outside of 303 Pierce Hall. You must provide evidence of extenuating circumstances and withdrawals are not automatic.

Get more information about the late withdrawal policy.

Student Death Notice

A student death is a heartfelt event – for family and friends of the deceased and for members of the University community. In dealing with a student’s death, the University faces the challenges of coping with the loss, making the best possible sense of the event, contacting and attending to the family, and more.

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