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Dean's List, Winter (semester ending April 2006)

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EDITOR'S NOTE: We make every attempt to include correct and complete information. Omissions and corrections should be addressed to the office of the Registrar.

Please note: This is a large file containing thousands of names. Students names are listed in alphabetical order starting with the last name. Please use your browser's "find" feature to search for individual names, cities, or states.

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United States
Armed Forces Eur Mid East Can 
Stacey N. Holewinski, APO , Armed Forces Eur Mid East Can 

Denise R. Cummins, Alta Loma, California 
Denise J. Garbinski, Fremont , California 
Christine E. McNamara, San Diego , California 

Michael A. Stearns, Thornton , Colorado 

Claire A. Letendre, Ledyard , Connecticut 
Nicole M. Cullin, Stamford , Connecticut 

District of Columbia 
Dara R. Walker, Washington , District of Columbia 

Jorge E. Salomon, Coral Springs , Florida 
Tamar S. Lampert, Miami Beach , Florida 
Sima R. Weitz, Miami Beach , Florida 
Rebecca L. Fuss, Orlando , Florida 
Jayasree Ravi, Orlando , Florida 
Ryan A. Francis, Pembroke Pines , Florida 
Clothilde L. Sullivan, Pompano Beach , Florida 
Laura V. Fernandez, Sunrise , Florida 

Madeleine A. Pilchard, Marietta , Georgia 

Jennifer F. Perna, Algonquin, Illinois 
Cara A. Lawson, Arlington Heights , Illinois 
Kristina M. Gregory, Aurora , Illinois 
Maria G. Orozco, Aurora , Illinois 
Ameerah A. Walker, Carpentersville , Illinois 
Gephine P. Fernandez, Chicago , Illinois 
Julie M. Betscher, Decatur , Illinois 
Eric M. Clay, Deerfield , Illinois 
Michelle A. Bentley, Dekalb , Illinois 
Katherine S. Grens, Elgin , Illinois 
Matthew J. Zuska, Lake Forest , Illinois 
Jennifer L. Elgin, Lockport , Illinois 
Alissa E. Ricard, Marion , Illinois 
Jonathan P. Maravelias, Mundelein , Illinois 
Jennifer S. Cooper, Naperville , Illinois 
Lindsey N. Lawrence, Naperville , Illinois 
Lauren A. Pawlowski, Orland Park , Illinois 
Amanda I. Luthanen, Plainfield , Illinois 
Eric J. Stanczyk, Westmont , Illinois 
Kimberly M. Banks, Wonder Lake , Illinois 

Alicia A. Wanker, Carmel , Indiana 
Lauren E. Starling, Greenwood , Indiana 
Molly E. Cross, Indianapolis , Indiana 
Jessica N. Lathrop, Indianapolis , Indiana 
Sarah L. VanMetre, Noblesville , Indiana 
Jennifer M. Korff, Poseyville , Indiana 
Amy J. Freidenberger, Saint Joe , Indiana 
Marie B. Canarecci, South Bend , Indiana 

Daniel J. McGrath, Portland , Maine 

Kyrese A. Johnson, Cheltenham , Maryland 
Imani N. Patterson, Frederick , Maryland 
Amy S. Tice, Indian Head, Maryland 


Kristi A. Budwit, Addison , Michigan 
Allison M. Alverson, Adrian , Michigan 
Michelle L. Averitt, Adrian , Michigan 
Carol L. Bashford-Kruse, Adrian , Michigan 
Tricia A. Brosamer, Adrian , Michigan 
James A. Clark, Adrian , Michigan 
Jennifer E. Coleman, Adrian , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Fries, Adrian , Michigan 
Anica L. Galnares, Adrian , Michigan 
Ryan A. Glaser, Adrian , Michigan 
Paige N. Holmes, Adrian , Michigan 
Tamera L. Johnson, Adrian , Michigan 
Carrie L. Levy, Adrian , Michigan 
Carson Miller, Adrian , Michigan 
Kathryn B. Summerford, Adrian , Michigan 
Kristin L. Threet, Adrian , Michigan 
Tiffany L. Wilson, Adrian , Michigan 
Justin J. Woodard, Adrian , Michigan 
Michelle M. Jung, Afton , Michigan 
Leah N. Allor, Algonac , Michigan 
Heather M. Castle, Algonac , Michigan 
Brendan J. Stevenson, Allegan , Michigan 
Tiffany T. Alice, Allen Park , Michigan 
Montana Arble, Allen Park , Michigan 
Matthew D. Arseneau, Allen Park , Michigan 
Anthony J. Benedict, Allen Park , Michigan 
Jeremy S. Burnock, Allen Park , Michigan 
Ryann N. Condron, Allen Park , Michigan 
Bradley J. Cruts, Allen Park , Michigan 
Shane M. Dillon, Allen Park , Michigan 
Abby M. Flynn, Allen Park , Michigan 
Meghan K. Flynn, Allen Park , Michigan 
Abby M. Fraser, Allen Park , Michigan 
Steven P. Gagnon, Allen Park , Michigan 
Kimberly A. Hall, Allen Park , Michigan 
Christina L. Hammond, Allen Park , Michigan 
Amanda M. Jagielo, Allen Park , Michigan 
Sarah N. Johns, Allen Park , Michigan 
Allison M. Kean, Allen Park , Michigan 
James R. Krizan, Allen Park , Michigan 
Ernesto D. Lopez, Allen Park , Michigan 
Justin G. Mahalak, Allen Park , Michigan 
Timothy J. Mendryga, Allen Park , Michigan 
Marc A. Molinaro, Allen Park , Michigan 
Michelle R. Ouellette, Allen Park , Michigan 
Michele M. Ronzello, Allen Park , Michigan 
Andrew M. Souder, Allen Park , Michigan 
Jason P. Suski, Allen Park , Michigan 
Megan R. Szkarlat, Allen Park , Michigan 
Jon D. Visintainer, Allen Park , Michigan 
Michele E. Wallace, Allen Park , Michigan 
Kristina M. Wiggins, Allen Park , Michigan 
Jessica L. Wilson, Allen Park , Michigan 
Joel E. Wisser, Allen Park , Michigan 
Nicole T. Yesue, Allen Park , Michigan 
Aron M. Dodger, Allendale , Michigan 
Nicole M. Riske, Allenton , Michigan 
Samuel M. Prout, Alma , Michigan 
Summer L. Wood, Alma , Michigan 
Rebecca A. Richardson, Almont , Michigan 
Carole A. Amlotte, Alpena , Michigan 
Ashley B. Boboltz, Alpena , Michigan 
Ryan M. Denomme, Alpena , Michigan 
Sean E. Harkins, Alpena , Michigan 
Daniel M. Puls, Alpena , Michigan 
Jessica M. Steber, Alpena , Michigan 
Dylan J. Wallace, Alpena , Michigan 
Hannah J. Ezinga, Alto, Michigan 
Jamila T. Abdur-Rahman, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Eenaiyah A. Aboubaker, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Miriam I. Abouzahr, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jesus Acosta-Hughes, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Benjamin Adams, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Tobi Akinmusuru, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Daniel J. Aldworth, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Valerie S. Alexander, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Valerie J. Askew, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Emily J. Austin, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Samuel B. Baetzel, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Andrew P. Bahm, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sonja A. Bair, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Stephen R. Beltran, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Carolyn R. Benjey, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sokol Berisha, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Clint R. Bierstetel, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Ayah F. Bilbeisi, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Michael S. Blanchard, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Timothy S. Blansett, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jean-Jacques Bouchard, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Logan A. Braun, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sebastien J. Braxton, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Louie Brennan, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Nina R. Brennan, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sydney A. Bridges, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Erica M. Brown, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Reino L. Bruner, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Tracy J. Brunty, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Heather N. Bryant, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Benjamin L. Bushkuhl, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
James S. Buster, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Andres P. Calvachi, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Kimberly S. Carey, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Eileen L. Carroll, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sandra L. Chambers-Moteso, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sapna Chaudhry, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Georgina M. Chinchilla, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Alan R. Cholewiak, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Oriana Chun, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jessica C. Claunch, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Joseph R. Coburn, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
David J. Cohen, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Emmy G. Colvin, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Adam T. Comstock, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Natalia Cook, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Shirley A. Cooke, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Rachel A. Copping, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Julia B. Crevar-Patterson, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Mary P. Cronley, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Andrea E. Daly, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Ramadhan H. Dari, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Brian L. Darling, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Angela R. Davidson, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Samuel J. DeMarco, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Natalie J. Denevi, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sister M I. Dietrick OP, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Joshua S. Donow, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Andrew L. Dresselhouse, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Allison M. DuBois, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Samuel G. Duncan, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Anna L. Dusbiber, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Kirsten L. Edgar, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Karin E. Elling, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Keri T. Ellis, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Vanessa A. Fabian, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Tara M. Fairclough, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Susan A. Fisher, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Pawel A. Galecki, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Justine E. Germa, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Anne P. Gibson, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Christin Gleissner, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Joseph M. Gordon, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Marcie L. Grambeau, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Andrea L. Gruber, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Katalina Gubatayao-Bolima, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Habrecht, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Michael J. Hagen, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Tara H. Hammang, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Blake C. Hancock, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Ryan D. Hanekamp, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Troy A. Harris, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Mark E. Hartmann, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Mushfiq M. Hasan, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Chie Hasegawa, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Howard H. Hawkes, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
John R. Heemstra, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Joel M. Higgins, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Amelia E. Hippler, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Caitlin M. Hirsch, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Margaret C. Holtz, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Mandy R. Hood Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Hopson, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Courtnay M. Hough, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Lauren E. Hubbard, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Nathaniel J. Hubbard, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Keith T. Hunter, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Adam W. Hutchens, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Alison B. Irvine, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jamil A. Issa, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sr Maria F. Jakupcak, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Samuel J. Jih, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Bin Jin, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Benjamin F. Johnson, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Hong-Yu Johnson, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Mary E. Johnson, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Erin D. Jorgenson, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Dawn H. Kalata, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Steven J. Kalbfleisch, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Julia B. Kerwin, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jasmine L. Kettley, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Fariba Kiani Anaraki, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Gyuwon C. Kim, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Ashley R. Klein, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jamie E. Knapp, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Joshua H. Knapp, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Michael J. Krajcik, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Aubree A. Krause, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Thomas E. Krawford, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sharon E. Krick, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sarah J. Kruger, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Marla C. Kuehn, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Eric M. Kulick, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Andrew J. LaHaie, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Makan Lajevardi, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Ari S. Lampear, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Betsy H. Lau, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jin Kuk Lee, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Kenneth E. Lidle, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jeffrey A. Lockwood, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Loesel, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Ahmed K. Logan, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Marten D. Logsdon, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Kellen F. Long, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Meghan K. Lowe, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Rachel A. Maddix, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
William P. Maddix, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Pyotr Makarov, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Dmitrii A. Maksimchuk, Ann Arbor , Michigan 
Sophana Mao, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Colin E. Marrs, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Mary D. Marsh, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Adam J. Martin, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Amy L. Martin, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Christina C. Masaracchia, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Bethany A. Masch, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Gregory A. Maynard, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Karen L. McCarthy, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Roderick D. McClain, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Thomas A. McComb, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jessica M. McGlynn, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Kelly M. McGuire, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jian P. McKelvey, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
David H. McKim, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Laura K. McLaughlin, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jeremy B. Mcminis, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Mark A. Mees, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Erika J. Meier, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Philip J. Menard, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Mary E. Merriam, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Brittany Bond A. Miller, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Joan T. Miller, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Lillian C. Moore, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Carlos E. Mora, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Norma L. Moreno, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Marlen Mormile, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Kathleen L. Morrison, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Amy N. Movahhed, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Maurella-Leigh P. Murphy, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Ruth M. Naebeck, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Hanifa Najjiyya, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Emily M. Navyac, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Kristin A. Neigebauer, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
David J. Nestor, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jaclyn J. Novak, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Rebecca M. Nutting, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Nkechimere A. Nwankwo, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Matthew T. O'Brien, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Elizabeth A. O'Reilly, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Brent L. Oberlin, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Princine J. Opalia, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jeremy J. Ortwine, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Joshua M. Osborne, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jenna A. Overmyer, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Hope M. Parks, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
William L. Pasola, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Robin M. Pesko, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Shannon M. Pheiffer, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Bradly J. Phillips, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Brian C. Pierce, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Zoe A. Piliafas, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jeffrey E. Poinier, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Benjamin L. Porath, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Courtney M. Potter, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Gregory J. Pratt, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Nicole M. Pullins, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Asma A. Quraishi, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Mohammed U. Quraishi, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jason A. Raymond, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Theresa J. Rickloff, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Lauren E. Robinson, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jeremy M. Roos, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Lia Rose, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Krystina A. Rowe, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Nadia M. Samaha, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Sanders, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Lisa A. Sanders, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Pamela J. Schneider, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Craig A. Schoepke, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Elizabeth J. Schultz, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Dennis Schwarz, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Joseph D. Scott, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Richard D. Scott, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Christi L. Sedorchuk, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Zahra I. Seyam, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Adam H. Shahin, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Nura L. Shamamit, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Todd W. Sheets, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Gabriel R. Sherrill, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Sara E. Shurmur, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Christina M. Sill, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Daina K. Skiotys, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Robyn A. Skodzinsky, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Bryan E. Smith, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
David R. Smith, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Matthew R. Smith, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Seth R. Smith, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Springstead, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Deanna A. Stacy, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Heather M. Steffy, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Elizabeth I. Steller, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Sarah S. Sterchele, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
John J. Stivenson, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Amanda E. Strong, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Lindsay M. Swain, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jason A. Szmansky, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Grant J. Taulbee, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Amin A. Tawakul, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Rachel C. Tewari, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Lauren E. Thompson, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Gretchen A. Toth-Fejel, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Erick J. Tracer, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Putnam R. Trumbull, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Kendall D. Tucker, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Kyle P. Turner, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Latrina S. Turner, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Marian J. Turner, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Gayle M. Valentine, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jessica M. Vamvas, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Samantha M. Vo, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Michael D. Von Volen, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Danielle L. Wexler, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Elizabeth J. White, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Kristen A. White, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Wendy S. Whitlock, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Chelsea A. Wilcox, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Paula R. Wilks-Wright, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Debra R. Williams, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Kalli L. Williams, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Brian J. Wilson, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Sarah Winter, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Melissa N. Woldt, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Woodard, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jeffrey A. Worosz, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Yuli Wu, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Cedric V. York, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Nathan A. Yost, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Amal F. Zeidan, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Randall T. Riecker, Ann Arbor, Michigan 
Jacob S. Markov, Armada, Michigan 
Mark P. Zarate, Armada, Michigan 
Amy C. Dawson, Ashley, Michigan 
Bryan G. Perria, Attica, Michigan 
Abigail A. Gavulic, Auburn Hills, Michigan 
Gregory D. Peruski, Bad Axe, Michigan 
Richard R. Knisely III, Baraga, Michigan 
Rachel K. Klitchman, Baroda, Michigan 
Audrey A. Rickerman, Baroda, Michigan 
Luke H. Denison, Battle Creek, Michigan 
Rebecca D. Fosket, Battle Creek, Michigan 
Cre'Shelle M. Quarles, Battle Creek, Michigan 
Valerie L. Smith, Battle Creek, Michigan 
Siobhan A. Stevens, Battle Creek, Michigan 
Caitlin A. Long, Bay City, Michigan 
Kerry B. Wintermeyer, Bay City, Michigan 
Kristen T. Hallberg, Bellaire, Michigan 
Chad M. Allee, Belleville, Michigan 
Brynn C. Bemis, Belleville, Michigan 
Jessica L. Blum, Belleville, Michigan 
Carrie E. Bowen, Belleville, Michigan 
Sam A. Cash, Belleville, Michigan 
June M. Choi, Belleville, Michigan 
Diane M. Ciotti, Belleville, Michigan 
Megan E. Cohenour, Belleville, Michigan 
Ruth A. Corriveau, Belleville, Michigan 
Colleen M. Coyle, Belleville, Michigan 
Sara L. Denny, Belleville, Michigan 
Margaret M. Deskins, Belleville, Michigan 
Diedre M. Dixel, Belleville, Michigan 
Alicia Doty-Densemo, Belleville, Michigan 
Victoria C. Erickson, Belleville, Michigan 
Rachel S. Girard, Belleville, Michigan 
Kayla M. Glazier, Belleville, Michigan 
Emily A. Grow, Belleville, Michigan 
Bryan A. Haley, Belleville, Michigan 
Kristin L. Harsch, Belleville, Michigan 
Deborah A. Herczak, Belleville, Michigan 
Stacia L. Hill, Belleville, Michigan 
Sarah B. Hilliker, Belleville, Michigan 
Lori K. Holmes, Belleville, Michigan 
Florence A. Igbawua, Belleville, Michigan 
Joshua L. Ivan, Belleville, Michigan 
Melissa L. Jackson, Belleville, Michigan 
Eric W. Keirl, Belleville, Michigan 
Amanda M. Kirkland, Belleville, Michigan 
Katie I. Kovac, Belleville, Michigan 
Laurie A. Kunz, Belleville, Michigan 
Rachel L. Lebron, Belleville, Michigan 
Raechel A. Lesada, Belleville, Michigan 
David L. Mahood III, Belleville, Michigan 
Brandi N. Mewton, Belleville, Michigan 
Tracey L. Mitchell, Belleville, Michigan 
Bethany A. Morton, Belleville, Michigan 
Ashley M. Olszewski, Belleville, Michigan 
Krista N. Pancone, Belleville, Michigan 
LeShae A. Parks, Belleville, Michigan 
Alyssa D. Reimold, Belleville, Michigan 
Laura A. Roman, Belleville, Michigan 
Sara R. Rusea, Belleville, Michigan 
Karen L. Sanders, Belleville, Michigan 
Christina L. Santos, Belleville, Michigan 
Amanda M. Schalk, Belleville, Michigan 
Brea I. Slagle, Belleville, Michigan 
Betty A. Small, Belleville, Michigan 
Jonathan J. Testorelli, Belleville, Michigan 
Nicholas P. Testorelli, Belleville, Michigan 
Amanda L. Trammell, Belleville, Michigan 
Sandor Vigh, Belleville, Michigan 
Jessica L. Wells, Belleville, Michigan 
Elizabeth M. White, Belleville, Michigan 
Rebekah R. Yates, Belleville, Michigan 
Kristin M. Zantop, Belleville, Michigan 
William H. Zantop, Belleville , Michigan 
Nicolas W. Hosford, Belmont , Michigan 
Melvenea R. Hodges, Benton Harbor , Michigan 
Cortnee L. Brennan, Berkley , Michigan 
Daniel J. Cicchini, Berkley , Michigan 
Edward P. Cicchini, Berkley , Michigan 
Jeffrey M. Idyle, Berkley , Michigan 
Tiffany D. Moore, Berkley , Michigan 
Joel R. Klug, Berrien Center , Michigan 
Nicole A. Zandarski, Berrien Springs , Michigan 
Lawrence M. Ledy, Big Rapids, Michigan 
Amber L. Vaughn, Birch Run, Michigan 
James M. Boger, Birmingham , Michigan 
Brandon C. Makowski-King, Birmingham , Michigan 
Chalmers L. McGillivray, Birmingham , Michigan 
Noa Schuger, Birmingham , Michigan 
Sean R. Wray, Birmingham , Michigan 
Benjamin D. Allion, Blissfield , Michigan 
Elise M. Barton, Blissfield , Michigan 
Katina R. Dennison, Blissfield , Michigan 
Deanna L. Griffith, Blissfield , Michigan 
Bridget L. Hans, Blissfield , Michigan 
Kristi L. Henricks, Blissfield , Michigan 
Laura L. Henricks, Blissfield , Michigan 
Evan R. Loader, Blissfield , Michigan 
Adam R. Miller, Blissfield , Michigan 
Vanessa R. Porter, Blissfield , Michigan 
Michael R. Reed, Blissfield , Michigan 
Michelle M. Coleman, Bloomfield , Michigan 
Caroline J. Dundon, Bloomfield Hills , Michigan 
Vishal K. Garg, Bloomfield Hills , Michigan 
Sarri A. Keller, Bloomfield Hills , Michigan 
Sallyann R. Koss, Bloomfield Hills , Michigan 
Alyssa A. Radtke, Bloomfield Hills , Michigan 
Melissa A. Mausolf, Bridgeport , Michigan 
Melissa R. Krager, Bridgman , Michigan 
Dena M. Skow, Bridgman , Michigan 
Christopher T. Aitken, Brighton , Michigan 
Katherine G. Andrews, Brighton , Michigan 
Jessica M. Baitinger, Brighton , Michigan 
Danielle Bartolomucci, Brighton , Michigan 
Ian M. Brand, Brighton , Michigan 
Theresa L. Brouhard, Brighton , Michigan 
Rachel M. Bulszewicz, Brighton , Michigan 
Jeremiah R. Carrico, Brighton , Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Charette, Brighton , Michigan 
Rachel A. Chidester, Brighton , Michigan 
David D. Collins, Brighton , Michigan 
Darrell E. Combs, Brighton , Michigan 
Sarah E. Craig, Brighton , Michigan 
William P. DeBruhl, Brighton , Michigan 
Ashley J. DiBianca, Brighton , Michigan 
Theresa M. Dickhart, Brighton , Michigan 
Stanley J. Dinkel, Brighton , Michigan 
Megan R. Ducharme, Brighton , Michigan 
Robert T. Eberts, Brighton , Michigan 
Dominick A. Eldridge, Brighton , Michigan 
Joan E. Evans, Brighton , Michigan 
Katheryne T. Hargenrader, Brighton , Michigan 
Heather L. Harris, Brighton , Michigan 
Rebecca C. Harris, Brighton , Michigan 
William F. Harris, Brighton , Michigan 
Chad W. Hietala, Brighton , Michigan 
Shane A. Hill, Brighton , Michigan 
Meghan M. Hillman, Brighton , Michigan 
Shelley M. Howder, Brighton , Michigan 
Brian W. Howell, Brighton , Michigan 
Burama F. Jammeh, Brighton , Michigan 
Sarah N. Johnson, Brighton , Michigan 
Michele R. Kalasinski, Brighton , Michigan 
Edward J. Kemmerling, Brighton , Michigan 
Ryan E. King, Brighton , Michigan 
Jamie M. Klenk, Brighton , Michigan 
Michele M. Lawrence, Brighton , Michigan 
Chelsea L. Lisiecki, Brighton , Michigan 
Amanda M. Madden, Brighton , Michigan 
Mark W. Madden, Brighton , Michigan 
Katie N. Mailloux, Brighton , Michigan 
Matthew S. Marino, Brighton , Michigan 
Cynthia L. McLogan, Brighton , Michigan 
Richard K. McManamon, Brighton , Michigan 
Danielle M. Morris, Brighton , Michigan 
Vanessa M. Niebuhr, Brighton , Michigan 
Elizabeth M. Olsen, Brighton , Michigan 
Johnny P. Ombrello, Brighton , Michigan 
Katie M. Osdras, Brighton , Michigan 
Valbona Pecaj, Brighton , Michigan 
Shannon E. Prosser, Brighton , Michigan 
Damian E. Rankin, Brighton , Michigan 
James P. Rector II, Brighton , Michigan 
Erik J. Reichenbach, Brighton , Michigan 
Georgia M. Richardson, Brighton , Michigan 
Jordan Robertson, Brighton , Michigan 
Tanya G. Siemen, Brighton , Michigan 
Jeanette N. Smith, Brighton , Michigan 
Philip R. Smith, Brighton , Michigan 
Kristina M. Stanford, Brighton , Michigan 
Andrew L. Stefan, Brighton , Michigan 
Regina D. Stewart, Brighton , Michigan 
Douglas D. Tyler, Brighton , Michigan 
Susan M. Vieu, Brighton , Michigan 
Alia R. Warner, Brighton , Michigan 
Katherine M. Willette, Brighton , Michigan 
Leah N. Ziegler, Brighton , Michigan 
Joseph A. Ivan, Britton , Michigan 
Adam E. Roehm, Britton , Michigan 
Christy M. Sackett, Britton , Michigan 
Cheryl L. Bush, Brooklyn , Michigan 
Susan I. Gammon, Brooklyn , Michigan 
Amanda E. Hammond, Brooklyn , Michigan 
Kathleen A. Jenness, Brooklyn , Michigan 
Brittany E. Leonard, Brooklyn , Michigan 
Kortney J. Mitoska, Brooklyn , Michigan 
Sally R. Reinink, Brooklyn , Michigan 
Heather L. Silvestri, Brooklyn , Michigan 
Joseph M. Swierlik, Brooklyn , Michigan 
Layne E. Vargo, Brooklyn , Michigan 
David A. Smith, Brown City , Michigan 
Alicia E. Apperson, Brownstown , Michigan 
Angel M. Brown, Brownstown , Michigan 
Jamie L. Bush, Brownstown , Michigan 
Danielle M. Gomez, Brownstown , Michigan 
Valerie B. Gorham, Brownstown , Michigan 
Arely Y. Guadiana, Brownstown , Michigan 
Lindsey R. Kanyo, Brownstown , Michigan 
Tiffany J. Moise, Brownstown , Michigan 
Christopher T. Norton, Brownstown , Michigan 
Jason G. San Souci, Brownstown , Michigan 
Autumn C. Tomich, Brownstown , Michigan 
Courtney L. Viviano, Brownstown , Michigan 
Travis L. White, Brownstown , Michigan 
Sara A. Widener, Brownstown , Michigan 
Christina M. Wilson, Brownstown , Michigan 
Kelly L. Winterhalter, Brownstown , Michigan 
Stephanie D. Wolf, Brownstown , Michigan 
Rachel E. Lanigan, Brownstown Twp , Michigan 
Ana K. Tindall, Bruce Twp, Michigan 
Jennifer R. Jones, Burt , Michigan 
Brooke M. Crawford, Burton , Michigan 
Jason L. Gibson, Burton , Michigan 
Bari L. Lanning, Burton , Michigan 
Tamara R. Grit, Byron Center , Michigan 
Carol Millner, CANTON , Michigan 
Jennifer A. Baller, Cadillac , Michigan 
Brian R. DeYoung, Cadillac , Michigan 
Kayti M. Purkiss, Cadillac , Michigan 
John J. Smith, Cadillac , Michigan 
Kelley M. Alcala, Canton , Michigan 
Erin C. Anderson, Canton , Michigan 
Amy E. Ansara, Canton , Michigan 
Ashley E. Antuna, Canton , Michigan 
Derek A. Arcenal, Canton , Michigan 
Chelsea L. Arndt, Canton , Michigan 
Emily F. Assenmacher, Canton , Michigan 
Thomas M. Astrup, Canton , Michigan 
Ping Bai, Canton , Michigan 
Kimberly S. Baldoni, Canton , Michigan 
Conan G. Baldwin, Canton , Michigan 
Manmeet K. Batra, Canton , Michigan 
Ravi V. Beedkar, Canton , Michigan 
Lauren E. Berryman, Canton , Michigan 
Gregory E. Black, Canton , Michigan 
Jessica J. Bobee, Canton , Michigan 
Jessica L. Bone, Canton , Michigan 
Connie L. Bonkowski, Canton , Michigan 
James D. Bonneau, Canton , Michigan 
Jill E. Brooks, Canton , Michigan 
Blake A. Butkovich, Canton , Michigan 
Jeffrey R. Campbell, Canton , Michigan 
Alicia G. Chavez, Canton , Michigan 
Robin E. Cleworth, Canton , Michigan 
Andrew J. Collins, Canton , Michigan 
Emily A. Comito, Canton , Michigan 
Katie A. Cooper, Canton , Michigan 
Heather N. Cornell, Canton , Michigan 
Michelle L. Corwin, Canton , Michigan 
Joseph T. Crist, Canton , Michigan 
Jaclynn R. Croyle, Canton , Michigan 
Judith E. Dahn, Canton , Michigan 
Allison L. Deeb, Canton , Michigan 
Brandon J. Delap, Canton , Michigan 
Andrea L. Dery, Canton , Michigan 
Lisa M. DiMaio, Canton , Michigan 
Emily J. Dobbs, Canton , Michigan 
Kristen N. Dobias, Canton , Michigan 
Jacqueline N. Domin, Canton , Michigan 
Andrea R. Donawick, Canton , Michigan 
Dennis R. Dorogi, Canton , Michigan 
Sean M. Downey, Canton , Michigan 
Gary B. Duma, Canton , Michigan 
Zachary L. Dunlap, Canton , Michigan 
Brian J. Enright, Canton , Michigan 
Amber N. Feeback, Canton , Michigan 
Melissa M. Fenske, Canton , Michigan 
Emily R. Finch, Canton , Michigan 
Gregory B. Finkelstein, Canton , Michigan 
Angela E. Flis, Canton , Michigan 
David W. Florence, Canton , Michigan 
Aaron J. Fraser, Canton , Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Garvin, Canton , Michigan 
Amy S. Gauci, Canton , Michigan 
Natalie N. Giguere, Canton , Michigan 
Daniel L. Gill, Canton , Michigan 
Lisa A. Gillis, Canton , Michigan 
Sara D. Glasgow, Canton , Michigan 
Danica Grceski, Canton , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Grech, Canton , Michigan 
James A. Gutkowski, Canton , Michigan 
Kathleen A. Gutkowski, Canton , Michigan 
Jeffrey J. Hanson, Canton , Michigan 
Nicole R. Hardy, Canton , Michigan 
Robert D. Harrington, Canton , Michigan 
Kelley R. Hays, Canton , Michigan 
Jeanette M. Henry, Canton , Michigan 
Heather R. Hensel, Canton , Michigan 
Brett C. Holcomb, Canton , Michigan 
Erin M. Horning, Canton , Michigan 
Lauren G. Hostler, Canton , Michigan 
Shara A. Huggins, Canton , Michigan 
Michelle R. Hull, Canton , Michigan 
Ayesha A. Hussaini, Canton , Michigan 
Amanda M. Jackson, Canton , Michigan 
Michael A. Jahn, Canton , Michigan 
Kimberly M. Janiga, Canton , Michigan 
John M. Jarvis, Canton , Michigan 
Vijeta Kadarmandalgi, Canton , Michigan 
Steven W. Kardel, Canton , Michigan 
Jennifer A. Kassem, Canton , Michigan 
Barbara D. Kay, Canton , Michigan 
Laura R. Kilgore, Canton , Michigan 
Rebecca Kilgore, Canton , Michigan 
Christopher T. King, Canton , Michigan 
Krystal M. Kolody, Canton , Michigan 
Craig Kostielney, Canton , Michigan 
Erin N. Kozak, Canton , Michigan 
Michael K. Kozma, Canton , Michigan 
Samantha L. Kretschmer, Canton , Michigan 
David A. Kushman, Canton , Michigan 
Brent A. Kwiatkowski, Canton , Michigan 
Jason A. Lang, Canton , Michigan 
Jessica J. Lang, Canton , Michigan 
Emily L. Laskie, Canton , Michigan 
David J. Latawiec Jr, Canton , Michigan 
Zaiba N. Lateef, Canton , Michigan 
Nicole D. LeBlanc, Canton , Michigan 
Ryan T. Leach, Canton , Michigan 
Holly S. Lehmer, Canton , Michigan 
Brittany M. Lenhart, Canton , Michigan 
Joseph B. Lieberman, Canton , Michigan 
Angela M. Long, Canton , Michigan 
Jacqueline H. Lupinacci, Canton , Michigan 
Daniel M. Lyons, Canton , Michigan 
Megan E. Lyons, Canton , Michigan 
Angela D. Malone, Canton , Michigan 
Courtney A. Mandarino, Canton , Michigan 
Gary S. Marks, Canton , Michigan 
Megan M. Martin, Canton , Michigan 
Sarah A. Matheny, Canton , Michigan 
Lyndsey R. McCart, Canton , Michigan 
Katherine A. Millenbach, Canton , Michigan 
Christian H. Miller, Canton , Michigan 
Erin E. Moran, Canton , Michigan 
Meaghan E. Moran, Canton , Michigan 
Mark W. Morton, Canton , Michigan 
Benjamin G. Muylaert, Canton , Michigan 
Laura M. Nankee, Canton , Michigan 
Mandy E. Neher, Canton , Michigan 
Christopher J. Niemiec, Canton , Michigan 
Laura E. Novkov, Canton , Michigan 
Maureen J. Olmstead, Canton , Michigan 
Caleb C. Orr, Canton , Michigan 
Laura J. Page, Canton , Michigan 
Sarah A. Pawlik, Canton , Michigan 
Justin A. Petro, Canton , Michigan 
Lindsay M. Pew, Canton , Michigan 
Sreelatha Ponnaluri, Canton , Michigan 
Andrew J. Proctor, Canton , Michigan 
Suhad N. Ramlawi, Canton , Michigan 
Kelly L. Rawski, Canton , Michigan 
Emily Reardon, Canton , Michigan 
Linda L. Reilman, Canton , Michigan 
Nathan J. Rogers, Canton , Michigan 
Shawna L. Rouse, Canton , Michigan 
Kyle M. Rutkowski, Canton , Michigan 
Virginia A. Sabourin, Canton , Michigan 
Philip A. Sands, Canton , Michigan 
Kristen M. Sarna, Canton , Michigan 
Amanda M. Schaller, Canton , Michigan 
Whitney J. Schmidt, Canton , Michigan 
Laura M. Schroeder, Canton , Michigan 
Deborah M. Schroth, Canton , Michigan 
Angela M. Scott, Canton , Michigan 
Lisa M. Serwonski, Canton , Michigan 
Sandra J. Shankus, Canton , Michigan 
Joan Siewierski, Canton , Michigan 
Andreas Sigg, Canton , Michigan 
Jeremy M. Smith, Canton , Michigan 
Trevor F. Snyder, Canton , Michigan 
Zackary M. Staley, Canton , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Stevens, Canton , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Stevenson, Canton , Michigan 
Casey L. Swanson, Canton , Michigan 
Jessica A. Teen, Canton , Michigan 
Diane M. Thomas, Canton , Michigan 
Laura C. Tillier, Canton , Michigan 
Brian J. Titus, Canton , Michigan 
Brandon L. Tomblin, Canton , Michigan 
Kirk M. Tooley III, Canton , Michigan 
Alice E. Touma, Canton , Michigan 
Kristin A. Trame, Canton , Michigan 
Amy E. Tremonti, Canton , Michigan 
Kristina M. Tsvetkoff, Canton , Michigan 
Hillary R. Usher, Canton , Michigan 
Krista M. Von Lienen, Canton , Michigan 
Jenelle R. Wade, Canton , Michigan 
Scott A. Walter, Canton , Michigan 
Noreen J. Watson, Canton , Michigan 
Pamela J. West, Canton , Michigan 
Diane M. Wilkins, Canton , Michigan 
Julie A. Wilson, Canton , Michigan 
Kristi M. Yates, Canton , Michigan 
Emily K. York, Canton , Michigan 
Diana L. Zima, Canton , Michigan 
Bethany A. Blair, Carleton , Michigan 
Jeremy A. Ferrans, Carleton , Michigan 
Alexandria M. Hollister, Carleton , Michigan 
Ronald E. Motyka, Carleton , Michigan 
Stacy L. Murphy, Carleton , Michigan 
Adam R. Paducha, Carleton , Michigan 
Roseanne L. Stasa, Carleton , Michigan 
Samantha A. Stevens, Carleton , Michigan 
Heather N. Tanner, Carleton , Michigan 
Courtney L. Wyatt, Carleton , Michigan 
Piper J. Smith, Caro , Michigan 
Lorraine R. Ferranti, Carsonville , Michigan 
Michael J. Pugh, Cassopolis , Michigan 
Emily M. Burkett, Center Line, Michigan 
Alisha M. Dutkiewicz, Center Line, Michigan 
Jessica L. Groosbeck, Center Line, Michigan 
Kathleen F. Hardy, Center Line, Michigan 
Cara M. Taylor, Champion, Michigan 
Kaleigh A. Southwood, Charlevoix , Michigan 
Shelley M. Root, Charlotte , Michigan 
Elizabeth L. Atwood, Chelsea , Michigan 
Erin J. Baird, Chelsea , Michigan 
Tara M. Balogh-Niedermeier, Chelsea , Michigan 
Amy N. Butler, Chelsea , Michigan 
Stephanie M. Copenhaver, Chelsea , Michigan 
Christopher S. Dotson, Chelsea , Michigan 
Stephanie N. Huehl, Chelsea , Michigan 
Serina E. Kramer, Chelsea , Michigan 
John K. Lindstedt, Chelsea , Michigan 
Molly K. Martin, Chelsea , Michigan 
Matthew R. Moffett, Chelsea , Michigan 
Sarah L. Munger, Chelsea , Michigan 
Matthew D. Penix, Chelsea , Michigan 
Meghan L. Reames, Chelsea , Michigan 
Anthony J. Reifel, Chelsea , Michigan
George L. Royce, Chelsea , Michigan 
Alison L. Schaper, Chelsea , Michigan 
Colleen E. Shanks, Chelsea , Michigan 
Noelle E. Temple, Chelsea , Michigan 
Henri A. Van Der Waard, Chelsea , Michigan 
Kyle R. Verge, Chelsea , Michigan 
Paul C. Zenz, Chelsea , Michigan 
Leann E. Morosini, Chesterfield , Michigan 
Michele E. Meyers, China , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Green, Clare , Michigan 
Aaron M. Murdoch, Clare , Michigan 
Eric J. Mason, Clark Lake , Michigan 
Charles F. Baker, Clarklake , Michigan 
Kathryn L. Newton, Clarklake , Michigan 
Sarah J. Brown, Clarkston , Michigan 
Sarah K. Edwards, Clarkston , Michigan 
Heather L. Giroux, Clarkston , Michigan 
Amanda L. Isbell, Clarkston , Michigan 
Dana L. Karpinski, Clarkston , Michigan 
Emily M. Scafone, Clarkston , Michigan 
Lorianne Snook, Clarkston , Michigan 
Andrew C. Standard, Clarkston , Michigan 
Samuel J. Nash, Clarksville , Michigan 
Brandan R. Pierce, Clawson , Michigan 
Justin R. Pooley, Clayton , Michigan 
John K. Feldkamp, Clinton , Michigan 
Steven M. Gibson, Clinton , Michigan 
James P. Grinias, Clinton , Michigan 
Richard S. Kuss, Clinton , Michigan 
Dana D. Lembrick, Clinton , Michigan 
Patti J. Maloney, Clinton , Michigan 
Rebekah R. Moeller, Clinton , Michigan 
Elspeth R. Tirb, Clinton , Michigan 
Jessica L. Adams, Clinton Township , Michigan 
Sarah L. Allen, Clinton Township , Michigan 
Victoria R. Isabell, Clinton Township , Michigan 
Chelsea L. Murphy, Clinton Township , Michigan 
James P. Reece, Clinton Township , Michigan 
Nacole M. Hurlbert, Clinton Twp, Michigan 
Brigit E. Locke, Clinton Twp, Michigan 
Sian K. Thioune, Clinton Twp, Michigan 
Shannon M. Beaudry, Clinton Twp., Michigan 
Sharon L. Cicilian, Clinton Twp., Michigan 
Danielle K. DeVoe, Clio, Michigan 
Nicholas J. Smith, Clio, Michigan 
Sarah M. Batterson, Coldwater , Michigan 
Victoria J. Hyde, Coldwater , Michigan 
Matthew P. Haack, Colon , Michigan 
Paul A. Tabone, Columbiaville , Michigan 
Katherine M. Myer, Columbus , Michigan 
Kristin S. Seltzer, Commerce, Michigan 
Kimberly A. Wengle, Commerce, Michigan 
Anthony R. Browne, Commerce Township , Michigan 
Kelly A. Gidlof, Commerce Township , Michigan 
Ashley R. Koppen, Commerce Township , Michigan 
Christopher G. Mandeville, Commerce Township , Michigan 
Jeffrey D. Mercier, Commerce Township , Michigan 
Amy B. Premo, Commerce Township , Michigan 
Kelly C. Latham, Commerce Twp , Michigan 
Michelle L. Marhofer, Commerce Twp , Michigan 
Samantha M. Fidler, Comstock Park , Michigan 
Daniel R. Grutter, Comstock Park , Michigan 
Rachel P. Robinson, Comstock Park , Michigan 
Kathryn C. Schneider, Davisburg , Michigan 
Douglas A. Grover, Davison , Michigan 
Nicole L. Harvey, Davison , Michigan 
Kyle J. Smith, Davison , Michigan 
Stephany L. Fleet, DeWitt , Michigan 
Isaac K. Williamson, DeWitt , Michigan 
Maria Ali, Dearborn , Michigan 
Erica L. Allen, Dearborn , Michigan 
Katherine L. Balamucki, Dearborn , Michigan 
Emily A. Besch, Dearborn , Michigan 
Laura M. Butler, Dearborn , Michigan 
Melissa M. Butler, Dearborn , Michigan 
Eric J. Cicilian, Dearborn , Michigan 
Jerry J. Cunningham, Dearborn , Michigan 
Racheal M. Davis, Dearborn , Michigan 
Lindsay R. Dexter, Dearborn , Michigan 
Lisa M. Dubicki, Dearborn , Michigan 
Angela M. Feges, Dearborn , Michigan 
Kimberly L. Hansler, Dearborn , Michigan 
Steven M. Herrmann, Dearborn , Michigan 
Jeremy R. Hitchcock, Dearborn , Michigan 
Corey Q. Houston, Dearborn , Michigan 
Erica L. Jergovich, Dearborn , Michigan 
Kimberlie A. Johnson, Dearborn , Michigan 
Philip A. Mattern, Dearborn , Michigan 
Daniel B. McIlhenney, Dearborn , Michigan 
Katherine M. Munch, Dearborn , Michigan 
Crystal L. Peter, Dearborn , Michigan 
Chris T. Puzzuoli, Dearborn , Michigan 
Jessica C. Riney, Dearborn , Michigan 
Leslie A. Sampson, Dearborn , Michigan 
Mark A. Stanislav, Dearborn , Michigan 
Charles P. Takasy, Dearborn , Michigan 
Brittanie D. Trudell, Dearborn , Michigan 
Mike A. Vigilante, Dearborn , Michigan 
Twila J. Wayt, Dearborn , Michigan 
Kirk M. Bluebaugh, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Cristin M. Casey, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Natalie M. Clafton, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Destra M. Denney, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Katherine R. Dillon, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Malorie J. Evens, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Austyn E. Fox, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Christopher R. Fust, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Nadine N. Galbraith, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Laura M. Geldys, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Fitim Halimi, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Dayna K. Hasty, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Michael P. Hulett, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Karakas-Sinn, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Angelia M. King, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Kimberly A. Kupel, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Nader Makki, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Mary A. Malkowski, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Victoria E. Miller, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
James A. Muller, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Stephanie M. O'Donnell, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Carrie E. Plunkett, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Stephanie H. Sears, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Lindsey S. Segrist, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Andrea L. Stencel, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Pamela S. Tioran, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Michelle A. Wilson, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Edward J. Gardner, Dearborn Heights , Michigan 
Jessica L. Kreiner, Deckerville , Michigan 
Dana L. Radatz, Deckerville , Michigan 
Jamie L. Krueger, Deerfield , Michigan 
Candace T. Abney, Detroit , Michigan 
Nadir J. Akbar, Detroit , Michigan 
Anwar K. Ali, Detroit , Michigan 
Jason J. Ali, Detroit , Michigan 
De'Anthony D. Brown, Detroit, Michigan 
Jared C. Brown, Detroit, Michigan 
William D. Bruton, Detroit, Michigan 
Annette N. Burks, Detroit, Michigan 
Misty L. Caldwell, Detroit, Michigan 
Kristal L. Dawson, Detroit, Michigan 
Carl G. Dewberry II, Detroit, Michigan 
Johannah H. Fenton, Detroit, Michigan 
Micheal L. Fuqua, Detroit, Michigan 
Gordon B. Garrity, Detroit, Michigan 
Natasha N. Hardwick, Detroit, Michigan 
Davion Otavius T. Hayes, Detroit, Michigan 
Edwin J. Huby, Detroit, Michigan 
LaSaundra U. Humbles, Detroit, Michigan 
Jessica S. Hunter, Detroit, Michigan 
Tenecia P. Jennings, Detroit, Michigan 
Kison A. Johnson, Detroit, Michigan 
Lynnette D. Johnson, Detroit, Michigan 
Brittany E. Jones, Detroit, Michigan 
Lauren E. Lattimore, Detroit, Michigan 
Christian D. Liner, Detroit, Michigan 
Nadine E. Marshall, Detroit, Michigan 
Brandi R. McCants, Detroit, Michigan 
Bre S. McKamie, Detroit, Michigan 
Rachel E. Mims, Detroit, Michigan 
Nicole A. Morris, Detroit, Michigan 
Jolisa L. Osborne, Detroit, Michigan 
Shazmin S. Ramcharan, Detroit, Michigan 
Tanisha S. Redding, Detroit, Michigan 
Joshua R. Robinson, Detroit, Michigan 
Mia M. Shaffer, Detroit, Michigan 
Alexander Simpson, Detroit, Michigan 
Tiffney R. Skinner, Detroit, Michigan 
Dawn L. Smith, Detroit, Michigan 
Patrice L. Terrell, Detroit, Michigan 
Mary D. Turnley, Detroit, Michigan 
Cassandra M. Wentum, Detroit, Michigan 
Evette M. Williams, Detroit, Michigan 
Laurence J. Williams, Detroit, Michigan 
Stephanie R. Williams, Detroit, Michigan 
Arteria Young, Detroit, Michigan 
Marguerite L. Kolankowski, Dewitt, Michigan 
Gregory M. Molitor, Dewitt, Michigan 
Amanda B. Allen, Dexter, Michigan 
Kathleen R. Andrews, Dexter, Michigan 
Rachael A. Bergren, Dexter, Michigan 
Mark A. Birmingham, Dexter, Michigan 
Maria R. Burkel, Dexter, Michigan 
Nicole A. Burroughs, Dexter, Michigan 
Amy L. Cable, Dexter, Michigan 
Gregory J. Cook, Dexter, Michigan 
Jonathan A. Cook, Dexter, Michigan 
Rebecca L. Creteau, Dexter, Michigan 
Bridget M. Gatscher, Dexter, Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Germain, Dexter, Michigan 
Karen J. Giglio, Dexter, Michigan 
Jessica A. Irish, Dexter, Michigan 
Casey J. Jordan, Dexter, Michigan 
Sarah M. Kijek, Dexter, Michigan 
Lynn M. Koch, Dexter, Michigan 
Heather K. McCown, Dexter, Michigan 
Laurel L. McDevitt, Dexter, Michigan 
Dana L. Miley, Dexter, Michigan 
Diana M. Nati, Dexter, Michigan 
Michael R. O'Keefe, Dexter, Michigan 
Anthony S. Pace, Dexter, Michigan 
Veronica Pear, Dexter, Michigan 
James A. Rhoades, Dexter, Michigan 
Sonja M. Roberts, Dexter, Michigan 
Melissa N. Scheu, Dexter, Michigan 
Thomas A. Schlaff, Dexter, Michigan 
Jeffrey A. Schrader, Dexter, Michigan 
Tate M. Stark, Dexter, Michigan 
Angela M. Thiel, Dexter, Michigan 
Heather A. Vargo, Dexter, Michigan 
Mike J. Weinmann, Dexter, Michigan 
Rebecca B. Wiitala, Dexter, Michigan 
Roger W. Wondrash, Dexter, Michigan 
Kristen M. Zegers, Dexter, Michigan 
Arianne N. Baker, Dowagiac, Michigan 
Kelly L. Tomczak, Dowagiac, Michigan 
Amy K. O'Dell, Dryden, Michigan 
Zachary J. Cangealose, Dundee, Michigan 
Erika R. Cross, Dundee, Michigan 
Cherie P. Edmonds, Dundee, Michigan 
Crystal A. Glover, Dundee, Michigan 
Weston C. Hosler, Dundee, Michigan 
Dennis L. Lavoy, Dundee, Michigan 
Emily B. Salenbien, Dundee, Michigan 
Rachel A. Schultz, Dundee, Michigan 
Zachary T. Smitt, Dundee, Michigan 
Kayla J. White, Dundee, Michigan 
Micah T. Cousins, East Lansing, Michigan 
Kira L. Dallaire, East Lansing, Michigan 
Logan T. Seguin, East Lansing, Michigan 
Sean T. Croff, Eastpointe, Michigan 
Shawnda M. Warren, Eastpointe, Michigan 
Riley J. Whatley, Eastpointe, Michigan 
Clifford J. Camp, Eaton Rapids, Michigan 
Benjamin J. Trentham, Eaton Rapids, Michigan 
Caroline M. Cole, Elk Rapids, Michigan 
Crystal N. Frantz, Erie, Michigan 
Christopher T. Kasper, Erie, Michigan 
Jared T. Crane, Essexville, Michigan 
Derrick D. Kozicki, Farmingtn Hills, Michigan 
Jodie I. Friedman, Farmingtn Hills, Michigan 
Amanda E. Page, Farmingtn Hills, Michigan 
Joshua L. Ablitz, Farmington, Michigan 
Brooklyn Bawulski, Farmington, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Brams, Farmington, Michigan 
Mark S. Dreyer, Farmington, Michigan 
Kristian D. Fountain, Farmington, Michigan 
Kristin E. Halliburton, Farmington, Michigan 
Daneah H. Hanna, Farmington, Michigan 
Michelle L. Hartung, Farmington, Michigan 
Rebecca E. Hurvitz, Farmington, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Jastrzembski, Farmington, Michigan 
Rachel Jodway, Farmington, Michigan 
Devon Leigh, Farmington, Michigan 
Gayle A. Lindow, Farmington, Michigan 
Marissa E. Lowen, Farmington, Michigan 
David W. Milner, Farmington, Michigan 
Lalita C. Patel, Farmington, Michigan 
Tammy J. Payton, Farmington, Michigan 
LeAnn J. Scott, Farmington, Michigan 
Micole L. Semonick-Jann, Farmington, Michigan 
Stuart C. Solomon, Farmington, Michigan 
Helen R. Whitfield, Farmington, Michigan 
Kristen E. Bourgon, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Elizabeth M. Brose, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Diane E. Canepa, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Janae N. Chapman, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Caryn M. Loughlin, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Mizzi, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Sara L. Nance, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Angela R. Nazak, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Gina A. Ramirez, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Justin A. Robbins, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Dena M. Ryan, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Antonio P. Saranillo, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Kevin M. Schwab, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Steven R. Serling, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Leanne C. Shultz, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Maggie M. Simowski, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Lindsey L. Smith, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Rebecca L. Spaulding, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Elida I. Ticula, Farmington Hills, Michigan 
Mary C. Acton, Fenton, Michigan 
James R. Adams, Fenton, Michigan 
Kate E. Blaha, Fenton, Michigan 
Amanda R. Bretti, Fenton, Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Cosby, Fenton, Michigan 
Mathew P. Dimich, Fenton, Michigan 
Megan M. Engberg, Fenton, Michigan 
Lindsay R. Goodwin, Fenton, Michigan 
Michelle N. Hackley, Fenton, Michigan 
Kelly C. Kovacs, Fenton, Michigan 
Anna C. Loftus, Fenton, Michigan 
Amy L. Mann, Fenton, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Marriott, Fenton, Michigan 
Sarah B. McLeod, Fenton, Michigan 
Mariah E. Perkins, Fenton, Michigan 
Anne M. Price, Fenton, Michigan 
Stephanie J. Quick, Fenton, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Schupbach, Fenton, Michigan 
Benjamin M. Sharef, Fenton, Michigan 
Terriann G. Velliky, Fenton, Michigan 
Kristen M. Virgin, Fenton, Michigan 
Lindsey E. Warner, Fenton, Michigan 
Tara L. Weckesser, Fenton, Michigan 
Tyler M. Willette, Fenton, Michigan 
Lindsay E. Buhagiar, Ferndale, Michigan 
Mykeia J. Butts, Ferndale, Michigan 
Shane A. Jewell, Ferndale, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Lindberg, Ferndale, Michigan 
Jennifer A. Rhodes, Ferndale, Michigan 
Richard M. Satterfield, Ferndale, Michigan 
Victoria A. Suber, Ferndale, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Craft, Flat Rock, Michigan 
Melisa A. Hiuser, Flat Rock, Michigan 
Robert J. Pratt, Flat Rock, Michigan 
Ashley K. Przybylo, Flat Rock, Michigan 
Edward J. Spivey, Flat Rock, Michigan 
Sarah A. Stapleton, Flat Rock, Michigan 
Ashley L. Thomas, Flat Rock, Michigan 
Richard T. Wieckowski, Flat Rock, Michigan 
Erika L. Badour, Flint, Michigan 
Corey A. Kenebrew, Flint, Michigan 
Lionel C. Mitchell, Flint, Michigan 
Rachael H. Moore, Flint, Michigan 
Miaisha R. Peoples, Flint, Michigan 
Theresa L. Rudolph, Flint, Michigan 
Brett A. Cimbalik, Flushing, Michigan 
Stacy L. Hiller, Flushing, Michigan 
Joshua M. Janderwski, Flushing, Michigan 
Andrea J. Pinter, Flushing, Michigan 
Christine Glynn, Fowlerville, Michigan 
Jessica L. Paskeuric, Fowlerville, Michigan 
Kelly E. Paul, Fowlerville, Michigan 
Christopher L. Schmitt, Fowlerville, Michigan 
Joshua A. Cook, Fraser, Michigan 
Ashley M. Cotten, Fraser, Michigan 
Ryan J. Kupiec, Fraser, Michigan 
Stephanie A. Schult, Fraser, Michigan 
Jessica L. Ellis, Galesburg, Michigan 
Tiffany M. Barnum, Garden City, Michigan 
Heather A. Bauer, Garden City, Michigan 
Ryan P. Berger, Garden City, Michigan 
Ashley E. Bonner, Garden City, Michigan 
Danielle L. Clem, Garden City, Michigan 
Nicole M. Connolly, Garden City, Michigan 
Shannon M. Crupper, Garden City, Michigan 
Steven D. Davis, Garden City, Michigan 
Linda A. Ferris, Garden City, Michigan 
Kimberly S. Finney, Garden City, Michigan 
Sarah A. Gibbons, Garden City, Michigan 
Amy L. Gray, Garden City, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Haffner, Garden City, Michigan 
Devon M. James, Garden City, Michigan 
Emily M. Jenkins, Garden City, Michigan 
Brett R. King, Garden City, Michigan 
David M. Kracker, Garden City, Michigan 
John R. Kraft, Garden City, Michigan 
Christina A. Kujawa, Garden City, Michigan 
Elizabeth M. Masiarak, Garden City, Michigan 
Kristy L. Renaud, Garden City, Michigan 
Andrea C. Sliva, Garden City, Michigan 
Nicole M. Smith, Garden City, Michigan 
Kathleen L. Sophiea, Garden City, Michigan 
Megan L. Stratford, Garden City, Michigan 
John D. Sturgeon Jr, Garden City, Michigan 
Timothy J. Varner, Garden City, Michigan 
Casey S. Wahl, Garden City, Michigan 
Adam J. Walentowicz, Garden City, Michigan 
Ashley B. Allen, Gibraltar, Michigan 
Riquele C. Gailey, Gibraltar, Michigan 
Steven T. Landis, Gibraltar, Michigan 
Meghan K. McAuliffe, Gibraltar, Michigan 
Mark R. Mayberry, Goodrich, Michigan 
Kristin M. Moser, Goodrich, Michigan 
Erin L. Bowers, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Steven S. Bowling, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Emily A. Cowen, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Eric C. Griggs, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Brian A. Hebert, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Janae E. Hunt, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Paul V. Maysura, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Martin B. Peters, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Darren M. Soper, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Justin A. Walton, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Crystal R. Woolard, Grand Blanc, Michigan 
Kyle S. Pearson, Grand Haven, Michigan 
Abigail M. Reenders, Grand Haven, Michigan 
Kenneth J. Bohnet, Grand Ledge, Michigan 
Kari D. Cope, Grand Ledge, Michigan 
Matthew J. Klepac, Grand Ledge, Michigan 
Sara L. Mast, Grand Ledge, Michigan 
Curtishia M. Ferguson, Grand Rapids, Michigan 
Claire E. Hoenke, Grand Rapids, Michigan 
Robin S. Miller, Grand Rapids, Michigan 
Soo M. Kim, Grandville, Michigan 
David A. Beck, Grass Lake, Michigan 
Sarah E. Byrne, Grass Lake, Michigan 
Erin M. Critchfield, Grass Lake, Michigan 
Bonny H. Hakken, Grass Lake, Michigan 
Diana L. Kenney, Grass Lake, Michigan 
Kari A. Koebbe, Grass Lake, Michigan 
Jessica L. Kozar, Grass Lake, Michigan 
Chris T. Mousseau, Grass Lake, Michigan 
Ambrozine R. Wells, Grass Lake, Michigan 
Miguel R. Perez, Grayling, Michigan 
Jacqueline A. Rais, Grayling, Michigan 
Matthew C. Blinkilde, Greenville, Michigan 
Tiffany R. Sims, Gregory , Michigan 
Carly F. Willacker, Gregory , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Adams, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Alan R. Barnosky, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Danielle M. Bloomfield, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Robert M. Buckley Jr, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Louis B. Hicks, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Sean K. Krempa, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Theresa J. LoRusso, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Lauren J. Majewski, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Erin A. McKenna, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Jackie L. Orta, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
Rebecca A. Williams, Grosse Ile , Michigan 
James H. Martin, Grosse Pointe , Michigan 
Leah K. Petrovich, Grosse Pointe , Michigan 
Juile B. Durocher, Grosse Pointe Farms , Michigan 
Megan L. Smale, Grosse Pointe Farms , Michigan 
Sergio A. Barcena-Turner, Grosse Pointe Park , Michigan 
Genevieve R. Blair, Grosse Pointe Park , Michigan 
Casidhe A. McNulty, Grosse Pointe Woods , Michigan 
Crystal L. Phelps, Hamburg , Michigan 
Sylwia E. Rejniak, Hamtramck , Michigan 
Stephanie M. Sablowski, Harper Woods , Michigan 
Tracy M. Uhl, Harrison , Michigan 
Donald J. Hibbert, Harrison Township , Michigan 
Katie M. Jones, Harrison Township , Michigan 
Joseph A. Laird, Harrison Township , Michigan 
Lisa J. Voelker, Harrison Township , Michigan 
Elissa B. Saputo, Harrison Twp, Michigan 
Amanda C. Adkins, Hartland , Michigan 
Angelica P. Bozyk, Hartland , Michigan 
Robert J. DeRosier, Hartland , Michigan 
Nicole E. Hoskins, Hartland , Michigan 
Mary E. Merwin, Hartland , Michigan 
Kimberly L. Read, Hartland , Michigan 
Randy L. Wood Jr, Haslett , Michigan 
Seth A. Hoxworth, Hastings , Michigan 
Dorothy A. Romel, Hawks, Michigan 
Charles D. Armstrong Jr, Highland , Michigan 
Brian M. Billings, Highland , Michigan 
Bryan J. Funke, Highland , Michigan 
Derek D. Gluth, Highland , Michigan 
Kristin N. Hancock, Highland , Michigan 
Stephanie A. Jones, Highland , Michigan 
Sherilyn M. King, Highland , Michigan 
Kerry J. Kramer, Highland , Michigan 
Jean E. Riley, Highland , Michigan 
Megan R. Stafiej, Highland , Michigan 
Amy L. Tibedeau, Highland , Michigan 
Stephanie M. Wilson, Highland , Michigan 
Jackie A. Zimmerman, Highland , Michigan 
Nechole M. Miller, Highland Park , Michigan 
Donielle P. Powe, Highland Park , Michigan 
Helen J. Wilke, Hillman , Michigan 
Caitlyn G. Buchhop, Hillsdale , Michigan 
Nadia M. El Anani, Hillsdale , Michigan 
Samuel R. Jagger, Hillsdale , Michigan 
Rachel A. White, Hillsdale , Michigan 
Kathy L. Boeve, Holland , Michigan 
Angela L. Craft, Holland , Michigan 
Katie S. Dykema, Holland , Michigan 
Sarah M. Bouchard, Holly , Michigan 
Eric A. Couser, Holly , Michigan 
Josie Gadzinski, Holly , Michigan 
Barbara D. Rhoads, Holly , Michigan 
Kathy A. Vernier, Holly , Michigan 
Adrianne F. Malatinsky, Holt , Michigan 
Amanda M. Miller, Holt , Michigan 
Aaron L. Porter, Holt , Michigan 
Ashlie L. Godfrey, Horton , Michigan 
Elizabeth J. Miskowski, Horton , Michigan 
Emily L. Webster, Horton , Michigan 
Hunter T. Lockwood, Houghton Lake , Michigan 
Andrew D. Bird, Howell , Michigan 
Kristen R. Braun, Howell , Michigan 
Alyssa E. Brewer, Howell , Michigan 
Tammy L. Bruck, Howell , Michigan 
Nichole M. Bunt, Howell , Michigan 
Chaely L. Chartier, Howell , Michigan 
Emily M. Chiesa, Howell , Michigan 
Casey K. Copeman, Howell , Michigan 
Jill R. Craciun, Howell , Michigan 
Joseph A. Dick, Howell , Michigan 
Amy C. Gow, Howell , Michigan 
Patricia S. Greene, Howell , Michigan 
Diana K. Haggerty, Howell , Michigan 
Gary T. Hibbard, Howell , Michigan 
Pamela C. Horning, Howell , Michigan 
Kelly L. Kniivila, Howell , Michigan 
James M. Kochanski, Howell , Michigan 
Samantha D. Kosakowski, Howell , Michigan 
Joni D. Krueger, Howell , Michigan 
Brie L. LaVoie, Howell , Michigan 
Ronald J. Lambert, Howell , Michigan 
Mark E. Lester, Howell , Michigan 
Danielle L. Marsh, Howell , Michigan 
Crystal M. McCabe, Howell , Michigan 
Rachel E. Michel, Howell , Michigan 
Jeanine L. Miller, Howell , Michigan 
Clee K. Prentice, Howell , Michigan 
Nicole M. Prescott, Howell , Michigan 
Amanda N. Ray, Howell , Michigan 
Jon P. Roy, Howell , Michigan 
Jessica M. Schmitt, Howell , Michigan 
Charles B. Sdunek, Howell , Michigan 
William E. Sikes, Howell , Michigan 
Nicholas J. Smith, Howell , Michigan 
Kandice M. Teutsch, Howell , Michigan 
Lauren R. Tougas, Howell , Michigan 
Marc E. Uchman, Howell , Michigan 
Kati A. Wiegand, Howell , Michigan 
Jonas E. Wildman, Howell , Michigan 
Jennifer K. Woodard, Howell , Michigan 
Chelsey B. Randel, Hudsonville , Michigan 
Brett A. Witczak, Hudsonville , Michigan 
Lauren G. Pypa, Huntington Wd, Michigan 
Joshua S. Garber, Huntington Woods, Michigan 
Ashlee E. Ackerman, Ida , Michigan 
David P. Capaul, Ida , Michigan 
Erica M. Kerr, Ida , Michigan 
Matthew D. Stotz, Ida , Michigan 
Jesse L. Howell, Imlay City , Michigan 
Alicia M. Jarkiewicz, Imlay City , Michigan 
Brian J. Kolbuch, Imlay City , Michigan 
Kristena L. Brown, Inkster , Michigan 
Jocelyn A. Dillard, Inkster , Michigan 
Justin M. Olds, Inkster , Michigan 
Ryan J. Cowell, Iron Mountain , Michigan 
Leah J. Austin, Jackson , Michigan 
Gregory M. Bee, Jackson , Michigan 
Sean M. Bell, Jackson , Michigan 
Darcy M. Bereznoff, Jackson , Michigan 
Jacqueline D. Covill, Jackson , Michigan 
Loren V. Davis, Jackson , Michigan 
Sabrina L. Dayton, Jackson , Michigan 
Sarah E. Gilewicz, Jackson , Michigan 
Scott E. Hein, Jackson , Michigan 
Arnie L. Hobbs II, Jackson , Michigan 
Jennifer K. Loughlin, Jackson , Michigan 
Elizabeth J. Maga, Jackson , Michigan 
Salvatore R. Marchese, Jackson , Michigan 
Morgan M. Porzsolt, Jackson , Michigan 
Victoria L. Richardson, Jackson , Michigan 
Michael B. Richardson Jr, Jackson , Michigan 
Ashley R. Schilling, Jackson , Michigan 
Tosha L. Szymchack, Jackson , Michigan 
Kasey A. Todd, Jackson , Michigan 
Joshua Tomasik, Jackson , Michigan 
Danielle Tucker, Jackson , Michigan 
Laura L. Van Eyck, Jackson , Michigan 
Jessica M. Vanepps, Jackson , Michigan 
Gregory L. Zimmerman Jr, Jackson , Michigan 
Ryan w. Groendyk, Jenison, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Schneider, Jerome , Michigan 
Nicholas S. Boyle, Jonesville , Michigan 
Amanda J. Raker, Jonesville , Michigan 
Erica L. Sawdey, Jonesville , Michigan 
Kristyn R. Taylor, Jonesville , Michigan 
Lyndsey A. Roberts, KALAMAZOO , Michigan 
Tanya S. Lindeman, Kaleva , Michigan 
Katherine L. Miller, Kawkawlin , Michigan 
Michael J. Markey, Keego Harbor , Michigan 
Deanna M. DiCesare, Kentwood , Michigan 
Katie A. Musick, Kentwood , Michigan 
Katie C. Gude, Kingsford , Michigan 
Tracey A. Benedict, Kingsley , Michigan 
Timothy A. Muth, Kingsley , Michigan 
Patrick M. Bondy, La Salle , Michigan 
Scott M. LaRoy, La Salle , Michigan 
Angela M. Foster, Lake , Michigan 
Lizbeth A. Buckley, Lake City , Michigan 
Laura M. Smith, Lake City , Michigan 
Chad M. Dube, Lake Linden , Michigan 
Steven M. Arslanian, Lake Orion , Michigan 
Tara M. Keller, Lake Orion , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Sugg, Lake Orion , Michigan 
Jesse M. Dunlap, Lakeland , Michigan 
Aaron M. Dougherty, Lambertville , Michigan 
Danielle M. Garvin, Lambertville , Michigan 
Kathleen R. Kruger, Lambertville , Michigan 
Nicole L. Linser, Lambertville , Michigan 
Stacy L. Morris, Lambertville , Michigan 
Kelly L. Nolan, Lambertville , Michigan 
Tara A. Piechocki, Lambertville , Michigan 
Natashia N. Quinn, Lambertville , Michigan 
Justin D. Stelzer, Lambertville , Michigan 
Stephanie L. Wilson, Lambertville , Michigan 
Kristy J. Wingate, Lambertville , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Foster, Lanse , Michigan 
Rebecca C. Francois, Lanse , Michigan 
Daina R. Abood, Lansing , Michigan 
Miriam L. Brewer, Lansing , Michigan 
Trisha A. Carris, Lansing , Michigan 
Nicole A. Collier, Lansing , Michigan 
Katie E. Keeder, Lansing , Michigan 
Brigette S. Lootens, Lansing , Michigan 
Jordan R. Moellendick, Lansing , Michigan 
David W. Porter, Lansing , Michigan 
Kelly N. Stott, Lansing , Michigan 
Natalie K. Gerlach, Lapeer , Michigan 
Jessica L. Jackowski, Lapeer , Michigan 
Lori A. Kinch, Lapeer , Michigan 
Evelyn C. Rasp, Lapeer , Michigan 
Robert M. Rasp, Lapeer, Michigan 
Stephanie R. Jacobs, Lawton, Michigan 
Nicolas Lopez, Leonard, Michigan 
Teresa J. Dunn, Leslie, Michigan 
Steven L. Kaatz, Leslie, Michigan 
Carolyn A. Borland, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Corina L. Brown, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Daniel T. Clark, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
John W. Dillon, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Enok Kerekes, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Kellie C. King, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Crystal L. Kusiak, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Tiffany L. Lossing, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Angie L. Marinelli, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Jacqueline K. Moreno, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Michelle K. Morrison, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Chad A. Nagrich, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Jessica M. Pace, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Nicole R. Ruff, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Erica M. Schaefers, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
John H. Shipley, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Clayton E. Walker Jr, Lincoln Park, Michigan 
Joseph G. Simoneau, Linden, Michigan 
Christine R. Adam, Livonia, Michigan 
Angela M. Albany, Livonia, Michigan 
Tina M. Anglin, Livonia, Michigan 
April N. Aretz, Livonia, Michigan 
Simone Argue, Livonia, Michigan 
Shana Baber, Livonia, Michigan 
Colleen N. Badgero, Livonia, Michigan 
Brandy R. Bain, Livonia, Michigan 
Christine M. Barbati, Livonia, Michigan 
Craig I. Bathurst, Livonia, Michigan 
Kevin S. Bobrowski, Livonia, Michigan 
Marianne M. Boshaw, Livonia, Michigan 
Dana E. Bossio, Livonia, Michigan 
Kirk A. Bradley, Livonia, Michigan 
Danielle A. Buskey, Livonia, Michigan 
Neal A. Butler, Livonia, Michigan 
Michelle M. Camilleri, Livonia, Michigan 
William K. Chapman III, Livonia, Michigan 
Jennifer A. Conway, Livonia, Michigan 
Angela E. Cordisco, Livonia, Michigan 
April Lynn E. Cronkhite, Livonia, Michigan 
Heather M. Dallas, Livonia, Michigan 
Donald W. Davis, Livonia, Michigan 
Allison A. Dery, Livonia, Michigan 
Peter R. DiGennaro, Livonia, Michigan 
Amanda L. Diamond, Livonia, Michigan 
Saundra L. Dilley, Livonia, Michigan 
Suzanne N. DuPuis, Livonia, Michigan 
Katalin T. Dugan, Livonia, Michigan 
Stacey A. Dwyer, Livonia, Michigan 
Nicholas A. Elam, Livonia, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Ellis, Livonia, Michigan 
Jill N. Fawkes, Livonia, Michigan 
Julie A. Friend, Livonia, Michigan 
Dean R. Garrity, Livonia, Michigan 
Natalie M. Gazdag, Livonia, Michigan 
Renee R. Geisinger, Livonia, Michigan 
Sarah E. Gibson, Livonia, Michigan 
Julie E. Glowski, Livonia, Michigan 
Kristyn M. Green, Livonia, Michigan 
Diane M. Gross, Livonia, Michigan 
Mandi R. Hall, Livonia, Michigan 
Stephanie V. Hall, Livonia, Michigan 
Stephanie A. Harakas, Livonia, Michigan 
Nicholas S. Houslander, Livonia, Michigan 
Jenna L. Howe, Livonia, Michigan 
Laura E. Hucal, Livonia, Michigan 
LaCrystal K. Ingram, Livonia, Michigan 
Jeffrey L. Janes, Livonia, Michigan 
Christine M. Jarrett, Livonia, Michigan 
Ashleigh L. Johnson, Livonia, Michigan 
Jessica L. Johnson, Livonia, Michigan 
Mallory A. Kain, Livonia, Michigan 
Lindsay A. Kantzler, Livonia, Michigan 
Kristin A. Karalis, Livonia, Michigan 
Monika R. Keith, Livonia, Michigan 
Paul S. Kennedy, Livonia, Michigan 
Jeanette M. Kevra, Livonia, Michigan 
Kelly M. Kevra, Livonia, Michigan 
Kristyn L. Kevra, Livonia, Michigan 
Andrew P. Klebba, Livonia, Michigan 
Daniel C. Krisher, Livonia, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Kufel, Livonia, Michigan 
Kristin M. Kuhlman, Livonia, Michigan 
Michelle E. Kukan, Livonia, Michigan 
Kristen M. Laichalk, Livonia, Michigan 
Stacie L. Lambert, Livonia, Michigan 
Jill M. Larkins, Livonia, Michigan 
David S. Lester, Livonia, Michigan 
Lon A. Lovett, Livonia, Michigan 
Heather C. Luzaich, Livonia, Michigan 
Matthew H. Makled, Livonia, Michigan 
Sarah A. Marsh, Livonia, Michigan 
Dana M. Martin, Livonia, Michigan 
Tina M. McCoy, Livonia, Michigan 
Lisa A. Melvin, Livonia, Michigan 
Erin A. Mitchell, Livonia, Michigan 
Teresa R. Morris, Livonia, Michigan 
Matthew J. Moryc, Livonia, Michigan 
Sasha M. Murphy, Livonia, Michigan 
Alison M. Murray, Livonia, Michigan 
Amanda L. Nicholson, Livonia, Michigan 
Heather M. Nicholson, Livonia, Michigan 
Michelle L. Nixon, Livonia, Michigan 
Jennie E. Noble, Livonia, Michigan 
Jennifer N. Nowell, Livonia, Michigan 
Kellyann M. Olah, Livonia, Michigan 
Justin M. Olschefski, Livonia, Michigan 
Alyson N. Patrash, Livonia, Michigan 
Erin L. Powell, Livonia, Michigan 
Kelly M. Powell, Livonia, Michigan 
Lisa C. Prokopchak, Livonia, Michigan 
Zachary D. Ravas, Livonia, Michigan 
Brooke D. Raven, Livonia, Michigan 
Michelle E. Riggs, Livonia, Michigan 
Aimee M. Ritchie, Livonia, Michigan 
Daniel J. Rosta, Livonia, Michigan 
Chrystal J. Roza, Livonia, Michigan 
Nicole K. Ruzycki, Livonia, Michigan 
Mark P. Schaecher, Livonia, Michigan 
Ruth M. Schipper, Livonia, Michigan 
Lindsay E. Scott, Livonia, Michigan 
Nicholas D. Seifert, Livonia, Michigan 
Erin M. Sergison, Livonia, Michigan 
Lindsay K. Sgriccia, Livonia, Michigan 
Sandy X. Shi, Livonia, Michigan 
Amanda B. Slater, Livonia, Michigan 
Lisa M. Slivoski, Livonia, Michigan 
Hannah C. Smart, Livonia, Michigan 
Rachel J. Smart, Livonia, Michigan 
Angelina M. Smith, Livonia, Michigan 
Lindsay M. Sochalski, Livonia, Michigan 
Leigh A. Soltis, Livonia, Michigan 
Bryan T. Stramecki, Livonia, Michigan 
John L. Sullivan, Livonia, Michigan 
Patricia E. Sullivan, Livonia, Michigan 
Kathryn N. Takach, Livonia, Michigan 
Christina M. Thom, Livonia, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Tocco, Livonia, Michigan 
Mary T. Tokarsky, Livonia, Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Treppa, Livonia, Michigan 
Diane E. Uhlmann, Livonia, Michigan 
Chad S. Vandette, Livonia, Michigan 
Maureen A. Walsh, Livonia, Michigan 
Jamie M. Weible, Livonia, Michigan 
Jessica E. Weldon, Livonia, Michigan 
Jenna K. Whitefoot, Livonia, Michigan 
Ashley A. Wiedemann, Livonia, Michigan 
Marisa A. Wludyka, Livonia, Michigan 
Steven L. Wyckoff, Livonia, Michigan 
Jenna L. Ziembowicz, Livonia, Michigan 
Lauren E. Campeau, Macomb , Michigan 
Mallory N. Champine, Macomb , Michigan 
Lisa A. Crowley, Macomb , Michigan 
Jessica L. Dawson, Macomb , Michigan 
Erica N. Hyso, Macomb , Michigan 
Stephanie A. Karisny, Macomb , Michigan 
Allison M. Rogalski, Macomb , Michigan 
Emily M. Stabile, Macomb , Michigan 
Meghan I. Stabile, Macomb , Michigan 
Claire E. Tornow, Macomb , Michigan 
Nadine A. Yonka, Macomb , Michigan 
Mellisa S. Ochs, Madison Heights , Michigan 
Troy M. Upham, Madison Heights , Michigan 
James I. Biehl, Mancelona , Michigan 
Christina A. Carpentier, Manchester , Michigan 
Ashley R. Collins, Manchester , Michigan 
Rita M. Cuevas, Manchester , Michigan 
Elizabeth S. Flahie, Manchester , Michigan 
Patrick N. Fuller, Manchester , Michigan 
Amy L. Hough, Manchester , Michigan 
Denise Koffman, Manchester , Michigan 
Laura Meyer, Manchester , Michigan 
Eric D. Muntz, Manchester , Michigan 
Jacqueline M. Palms, Manchester , Michigan 
Michelle R. Slocum, Manchester , Michigan 
Alexandra L. Sondeen, Manchester , Michigan 
Rosemary J. Sondeen, Manchester , Michigan 
Julia G. Steinaway, Manchester , Michigan 
Kristy D. Davis, Manitou Beach , Michigan 
Katie E. Molaro, Manitou Beach , Michigan 
Rebecca E. Ohnmeiss, Marquette , Michigan 
Antonio A. Barroso, Marshall , Michigan 
Lisa M. Clark, Marshall , Michigan 
Monica S. Long, Marshall , Michigan 
Stefanie L. Giles, Marysville , Michigan 
Branda S. Hermiz, Marysville , Michigan 
Amy E. Hill, Marysville , Michigan 
Andrea L. Cousins, Mason , Michigan 
Gayle A. Northrup, Mason , Michigan 
Shantel M. Franklin, Melvindale , Michigan 
Malek H. Saif, Melvindale , Michigan 
Brian A. Mason, Menominee, Michigan 
Bethany A. Pierce, Metamora , Michigan 
Kevin J. Ackford, Midland , Michigan 
Stephanie M. Barberis, Midland , Michigan 
Kendra A. Muehlfelt, Midland , Michigan 
Katie W. Armbruster, Milan , Michigan 
Kristin L. Camper, Milan , Michigan 
Lianna O. Cecil, Milan , Michigan 
Janet N. DeNoyer, Milan , Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Effner, Milan , Michigan 
Stephen W. Elmer, Milan , Michigan 
Rachel M. Foor, Milan , Michigan 
Stephanie L. Hartman, Milan , Michigan 
Scott A. Hawks, Milan , Michigan 
Chris G. Irwin, Milan , Michigan 
Amy L. Johnson, Milan , Michigan 
Catherine M. Kanitz, Milan , Michigan 
Marit S. Lentz, Milan , Michigan 
Amanda L. Martinez, Milan , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Millspaugh, Milan , Michigan 
William A. Ramsell, Milan , Michigan 
Heather M. Sanch, Milan , Michigan 
Hasina Y. Saraha, Milan , Michigan 
Linda L. Schrieber, Milan , Michigan 
Nicholas A. Schwartz, Milan , Michigan 
Casey L. Sedlarik, Milan , Michigan 
Crista D. Tackett, Milan , Michigan 
Lynnann J. Wieringa, Milan , Michigan 
Stacey L. Bednarski, Milford , Michigan 
Amanda N. Berg, Milford , Michigan 
Monica R. Berg, Milford , Michigan 
Brianna M. Blackwell, Milford , Michigan 
Katelyn D. Bridson, Milford , Michigan 
Allison B. Cortez, Milford , Michigan 
Andrea L. Crouchman, Milford , Michigan 
Cherie M. Darnell, Milford , Michigan 
Yuriy A. Grebenshchikov, Milford , Michigan 
Jenniffer L. Guertin, Milford , Michigan 
Kyle R. Harris, Milford , Michigan 
Brian F. Hutton, Milford , Michigan 
Cressey M. Kovolesky, Milford , Michigan 
Christen L. Lima, Milford , Michigan 
Stephanie E. McGarry, Milford , Michigan 
Stephanie A. Patterson, Milford , Michigan 
Sheena M. Robinson, Milford , Michigan 
Amanda K. Schmidt, Milford , Michigan 
Eliot J. Sippola, Milford , Michigan 
Lindsey R. Stodart, Milford , Michigan 
Steven A. Trongo Jr, Milford , Michigan 
Ashley A. Vettes, Milford , Michigan 
Kelli L. Walker, Milford , Michigan 
Amanda S. Williams, Milford , Michigan 
Tamra L. Wright, Milford , Michigan 
Clay D. Poff, Mio , Michigan 
Courtney R. Brown, Monroe , Michigan 
Kevin A. Bryant, Monroe , Michigan 
Denise M. Byron, Monroe , Michigan 
Andrea M. Castiglione, Monroe , Michigan 
James S. Costello, Monroe , Michigan 
Evelitzia DeJesus, Monroe , Michigan 
Amanda D. Dushane, Monroe , Michigan 
Patrick A. Egan, Monroe , Michigan 
Meaghan L. Elek, Monroe , Michigan 
Rachel E. Foshag, Monroe , Michigan 
Rachel R. Gartner, Monroe , Michigan 
Katie L. Gee, Monroe , Michigan 
Jenna R. Groves, Monroe , Michigan 
Melissa A. Haener, Monroe , Michigan 
Kristi M. Hill, Monroe , Michigan 
Amanda R. Howell, Monroe , Michigan 
Elizabeth C. Iott, Monroe , Michigan 
Marisa L. Jaworski, Monroe , Michigan 
Christina M. Kamprath, Monroe , Michigan 
Lynn N. Kemeter, Monroe , Michigan 
Adam M. Kipf, Monroe , Michigan 
Kellison M. Kohler, Monroe , Michigan 
Whitney C. Labeau, Monroe , Michigan 
Justin A. Lini, Monroe , Michigan 
Dayna K. Lundquist, Monroe , Michigan 
Craig A. Maddux, Monroe , Michigan 
Rhonda L. Marshall, Monroe , Michigan 
Daniel M. Mathis, Monroe , Michigan 
Robert D. Mayes, Monroe , Michigan 
Jenna C. McCormick, Monroe , Michigan 
Kathryn A. Merman, Monroe , Michigan 
Nathaniel M. Mills, Monroe , Michigan 
Garrett M. Nicholas, Monroe , Michigan 
Jonathan F. Nickel, Monroe , Michigan 
Joshua T. Nocella, Monroe , Michigan 
Corey B. Nowitzke, Monroe , Michigan 
Bethany J. Paolino, Monroe , Michigan 
Justina M. Parker, Monroe , Michigan 
Amy J. Phillips, Monroe , Michigan 
James M. Rains, Monroe , Michigan 
Alyssa N. Rivet, Monroe , Michigan 
Douglas A. Rohr, Monroe , Michigan 
Jennifer A. Royston, Monroe , Michigan 
Stacey A. Sachs, Monroe , Michigan 
Derica M. Sisung, Monroe , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Stelmach, Monroe , Michigan 
Teresa A. Stewart, Monroe , Michigan 
Adrian F. Straub, Monroe , Michigan 
Ryan G. VanDaele, Monroe , Michigan 
Nicole M. Volpi, Monroe , Michigan 
Eric M. Wickenheiser, Monroe , Michigan 
LeeAnn C. Woolard, Monroe , Michigan 
Christina N. Wright, Monroe , Michigan 
Danielle M. Zochowski, Monroe , Michigan 
Autumn E. Dziura, Montague , Michigan 
Amy M. Yancho, Montrose , Michigan 
Kelly E. Yancho, Montrose , Michigan 
Misti R. Lucas, Mosherville , Michigan 
Sara C. Richardson, Mount Clemens , Michigan 
James J. McClure, Munith, Michigan 
Erin J. Radloff, Munith, Michigan 
Jasmine A. Zweifler, Munith, Michigan 
De'Lisa S. May, Muskegon , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Theeuwes, Muskegon , Michigan 
Jamie Hamilton, NOVI, Michigan 
Nicolette L. Doto, New Baltimore, Michigan 
Melissa A. Gartner, New Baltimore, Michigan 
Malisa M. Hinderliter, New Baltimore, Michigan 
Rachel A. Olivares, New Baltimore, Michigan 
Amy N. Zacharski, New Baltimore, Michigan 
Dawn M. Beaudrie, New Boston, Michigan 
Mary E. Botu, New Boston, Michigan 
Susan C. Botu, New Boston, Michigan 
Timothy F. Ellis, New Boston, Michigan 
Kristin E. Grahek, New Boston, Michigan 
Hollie R. Helwig, New Boston, Michigan 
Sarah M. Herman, New Boston, Michigan 
Jacob T. Houser, New Boston, Michigan 
Amanda L. Huszti, New Boston, Michigan 
Jenna M. Kleiber, New Boston, Michigan 
Dennis A. Krause Jr, New Boston, Michigan 
Kaylyn A. Krzyske, New Boston, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Lewandowski, New Boston, Michigan 
Sarah J. Lucas, New Boston, Michigan 
Kimberlee A. McKitrick, New Boston, Michigan 
Alexandra M. Porenta, New Boston, Michigan 
Jessica J. Richert, New Boston, Michigan 
Marina L. Slye, New Boston, Michigan 
Chevelle N. Tackett, New Boston, Michigan 
Katie A. Benedict, New Hudson, Michigan 
Linda D. Grinnell, New Hudson, Michigan 
Jeffrey A. Haas, New Hudson, Michigan 
Danielle R. Patterson, New Hudson, Michigan 
Joshua M. Rhoad, New Hudson, Michigan 
Michael J. Rhoad, New Hudson, Michigan 
Benjamin J. Hitchcock, New Lothrop, Michigan 
Dannielle J. Bills, Newport, Michigan 
Aryn M. Chinavare, Newport, Michigan 
Alicia M. Drozdowski, Newport, Michigan 
Melanie M. Jones, Newport, Michigan 
Katrina L. Kelly, Newport, Michigan 
Jill E. Leonard, Newport, Michigan 
Melissa M. Masserant, Newport, Michigan 
Rebecca K. Seres, Newport, Michigan 
Nicole M. Brunett, North Branch, Michigan 
Constance Rudnicki, North Branch, Michigan 
Tonya I. Shoults, North Branch, Michigan 
Mollie A. Bell, Northport, Michigan 
Michael D. Addison, Northville, Michigan 
Katherine L. Andary, Northville, Michigan 
Heather L. Atkinson, Northville, Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Bahrou, Northville, Michigan 
Margaret M. Boulanger, Northville, Michigan 
Brianna R. Buckley, Northville, Michigan 
Rachel J. Chaput, Northville, Michigan 
Daniel B. Chenoweth, Northville, Michigan 
Monica M. Chrobak, Northville, Michigan 
Michael R. Colter II, Northville, Michigan 
Michael S. Crowe, Northville, Michigan 
Adam C. Devlin, Northville, Michigan 
Mark A. Dickerson, Northville, Michigan 
Sarah C. Esper, Northville, Michigan 
Christine E. Graham, Northville, Michigan 
Thomas E. Gresham Jr, Northville, Michigan 
Pamela A. Gumkowski, Northville, Michigan 
Heather M. Guzick, Northville, Michigan 
Christina A. Hachigian, Northville, Michigan 
Kaitlin J. Hamilton, Northville, Michigan 
Lindsay B. Hill, Northville, Michigan 
Kimberly A. Hoblack, Northville, Michigan 
Amanda F. Housholder, Northville, Michigan 
Brandon R. Howell, Northville, Michigan 
Alicia L. Jaros, Northville, Michigan 
Laura B. Kasmier, Northville, Michigan 
Ashley L. Kniceley, Northville, Michigan 
Lindsay M. Kozub, Northville, Michigan 
Andrea K. Lucas, Northville, Michigan 
Kenneth R. MacKinnon, Northville, Michigan 
Emily C. Mannisto, Northville, Michigan 
Gina M. Mastrofrancesco, Northville, Michigan 
Joseph E. McIntyre, Northville, Michigan 
Lew V. Perrotta, Northville, Michigan 
Bree A. Reisman, Northville, Michigan 
Jacquelyn C. Salvia, Northville, Michigan 
Brenda L. Switalski, Northville, Michigan 
Angelina M. Valvona, Northville, Michigan 
Nathan A. Venske, Northville, Michigan 
Michelle L. Wasielewski, Northville, Michigan 
Jennifer R. Zibbell, Northville, Michigan 
John K. Lazur, Northville, Michigan 
Brent J. Hawkinson, Norway, Michigan 
Nelli Altafin, Novi, Michigan 
Laura M. Brandau, Novi, Michigan 
Valerie K. Chernavage, Novi, Michigan 
Amanda J. Church, Novi, Michigan 
Eve E. Costlow, Novi, Michigan 
Kelly R. Cremonte, Novi, Michigan 
Jeremy P. Cunningham, Novi, Michigan 
Tracy A. Demaree, Novi, Michigan 
Melissa A. Doolin, Novi, Michigan 
Joel C. Duneske, Novi, Michigan 
Kristin A. Ingram, Novi, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Jary, Novi, Michigan 
Christine M. Jewell, Novi, Michigan 
Kristin L. Kobylarek, Novi, Michigan 
William B. Lachance Jr, Novi, Michigan 
Andrew S. Loomer, Novi, Michigan 
Erin E. Loomer, Novi, Michigan 
Satik Manasyan, Novi, Michigan 
Alexandru M. Mandrila, Novi, Michigan 
Sara M. Mansouri, Novi, Michigan 
Matthew M. Mooney, Novi, Michigan 
Ronald R. Nicklaus, Novi, Michigan 
Sarah A. Oberlin, Novi, Michigan 
Julienne R. Oberts, Novi, Michigan 
Christian J. Orlando, Novi, Michigan 
Laura R. Paulk, Novi, Michigan 
Melissa A. Penn, Novi, Michigan 
Carlee R. Rodriguez, Novi, Michigan 
Sara L. Rogers, Novi, Michigan 
Kathrin L. Russette, Novi, Michigan 
Chien H. Shao, Novi, Michigan 
Jeremy P. Szpaichler, Novi, Michigan 
Jaclyn M. Winkel, Novi, Michigan 
Amelia M. Yunker, Novi, Michigan 
Laura A. Bayer, Oak Park, Michigan 
Bracha A. Cohen, Oak Park, Michigan 
Teri J. Landau, Oak Park, Michigan 
Jamie B. Page, Oak Park, Michigan 
Rebecca E. Renkola, Oakland, Michigan 
Patrick S. Dean, Okemos, Michigan 
Arava Geva, Okemos, Michigan 
Kathryn A. Lenz, Okemos, Michigan 
Eric S. Sartorius, Okemos, Michigan 
Anna C. Zang, Okemos, Michigan 
Margaret H. Coats, Onaway, Michigan 
Elizabeth E. Higelmire, Onondaga, Michigan 
Brett C. Ducher, Onsted, Michigan 
Stephanie M. Marriott, Onsted, Michigan 
Steven P. Pierce, Ortonville, Michigan 
Shaina E. Rose, Ortonville, Michigan 
Angela C. Domschot, Ottawa Lake, Michigan 
Megan E. Richey, Ottawa Lake, Michigan 
Katie J. Petty, Ovid, Michigan 
Lena D. MacFadden, Owosso, Michigan 
Sarah J. Shaaban, Owosso, Michigan 
Kally M. Morcom, Oxford, Michigan 
Kenneth P. White, Oxford, Michigan 
James K. Swendsen, Palmyra, Michigan 
Victoria L. Weeber, Palmyra, Michigan 
Robert K. Broughton, Parma, Michigan 
Ryan P. Pavlica, Perry, Michigan 
Jacob R. Trotter, Perry, Michigan 
Erin S. Sulier, Petersburg, Michigan 
Mark J. Thorn, Petersburg, Michigan 
Bryan W. Bereziuk, Petoskey, Michigan 
Amy L. Hotchkiss, Petoskey, Michigan 
Kazhua Xiong, Petoskey, Michigan 
Danielle R. Anderson, Pinckney, Michigan 
Vashaun M. Baber, Pinckney, Michigan 
Earl J. Blackburn III, Pinckney, Michigan 
Jessica L. Bradley, Pinckney, Michigan 
Michael Evitts, Pinckney, Michigan 
Stacy N. Finney, Pinckney, Michigan 
Claire B. Gladney, Pinckney, Michigan 
Cassandra M. Gough, Pinckney, Michigan 
Peter L. Graham, Pinckney, Michigan 
Jonathan D. Hall, Pinckney, Michigan 
Amanda R. Knudson, Pinckney, Michigan 
Melissa R. Lemorie, Pinckney, Michigan 
Elizabeth A. McGraw, Pinckney, Michigan 
Bethany S. Meier, Pinckney, Michigan 
Elizabeth Nicholl, Pinckney, Michigan 
Birchann F. Paffenbarger, Pinckney, Michigan 
Mary C. Pirschel, Pinckney, Michigan 
Jennifer S. Poland, Pinckney, Michigan 
Joanne Rogucki, Pinckney, Michigan 
Emily C. Rzeppa, Pinckney, Michigan 
Brian A. Walter, Pinckney, Michigan 
Patricia R. White, Pinckney, Michigan 
Heather M. Wilde, Pinckney, Michigan 
Katie L. McHugh, Plainwell, Michigan 
Carla M. Angeloni, Plymouth, Michigan 
April L. Aquinto, Plymouth, Michigan 
Jason B. Bishop, Plymouth, Michigan 
Kellie A. Broggi, Plymouth, Michigan 
Christopher A. Brown, Plymouth, Michigan 
Christina A. Busuttil, Plymouth, Michigan 
Jon A. Christopher, Plymouth, Michigan 
John Paul C. Collman, Plymouth, Michigan 
Christine M. DeFroy, Plymouth, Michigan 
Laura M. Demsky, Plymouth, Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Elder, Plymouth, Michigan 
Avery C. Fisher, Plymouth, Michigan 
Christopher A. Ford, Plymouth, Michigan 
Lauren M. Gaines, Plymouth, Michigan 
Samantha L. Goud, Plymouth, Michigan 
Erin J. Gould, Plymouth, Michigan 
Ryan P. Haddad, Plymouth, Michigan 
Sheena A. Haddad, Plymouth, Michigan 
Stephanie L. Hall, Plymouth, Michigan 
Matthew B. Hammond, Plymouth, Michigan 
Amber J. Hancock, Plymouth, Michigan 
Jennifer K. Harb, Plymouth, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Hass, Plymouth, Michigan 
Julia A. Hause, Plymouth, Michigan 
Wyatt L. Hazlett II, Plymouth, Michigan 
Jessica L. Hill, Plymouth, Michigan 
Raymond R. Hollingsworth, Plymouth, Michigan 
Caitlin G. James, Plymouth, Michigan 
Traci A. Kalinsky, Plymouth, Michigan 
Angela M. King, Plymouth, Michigan 
Ellen M. Kline, Plymouth, Michigan 
Stephanie M. Kozlowski, Plymouth, Michigan 
John N. Lanphear, Plymouth, Michigan 
Anne M. Lee, Plymouth, Michigan 
Justin M. Lee, Plymouth, Michigan 
Susan K. Lundy, Plymouth, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Maciag, Plymouth, Michigan 
Christy L. Majorana, Plymouth, Michigan 
Barton P. Mays, Plymouth, Michigan 
Charles K. McKinnon, Plymouth, Michigan 
Robert E. Mons, Plymouth, Michigan 
Heather A. O'Connor, Plymouth, Michigan 
Briana L. Overmars, Plymouth, Michigan 
Julie A. Patterson, Plymouth, Michigan 
George A. Payapilly, Plymouth, Michigan 
Jennifer C. Pink, Plymouth, Michigan 
Matthew T. Priebe, Plymouth, Michigan 
Alexandra I. Rizk, Plymouth, Michigan 
Derek D. Rumrill, Plymouth, Michigan 
Zachary D. Schaff, Plymouth, Michigan 
Colleen M. Smith, Plymouth, Michigan 
Maja Stoiljkovic, Plymouth, Michigan 
Michael V. Tolhurst, Plymouth, Michigan 
Nicole F. Walters, Plymouth, Michigan 
Sonya M. Werner, Plymouth, Michigan 
Kristina M. Wing, Plymouth, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Anderson, Plymouth, Michigan 
Dawnice A. Kerchaert, Pontiac, Michigan 
Stephen E. Yochim, Pontiac, Michigan 
Lisa M. Crimmins, Port Huron, Michigan 
Brandon J. Lemons, Portage, Michigan 
Nicole M. Zimmerman, Portage, Michigan 
Jennifer A. Giovia, Ray, Michigan 
Hilary A. Burger, Reading, Michigan 
Claire A. Cromwell, Reading, Michigan 
Alexandra E. Adamus, Redford, Michigan 
Jennifer Aldea, Redford, Michigan 
Thomas M. Beauchamp, Redford, Michigan 
Amanda D. Belanger, Redford, Michigan 
Kimberly S. Dawson, Redford, Michigan 
Mary E. DeLong, Redford, Michigan 
Jodie E. Foster, Redford, Michigan 
Michael J. Gies, Redford, Michigan 
Melanie T. Gregory, Redford, Michigan 
Heather M. Hampton, Redford, Michigan 
Ashley M. Heraty, Redford, Michigan 
Sheri K. Houghland, Redford, Michigan 
Bradley C. Kalinowski, Redford, Michigan 
Christopher L. Kuhn, Redford, Michigan 
Kristi M. Lewis, Redford, Michigan 
Mark A. Lukowski, Redford, Michigan 
Erin K. McHenry, Redford, Michigan 
Jill A. Merriman, Redford, Michigan 
Lauren B. Nickel, Redford, Michigan 
Amelia S. Richardson, Redford, Michigan 
Amanda C. Rubalcava, Redford, Michigan 
Andrea M. Russell, Redford, Michigan 
Heather L. Samonie, Redford, Michigan 
Jessica L. Shettleroe, Redford, Michigan 
Christopher C. Szybisty, Redford, Michigan 
Stacey P. Ward, Redford, Michigan 
Kimberly L. West, Redford, Michigan 
Diane N. Wolicki, Redford, Michigan 
Jared M. Walker, Reed City, Michigan 
Stephen M. Stockmeyer, Reese, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Maerz, Richmond, Michigan 
Nicole J. Pinskey, Richmond, Michigan 
Kristy M. Schilling, River Rouge, Michigan 
Stephanie Agrusa, Riverview, Michigan 
Megan E. Aguirre, Riverview, Michigan 
Rayna M. Blackburn, Riverview, Michigan 
Amie T. Bourdua, Riverview, Michigan 
Amy L. Brown, Riverview, Michigan 
Shannen M. DeBacker, Riverview, Michigan 
Ryan N. DiBrano, Riverview, Michigan 
Daniel J. Duey, Riverview, Michigan 
Matthew D. Gillim, Riverview, Michigan 
Amanda N. Grunwald, Riverview, Michigan 
Joshua B. Hershey, Riverview, Michigan 
Dion R. Holmes, Riverview, Michigan 
Jordan A. Judge, Riverview, Michigan 
Lisa M. Koshko, Riverview, Michigan 
Courtney M. LaPere, Riverview, Michigan 
Joshua S. Lockwood, Riverview, Michigan 
Allison M. Reed, Riverview, Michigan 
Neil A. Rodgers, Riverview, Michigan 
Amanda J. Schaumburger, Riverview, Michigan 
Shannon B. Warrens, Riverview, Michigan 
Saralynn Wieszczyk, Riverview, Michigan 
Laura E. Couture, Rochester, Michigan 
Amanda R. Davis, Rochester, Michigan 
Ashley M. Epler, Rochester, Michigan 
Zachary S. Greenbaum, Rochester , Michigan 
Amanda K. Hutchinson, Rochester , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Kitchen, Rochester , Michigan 
Laura N. McGannon, Rochester , Michigan 
Patrick P. Atallah, Rochester Hills , Michigan 
Samantha N. Collins-Hamel, Rochester Hills , Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Hrabonz, Rochester Hills , Michigan 
Kristen K. Kowalske, Rochester Hills , Michigan 
Crystal J. Krawford, Rochester Hills , Michigan 
Peter J. LeClair, Rochester Hills , Michigan 
Rachel M. McDougall, Rochester Hills , Michigan 
Richard A. Moore, Rochester Hills , Michigan 
Drew J. Delaney, Rochester Hls , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Boekeloo, Rockford , Michigan 
Ryan D. Donaldson, Rockwood , Michigan 
Julie A. Rutkowske, Rockwood , Michigan 
Charles W. Shivel, Rockwood , Michigan 
Christopher M. Sparkes, Rockwood , Michigan 
Sara J. Harry, Rodney , Michigan 
Jason T. Boston, Romeo, Michigan 
Kristen L. Atchley, Romulus , Michigan 
Dustin L. Barrons, Romulus , Michigan 
Jessica L. Bielak, Romulus , Michigan 
Elizabeth S. Caburet, Romulus , Michigan 
Michelle L. Conrad, Romulus , Michigan 
Raymond C. Cooper Jr, Romulus , Michigan 
Diana P. Dobbyn, Romulus , Michigan 
Sabrina K. Gomes, Romulus , Michigan 
Katie A. Hale, Romulus , Michigan 
Jessica D. Hassell, Romulus , Michigan 
Erin L. Hotchkiss, Romulus , Michigan 
Deana R. Hunter, Romulus , Michigan 
Dallas A. Mitchell, Romulus , Michigan 
Matthew R. Mortzfield, Romulus , Michigan 
Heather M. Patrick, Romulus , Michigan 
Devin E. Petersen, Romulus , Michigan 
Erin A. Roy, Romulus , Michigan 
Carrie A. Spielman, Romulus , Michigan 
Matthew S. Steffani, Romulus , Michigan 
Rachael L. Strecker, Romulus , Michigan 
Jeffrey D. Weatherup, Romulus , Michigan 
Tina L. Foley, Romulus , Michigan 
Stephanie A. Hawkes, Roseville , Michigan 
Brittney A. Walker, Roseville , Michigan 
Christine A. Acker, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Scott A. Caddy, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Joseph J. Deneweth, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Steven J. Gilbert, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Roxanne E. Kozma, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Jacob R. Kuhn, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Susan R. Maylone, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Patricia A. Messing, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Michael S. Sigler, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Erik J. Vernon, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Melody D. Yerke, Royal Oak , Michigan 
Teresa E. Stelmaszek, Rudyard , Michigan 
Jaclyn H. Bessley, Saginaw , Michigan 
John R. Faust, Saginaw , Michigan 
Jamar R. Humphrey, Saginaw , Michigan 
Jessica L. Kohl, Saginaw , Michigan 
April C. Meehleder, Saginaw , Michigan 
Ruqayyah J. Wazeerud-Din, Saginaw , Michigan 
Sandra J. Marchlewski, Saint Clair , Michigan 
Timothy G. McLeod, Saint Clair , Michigan 
Kenneth R. Beaupre, Saint Clair Shores , Michigan 
Philip S. Bossenberger, Saint Clair Shores , Michigan 
Stephen P. Gaffigan, Saint Clair Shores , Michigan 
Lorraine A. Kolasa, Saint Clair Shores , Michigan 
Erica A. Moise, Saint Clair Shores , Michigan 
Kathryn S. Nicholson, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan 
Cari A. Toth, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan 
Jennifer J. Wehner, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan 
Sarrah R. Wisniewski, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan 
Lisa J. Wheeler, Saint Ignace, Michigan 
Robert J. Dodson, Saint Johns, Michigan 
Kristin R. Knaak, Saint Joseph, Michigan 
Lisa A. Adkins, Saline, Michigan 
Allison M. Amerman, Saline, Michigan 
Sara E. Amerman, Saline, Michigan 
Dana N. Bock, Saline, Michigan 
Courtney L. Boik, Saline, Michigan 
Nathan A. Bomey, Saline, Michigan 
Brandy L. Bond, Saline, Michigan 
Catherine L. Brennan, Saline, Michigan 
Laura L. Brennan, Saline, Michigan 
Brent M. Byington, Saline, Michigan 
Daniel P. Cameron, Saline, Michigan 
Kelly R. Carlisle, Saline, Michigan 
Katie L. Chapin, Saline, Michigan 
Anne C. De Irala, Saline, Michigan 
Rebekah L. DeCook, Saline, Michigan 
Devon M. Delcourt, Saline, Michigan 
Anna E. Dickey, Saline, Michigan 
Katie E. Dishman, Saline, Michigan 
Claire L. Douthat, Saline, Michigan 
David A. Doutsas, Saline, Michigan 
Michael A. Doutsas, Saline, Michigan 
Katherine H. Downie, Saline, Michigan 
Krista L. Elsasser, Saline, Michigan 
Paul E. Erickson, Saline, Michigan 
Emily E. Fairless, Saline, Michigan 
Kaitlin E. Fairless, Saline, Michigan 
Sarah M. Fleming, Saline, Michigan 
Chelsea S. Ford, Saline, Michigan 
Kathryn M. Frank, Saline, Michigan 
Jamie R. Galimberti, Saline, Michigan 
Joseph E. Garbarino, Saline, Michigan 
Ivey O. Goodman, Saline, Michigan 
Laura K. Gruenewald, Saline, Michigan 
John P. Guthrie III, Saline, Michigan 
Beth A. Hammond, Saline, Michigan 
Debra K. Harrison-Lowe, Saline, Michigan 
Michael D. Hartley, Saline, Michigan 
Ryan R. Haury, Saline, Michigan 
Nathan P. Heffelbower, Saline, Michigan 
Robert J. Hehr, Saline, Michigan 
Elizabeth A. Heskett, Saline, Michigan 
Jessica A. Hieber, Saline, Michigan 
Andrew R. Humphrey, Saline, Michigan 
John K. Keteyian, Saline, Michigan 
Daniel S. Klos, Saline, Michigan 
Kristall C. Knieper, Saline, Michigan 
Cheryl A. Knorpp, Saline, Michigan 
Christina E. Komorowski, Saline, Michigan 
Shannon M. Kozole, Saline, Michigan 
Dana C. Kremidas, Saline, Michigan 
Glenn D. Law, Saline, Michigan 
Jeffrey M. Leinbach, Saline, Michigan 
Sarah J. Leutheuser, Saline, Michigan 
Stephanie D. Mack, Saline, Michigan 
Lindsay M. Mager, Saline, Michigan 
Laura C. McCann, Saline, Michigan 
Diane E. McCartney, Saline, Michigan 
Susan L. Meister, Saline, Michigan 
Laura M. Miller, Saline, Michigan 
Robert A. Morse, Saline, Michigan 
Nicholas J. Munsell, Saline, Michigan 
Lauren M. Myhand, Saline, Michigan 
Danielle M. Nicholls, Saline, Michigan 
Beth A. Niethammer, Saline, Michigan 
Mignon N. Parker, Saline, Michigan 
Ivan G. Parra, Saline, Michigan 
Sean P. Patton, Saline, Michigan 
Melissa A. Payeur, Saline, Michigan 
Autumn D. Proctor, Saline, Michigan 
Viva M. Rosenfeld, Saline, Michigan 
Casey B. Rucinski, Saline, Michigan 
Julie M. Salo, Saline, Michigan 
Alex P. Schukow, Saline, Michigan 
Kirsten M. Smart, Saline, Michigan 
Tatum M. Strieter, Saline, Michigan 
Lynn Thomas-Perry, Saline, Michigan 
Rebekah J. Thornton, Saline, Michigan 
Martina Totkov, Saline, Michigan 
Elizabeth C. Van Pelt, Saline, Michigan 
Alan D. Warmanen, Saline, Michigan 
Laura D. Webb, Saline, Michigan 
Ashley M. White, Saline, Michigan 
Mary C. Wisswell, Saline, Michigan 
Amanda J. Miller, Sand Lake, Michigan 
Erin M. Gordon, Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan 
Timothy A. Dawson, Sawyer, Michigan 
Zachary S. Smith, Schoolcraft, Michigan 
Cassidy R. Baker, Shelby Township, Michigan 
Vanessa M. Boatright, Shelby Township, Michigan 
David J. Montgomery-Zott, Shelby Twp, Michigan 
Lauren K. Vechinski, Shelby Twp, Michigan 
Courtney A. Harp, Silverwood, Michigan 
Kimberly A. Anderson, South Lyon, Michigan 
Jessica N. Balko, South Lyon, Michigan 
Wesley J. Brakhage, South Lyon, Michigan 
Ryan D. Chambers, South Lyon, Michigan 
Scott A. Chapin, South Lyon, Michigan 
Kristi L. Coppola, South Lyon, Michigan 
Christa L. Cox, South Lyon, Michigan 
Jeremy M. Culbreth, South Lyon, Michigan 
Angela M. DeLellis, South Lyon, Michigan 
Marissa C. Dedes, South Lyon, Michigan 
Katherine M. Dombecki, South Lyon, Michigan 
Christina M. Domine, South Lyon, Michigan 
Laina R. Flack, South Lyon, Michigan 
Michael M. Garnick, South Lyon, Michigan 
Tiffany A. Gelardi, South Lyon, Michigan 
Ann K. Glotfelty, South Lyon, Michigan 
Jaime R. Goetz, South Lyon, Michigan 
Sharon L. Goodrich, South Lyon, Michigan 
Amanda J. Hatfield, South Lyon, Michigan 
Kathryn A. Hipple, South Lyon, Michigan 
Justin W. Kourt, South Lyon, Michigan 
James E. Kroll, South Lyon, Michigan 
Becky A. Little, South Lyon, Michigan 
Brandi N. Lynch, South Lyon, Michigan 
Amy M. Majka, South Lyon, Michigan 
Michelle R. Meier, South Lyon, Michigan 
Katie L. Mulligan, South Lyon, Michigan 
Kristine M. Nice, South Lyon, Michigan 
Kelly L. Schlitt, South Lyon, Michigan 
Laura J. Spearman, South Lyon, Michigan 
Lauren E. Tharp, South Lyon, Michigan 
Robert M. Thomas, South Lyon, Michigan 
Rebecca L. Timmins, South Lyon, Michigan 
Charles C. Weaver, South Lyon, Michigan 
Katharine A R. Weaver, South Lyon, Michigan 
Erica M. White, South Lyon, Michigan 
Christopher Dotson, South Rockwood, Michigan 
Anthony J. Alvarado, Southfield, Michigan 
Alayna L. Bialick, Southfield, Michigan 
Ryan B. Brown, Southfield, Michigan 
Valerie L. Burnisky, Southfield, Michigan 
Martina E. Dabish, Southfield, Michigan 
Elizabeth L. Gonik, Southfield, Michigan 
Stacey L. Hamilton, Southfield, Michigan 
Natalie L. Knox, Southfield, Michigan 
Roger A. Lawson, Southfield, Michigan 
Anna D. Morks, Southfield, Michigan 
Leslie B. Walton, Southfield, Michigan 
John C. Wilkinson, Southfield, Michigan 
Tara L. Adams, Southgate, Michigan 
Timothy J. Adkins, Southgate, Michigan 
Stephanie M. Bemis, Southgate, Michigan 
Joel D. Bergeron, Southgate, Michigan 
Jennifer R. Cataldo, Southgate, Michigan 
Todd D. Creutz, Southgate, Michigan 
David W. Endresak, Southgate, Michigan 
Kenneth W. Forth Jr, Southgate, Michigan 
Nicholas J. German, Southgate, Michigan 
Neil A. Gikas, Southgate, Michigan 
Jason P. Hislop, Southgate, Michigan 
Stefanie M. Johnson, Southgate, Michigan 
Kelly A. Pinkney, Southgate, Michigan 
Bryan C. Smith, Southgate, Michigan 
Nicole L. Smith, Southgate, Michigan 
Cheryl L. Steves, Southgate, Michigan 
Jessica L. Sutton, Southgate, Michigan 
Briana R. Ursing, Southgate, Michigan 
Danielle R. Ursing, Southgate, Michigan 
Jacqueline L. Ventimiglia, Southgate, Michigan 
Leah B. Warner, Southgate, Michigan 
Monica E. Mims, Southgate, Michigan 
Gina M. Dalton, Spring Lake, Michigan 
Katie L. Winsemius, Spring Lake, Michigan 
Kenneth J. Adams, Springport, Michigan 
Justin A. Candela, St Clr Shores, Michigan 
Sarah E. Bastuba, St. Clair Shores, Michigan 
Matthew A. Schuster, St. Clair Shores, Michigan 
Lawrence C. April, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Sara J. Bricolas, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Patrick J. Diegel, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Stephanie L. Glashauser, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Sarah A. Hopman, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Andrew D. Hulbert, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Tracy E. Lido, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Megan T. Mico, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Tina M. Sipes, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Katherine M. Zundel, Sterling Heights, Michigan 
Amy M. Gil De Lamadrid, Stevensville, Michigan 
David J. Sundblad, Stevensville, Michigan 
Cynthia L. Dupuis, Stockbridge, Michigan 
Sherry L. Kotarski, Stockbridge, Michigan 
Nicholas A. Milks, Stockbridge, Michigan 
Davis R. Courtney, Sturgis, Michigan 
Beth A. Herrmann, Sturgis, Michigan 
Hosmel Barona, Superior Township, Michigan 
Sean S. Kelly, Suttons Bay, Michigan 
Rachel B. Nutt, Suttons Bay, Michigan 
Kristin S. Duberville, Swartz Creek, Michigan 
Kathryn L. Prater, Swartz Creek, Michigan 
Sylvia White, Swartz Creek, Michigan 
Joseph D. Savel, TRENTON, Michigan 
Stephanie E. Ambrus, Taylor, Michigan 
Nicole M. Battistone, Taylor, Michigan 
Brandon M. Bessette, Taylor, Michigan 
Brian L. Betts, Taylor, Michigan 
Sally G. Bryan, Taylor, Michigan 
Melinda J. Cebina, Taylor, Michigan 
Lauren E. Cox, Taylor, Michigan 
Lisa S. Desy, Taylor, Michigan 
Stephanie A. Distefano, Taylor, Michigan 
Joel M. Edelson, Taylor, Michigan 
Jason E. Fischer, Taylor, Michigan 
Amanda D. Green, Taylor, Michigan 
Karla R. Haggard, Taylor, Michigan 
Joshua P. Hankins, Taylor, Michigan 
Amy L. Harbin, Taylor, Michigan 
Bradley R. Jones, Taylor, Michigan 
Gregory A. Jones, Taylor, Michigan 
Shannon M. Kennedy, Taylor, Michigan 
Sarah K. Marody, Taylor, Michigan 
Ann M. Marshall, Taylor, Michigan 
Colleen P. Miller, Taylor, Michigan 
Lori C. Mullins, Taylor, Michigan 
Melissa R. Nirva, Taylor, Michigan 
Scott J. O'Leary, Taylor, Michigan 
Sarah E. Poloni, Taylor, Michigan 
Amanda M. Prescott, Taylor, Michigan 
Sehrish Salah-Ud-Din, Taylor, Michigan 
Ashley M. Santrock, Taylor, Michigan 
Breanna L. Scott, Taylor, Michigan 
Dawn E. Shively, Taylor, Michigan 
Shannon M. Simmons, Taylor, Michigan 
Amanda B. Smiddy, Taylor, Michigan 
Tiffany C. Thompson, Taylor, Michigan 
Renee F. Wade, Taylor, Michigan 
Jeffrey L. Warga, Taylor, Michigan 
James B. Wendt, Taylor, Michigan 
Laura A. Winkleman, Taylor, Michigan 
Steven E. Zachary, Taylor, Michigan 
Chad B. Zawol, Taylor, Michigan 
Graham S. Bennett, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Melissa L. Bird, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Christopher W. Bolt, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Michelle R. Clark, Tecumseh, Michigan 
MaryKay Collings, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Kendra K. Durkee, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Jeremiah L. Fanslau, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Heather J. Hartwig, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Randy M. Hutchison, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Christopher A. Jenkins, Tecumseh, Michigan 
John D. Koropcsak, Tecumseh, Michigan 
George A. Lesko, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Seth W. Lewis, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Sarah E. Lopez, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Samantha M. Murphy, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Kellen-Thomas. Myers, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Robert W. Neil, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Bart E. Northrup, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Carlos L. Pizana, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Shae A. Viers, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Jacob L. Walters, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Daniel J. Westendorf, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Emily S. Williams, Tecumseh, Michigan 
Heather L. Craley, Temperance, Michigan 
Shari A. Drayer, Temperance, Michigan 
Christopher J. Leonard, Temperance, Michigan 
Amanda L. McDougall, Temperance, Michigan 
Ross D. Monk, Temperance, Michigan 
Karen M. Callockio, Tipton, Michigan 
Evelynn J. Benn, Traverse City, Michigan 
Alice F. Blackmore, Traverse City, Michigan 
Meagan A. Drelles, Traverse City, Michigan 
Joseph R. Hite, Traverse City, Michigan 
Aven C. Purcell, Traverse City, Michigan 
Nicolle S. Ahonen, Trenton, Michigan 
James R. Andrews III, Trenton, Michigan 
Jessica M. Belisle, Trenton, Michigan 
Edie L. Belman, Trenton, Michigan 
Michael C. Blanks, Trenton, Michigan 
Kellie M. Bucher, Trenton, Michigan 
Jessica E. Caldwell, Trenton, Michigan 
Dayna M. Cranford, Trenton, Michigan 
Amanda K. Cutway, Trenton, Michigan 
Nicholas S. Dunn, Trenton, Michigan 
Reeda T. Firth, Trenton, Michigan 
Elisabeth K. Fischer, Trenton, Michigan 
Al M. Grande, Trenton, Michigan 
Matthew B. Gundick, Trenton, Michigan 
Christopher J. Gutenschwager, Trenton, Michigan 
Michelle L. Kauff, Trenton, Michigan 
Laura A. Lambert, Trenton, Michigan 
Rebecca D. Louks, Trenton, Michigan 
Stephen P. Lyons, Trenton, Michigan 
Whitney L. Matyok, Trenton, Michigan 
Molly E. McNamara, Trenton, Michigan 
Daniel R. Olgren, Trenton, Michigan 
Erin M. Petraitis, Trenton, Michigan 
Sally A. Phillips, Trenton, Michigan 
Meghan E. Randall, Trenton, Michigan 
Brian J. Richardson, Trenton, Michigan 
Trisha M. Roberts, Trenton, Michigan 
Lindsey M. Robinson, Trenton, Michigan 
Jillian E. Romaine, Trenton, Michigan 
Michael W. Rutledge, Trenton, Michigan 
Matthew D. Shoemaker, Trenton, Michigan 
Julie E. Stadelman, Trenton, Michigan 
Ashley E. Strauss, Trenton, Michigan 
Kimberly S. Templin, Trenton, Michigan 
Agata K. Vitale, Trenton, Michigan 
Kate N. Warner, Trenton, Michigan 
Sarah M. Alioa, Troy, Michigan 
Heather S. Colohan, Troy, Michigan 
Megan E. Dankovich, Troy, Michigan 
Laura E. Jannausch, Troy, Michigan 
Shawn T. Kitchen, Troy, Michigan 
Kevin D. Kyte, Troy, Michigan 
Todd M. Losey, Troy, Michigan 
Catherine G. Malazo, Troy, Michigan 
Sarah B. McIntee, Troy, Michigan 
Kelley J. Passage, Troy, Michigan 
Alison R. Reddy, Troy, Michigan 
Jason T. Robert, Troy, Michigan 
Sarah C. Ruzzin, Troy, Michigan 
Amanda M. Schramski, Troy, Michigan 
Grant P. Searfoss, Troy, Michigan 
Scott R. Szeljack, Troy, Michigan 
Justin D. Trombka, Troy, Michigan 
Nichole L. Vasu, Troy, Michigan 
Alison S. Dolph, Union City, Michigan 
Isaiah R. Gainforth, Unionville, Michigan 
Dustin M. Wingett, Utica, Michigan 
Monica Watha, W Bloomfield, Michigan 
Matthew S. Giffen, W Bloomfield, Michigan 
Dawn M. Beffrey, Walled Lake, Michigan 
Kelsey L. Cross, Walled Lake, Michigan 
Amy R. Eastman, Walled Lake, Michigan 
Krystin C. Jarrell, Walled Lake, Michigan 
Kristen K. Metevia, Walled Lake, Michigan 
Amber M. Page, Walled Lake, Michigan 
Angela L. Caponi, Warren, Michigan 
Sara R. Catrow, Warren , Michigan 
Christine E. Davidson, Warren , Michigan 
Robert D. Gillette, Warren , Michigan 
Shelley M. Hrynczuk, Warren , Michigan 
Jason D. Idalski, Warren , Michigan 
David M. Kassin, Warren , Michigan 
Kristina R. Kassin, Warren , Michigan 
Shimnuj Kue, Warren , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Mazzie, Warren , Michigan 
Adam S. Mitchell, Warren , Michigan 
Jennifer Onslow, Warren , Michigan 
Jared M. Slayton, Warren , Michigan 
David F. Wurtsmith, Warren , Michigan 
Kimberly A. Jurewicz, Washington , Michigan 
Jessica Tenbusch, Washington , Michigan 
Anthony P. Boone, Waterford , Michigan 
Tonya M. Dills, Waterford , Michigan 
Danielle M. Drinkard, Waterford , Michigan 
Jonathan M. Fenlon, Waterford , Michigan 
Kandice M. Graham, Waterford , Michigan 
Tasha J. Miner, Waterford , Michigan 
Kimberly M. Schrupp, Waterford , Michigan 
Sarah R. Smarch, Waterford , Michigan 
Debra A. To, Waterford , Michigan 
Joel Tossey, Waterford , Michigan 
Brandy N. Adams, Wayne , Michigan 
Maricela C. Guerrero, Wayne , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Halaberda, Wayne , Michigan 
Ryan J. Herbst, Wayne , Michigan 
Angelina M. Johnson, Wayne , Michigan 
John A. Lewis, Wayne , Michigan 
Stephanie L. Miller, Wayne , Michigan 
Samantha J. Monforton, Wayne , Michigan 
Susanna L. Mullinix, Wayne , Michigan 
David H. Pratt, Wayne , Michigan 
Heather L. Quinn, Wayne , Michigan 
Miranda L. Smith, Wayne , Michigan 
Karliey M. Zerona, Wayne , Michigan 
Amy M. Spalding, Webberville , Michigan 
Stephanie M. Amster, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Marc F. Aust, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Jennifer R. Ben-Ezra, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Sarah A. Bialock, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
David F. Binkley, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Nicole R. Briones, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Sarah K. Chrzanowski, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Benjamin J. Chudnow, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Michelle R. Cohen, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Nicole L. Davis, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Gregory R. Derby, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Dovichi, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Korhan A. Gurocak, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Erin M. McCann, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Elora A. McConeghy, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Megan E. McNeil, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Annette D. Merchant, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Robyn J. Naigles, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Matthew H. Newman, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Ryan R. Roe, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Leah A. Tino, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Melissa Turbow, West Bloomfield , Michigan 
Adam C. Adams, West Olive , Michigan 
Jennifer L. Barson, Westland , Michigan 
Lindsay M. Beard, Westland , Michigan 
Maria V. Beaver, Westland , Michigan 
Stephanie E. Biglow, Westland , Michigan 
Sara M. Boczar, Westland , Michigan 
Martha J. Booker, Westland , Michigan 
Carson E. Boron, Westland , Michigan 
Melissa A. Braunstein, Westland , Michigan 
Jeremy J. Bruckner, Westland , Michigan 
Allison R. Bushway, Westland , Michigan 
Natalie A. Busz, Westland , Michigan 
Sandra L. Carter, Westland , Michigan 
Maria A. Cioban, Westland , Michigan 
Christine J. Copland, Westland , Michigan 
Faye M. Croteau, Westland , Michigan 
Tammy S. Crum, Westland , Michigan 
Emily A. Dannunzio, Westland , Michigan 
Melanie L. Dee, Westland , Michigan 
Diana L. Demers, Westland , Michigan 
Chelsey A. Ennis, Westland , Michigan 
Nicholas W. Fitzer, Westland , Michigan 
Christina F. Gaines, Westland , Michigan 
Mallory M. Gentile, Westland , Michigan 
Samantha E. Giacobozzi, Westland , Michigan 
Mieke D. Giles, Westland , Michigan 
Carla D. Goerlich, Westland , Michigan 
Joseph A. Goldwater, Westland , Michigan 
Neil B. Gounaris, Westland , Michigan 
Nanette K. Gozowsky-Fabrey, Westland , Michigan 
Stacy L. Gunther, Westland , Michigan 
Jeffrey P. Hayton, Westland , Michigan 
Michelle A. Henning, Westland , Michigan 
Theresa L. Hintz, Westland , Michigan 
Edward J. Iciek, Westland , Michigan 
Jamie L. Jones, Westland , Michigan 
Kore L. Kneip, Westland , Michigan 
Jenny Kukeski, Westland , Michigan 
Jolyn M. Lamanen, Westland , Michigan 
Scott M. Laurain, Westland , Michigan 
James A. Leighton, Westland , Michigan 
Keleigh M. Maylone, Westland , Michigan 
Michelle R. McCulloch, Westland , Michigan 
Jill S. Miller, Westland , Michigan 
Paula A. Mishowski, Westland , Michigan 
Lorraine E. Moore, Westland , Michigan 
Sharla M. Muir, Westland , Michigan 
Megan E. O'Leary, Westland , Michigan 
Shannon N. Palmer, Westland , Michigan 
Mary T. Paradowski, Westland , Michigan 
Dayna M. Pitt, Westland , Michigan 
Robyn R. Pugmire, Westland , Michigan 
Jennifer N. Rickard, Westland , Michigan 
Shannon R. Riddle, Westland, Michigan 
Hilary A. Robertson, Westland, Michigan 
Desiree E. Ross, Westland, Michigan 
Cara C. Sarten, Westland, Michigan 
Jessica A. Shippe, Westland, Michigan 
Amy B. Sholler, Westland, Michigan 
Tonya M. Shotwell, Westland, Michigan 
Robert J. Simpson, Westland, Michigan 
Laura L. Stafford, Westland, Michigan 
Bethany G. Stawasz, Westland, Michigan 
Eric P. Stopa, Westland, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Tackett, Westland, Michigan 
Allison M. Thompson, Westland, Michigan 
Jennifer A. Vanderklipp, Westland, Michigan 
Jamie L. Vernier, Westland, Michigan 
Sonja D. Wallace, Westland, Michigan 
Sarah A. Ward, Westland, Michigan 
Amanda B. Wilson, Westland, Michigan 
Casey A. Wooley, Westland, Michigan 
Kyle J. Zrenchik, Westland, Michigan 
Christopher A. Gates, White Cloud, Michigan 
Brandon S. Burford, White Lake, Michigan 
Emily A. Collier, White Lake, Michigan 
Trevor Klem, White Lake, Michigan 
Erin N. Medell, White Lake, Michigan 
Rachel C. Perry, White Lake, Michigan 
Amanda L. Shaw, White Lake, Michigan 
Ruth J. Adam, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Sarah L. Agostini, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Derek M. Ayers, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Geneva M. Boriss, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Benjamin F. Caldwell, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Trista L. Cannon, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Sara A. Craft, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Kimberly N. Duff, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Jody M. Fidrus, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Rachel M. Flores, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Kassandra L. Frost, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Amanda G. Gardner, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Stephanie M. Hankins, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Jennifer A. Hmadi, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Siobhan M. Johnston, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Maddick, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Mark J. Matkovich, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Shannon A. McElroy, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Lisa M. Myers, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Lisa M. Orrin, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Johnathon A. Schutz, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Evelyn J. Sutter, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Jason P. Utley, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Steven E. Vozar, Whitmore Lake, Michigan 
Leah M. McCoy, Whittaker, Michigan 
Krystal L. Barnes, Willis, Michigan 
Kristen N. Hartford, Willis, Michigan 
Cheryl A. Kennedy, Willis, Michigan 
Adrienne E. King, Willis, Michigan 
Nikole L. Kline, Willis, Michigan 
Laura K. Mamp, Willis, Michigan 
Alana R. Mellinger, Willis, Michigan 
Sarah C. Walters, Willis, Michigan 
Sarah J. Cham, Wixom, Michigan 
Leslie A. Crandall, Wixom, Michigan 
Mike K. Eleuwa, Wixom, Michigan 
Aimee M. Ivey, Wixom, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Leadbetter, Wixom, Michigan 
Qiong X. Mei, Wixom, Michigan 
Rachel H. Naemi, Wixom, Michigan 
Theresa Robinson, Wixom, Michigan 
Adam C. Teasdale, Wixom, Michigan 
Emily A. Weiss, Wixom, Michigan 
Brandi L. Small, Wolverine Lake, Michigan 
Meghin C. Budzyn, Woodhaven, Michigan 
Jessica L. Kardel, Woodhaven, Michigan 
Rachel M. Kellogg, Woodhaven, Michigan 
Kaile J. Lewandowski, Woodhaven, Michigan 
Heather A. McLean, Woodhaven, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Naubert, Woodhaven, Michigan 
Jennifer K. Ozog, Woodhaven, Michigan 
Courtney G. Salgat, Woodhaven, Michigan 
Richard T. Vaughn, Woodhaven, Michigan 
Paul R. Affholter II, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Geoffrey S. Arnoldy, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Beth A. Ave-Lallemant, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Megan K. Begley, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Matthew M. Cole, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Ashley L. Davenport, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Bradley J. Faryniarz, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Sarina H. Fraunhoffer, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Bryan A. Grabowski, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Patrick M. Gwardinski, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Mindy L. Johnson, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Samuel B. Karafotis, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Lynn M. Kargol, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Michael P. Kirby Jr, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Sarah A. Kucia, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Sarah R. Leonard, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Rhonda R. Manzanarez, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Nora J. McHugh, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Alyssa M. Meredith, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Amy E. Miller, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Jennifer H. Miruzzi, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Rachel R. Newland, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Spenser C. Papke, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Danielle M. Rosen, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Stephanie G. Ross, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Katherine R. Schuck, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Carly S. Scott, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Daniel E. Stewart, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Jonathan P. Wallace, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Kathleen L. Whitman, Wyandotte, Michigan 
Sharon C. Carter, Wyoming, Michigan 
Carrie E. Fiebig, Wyoming, Michigan 
Andrea L. Adams, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Nicole L. Alicea, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Eric T. Allison, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Stacey E. Althouse, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Dean A. Amato, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Edward L. Andaya, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Daniel A. Antal, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Amanda M. Arbaugh, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Taylor N. Bailey, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Rebecca D. Baillie, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Natalie J. Baloy, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Staci E. Barber, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Tiffany R. Bates, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Cassiopia A. Benedict, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
David B. Benson, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jennifer N. Benson, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jari J. Billiot, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jason E. Blair, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Dawn M. Blanton, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Karen E. Boehl, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Sarah R. Boling, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Allison N. Bondie, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Michael E. Bonham, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Alexandra L. Boughton, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Amy M. Bowen, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jason S. Branham, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Angell J. Bray-Darden, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Javonda M. Brooks, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Erin M. Brotherton, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Crystal E. Brown, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Maran L. Buck, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ashley N. Burnison, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Marcia L. Burton, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Allison M. Carey, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Christopher M. Carlton, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Kaleena A. Carter, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Cierra S. Chambers, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lu S. Chang, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Heeyon Chapman, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ruth A. Chis, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Adam K. Chun, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Danika M. Chun, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Naomi L. Chusid, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Nsombi B. Claiborne, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Amelia A. Clark, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Tiffany P. Clarke, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Luke J. Coburn, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Kira E. Collins, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ethan J. Conn, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Argenis R. Conner, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jennifer R. Cornell, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Nicholas J. Cornish, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Daniel A. Cowlin, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Patricia M. Cox, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Stephanie S. Cunningham, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Alisunn V. Curtin, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Adele M. Daniels, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lisa K. Dannemiller, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Brittney T. Davenport, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ryan A. Dawson, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Kyle M. DeBord, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Chelsea R. Dean, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Anna M. Delcamp, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Doy Thomas D. Demsick, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Donielle L. Dennard, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Anna B. Devries, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Michael J. Dick, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Stuart K. Dotson, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Loretta A. Downing, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Cassandra T. Dudley, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Tiffany A. Dudley, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jason S. Dunning, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Courtney A. Eaddy-Richardson, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Shonda L. Eddins, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Braden K. Eddy, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Colleen A. Eilola, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Nicole A. Eldridge, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Paula M. Elrod, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Candice J. Everett, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Rashad R. Farha, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Stephen N. Filipiak, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jason M. Flint, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Catherine M. Formas, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Latasha L. Franklin, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Emily D. Freeman, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Rebecca L. Gaunt, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jennifer K. Gehringer, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Elizabeth R. Genyk, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Cortney M. Gilbert, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
David H. Gladding, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Tiffany L. Godsey, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
David J. Goff, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Geri L. Goode, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Melissa M. Gordon, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Rebecca E. Gorham, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Alivia C. Graham, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Sara R. Graham, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
William F. Grapentine, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Teikia Y. Green, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Belinda Y. Griffith, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Colin W. Gurganus, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Kelly Guthrie, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Daniel P. Haas, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Anetta Hall, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Anthony J. Hammond, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jody M. Haney, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ruth W. Harrell, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Kaila L. Harris, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Sherena E. Harris, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jonathan S. Hasey, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Christina R. Hasse, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lila Hatahet, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Brianne S. Haven, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Sean P. Heffner, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Daniel S. Heikka, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jeffrey S. Henderson, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lena M. Henderson, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Sage M. Hewitt, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ronald H. Hill Jr, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
David M. Hinkle, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Tara L. Holdampf, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Brian S. Holman, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ashley D. Horn, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Angela J. Howard, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
TienWei Hung, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Anne M. Hunter, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Alicia R. Hurst, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Andrea Illescas, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Silas T. Inman, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Irwin, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Katie E. Jacquez, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Laura D. Jacquez, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Trish D. Jamison, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Sandy P. Jones, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Tiffany S. Joplin, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Joshua A. Kamradt, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Constantina F. Karathanasis, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Mollie R. Kennedy, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Alan J. Keskitalo, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Erin N. Kissel, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Christopher R. Kline, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Tracy H. Knoeller, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Andre L. Kormendi, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Kelly A. Kotecki, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Christine M. Krezel, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jonathan P. Krieger, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jonathan T. Kung, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Anne M. Kurant, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Michael T. Lahey, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lisa A. Lamirand, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Christine S. Laughren, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Matthew F. Law, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Melanie J. Lebert, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Moua T. Lee, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Brenda J. Lemley, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lauren C. Liimatta, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Emybet Limon, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
David J. Lindeblad, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Aubrey E. Little, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Meimei Liu, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Andrew J. Livingston, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Heather S. Lobach, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Constance M. Longpre, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Eric W. Lynch, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Joshua Lyon, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Erin B. MacLeod, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Melanie C. Macari, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Chiraphon Maki, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ryan S. Maki, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Chikako Malas, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
William P. Malcolm, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Toni L. Malone, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Andrea D. Manson, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Christel J. Marceau, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lamia R. Marouf, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
William B. Martin, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Joshua W. Mathia, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Bridget C. Mattes, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Sara A. McClean, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Leslie C. McDermott, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ashley L. McDonald, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Megan E. McHenry, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lindsey L. McKennett, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Gena M. Meek, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Roberto C. Melendez, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Nicholas D. Merkel, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Alexander T. Merz, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jennifer M. Metevia, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Alexis A. Mimikos, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Megan E. Misczak, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Janna L. Mitchell, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Sagal O. Mohamud, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Dannielle L. Murphy, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Reena Nair, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Brandon L. Neel, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Daniel B. Neukom, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Stephanie M. Ney, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Elizabeth M. Nierman, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jason B. Noble, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Gabriel R. Paavola, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Erika E. Pace, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Cortney M. Palmer, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jennifer L. Papineau, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Kimberley R. Parkhurst, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Bethany A. Peddie, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Christian R. Peltier, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Marla G. Peltier, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Ronald J. Pentz, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Mary B. Perrin, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Bryan D. Peterson, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Briana L. Pickens, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Catherine M. Pinkowski, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jamee C. Plastow, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
John N. Poczik, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Erica A. Pollard, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Brenna K. Polzin, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Vickey L. Priest, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Casey L. Purvis, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Sarah E. Rademacher, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Matthew F. Raines, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Princess L. Rayford-Taylor, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lauren B. Reed, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Stacy R. Renouf, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Pierre E. Rice Jr, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
William P. Riley, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Luanne J. Robbins, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Paula M. Robinette, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lindsay A. Rosenzweig, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jesse I. Rubenfeld, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jonathan P. Ruland, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Diluni H. Rupasinghe, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Lily R. Rushlow, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Jessica L. Sabourin, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Michael J. Samar Jr, Ypsilanti, Michigan 
Natalia V. Santanna, Ypsilanti , Michigan Katy J. Sawdon, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Brian A. Schaetz, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Meghan M. Schafbuch, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
John T. Schmidt, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Patricia T. Sinawe, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
David J. Sitar, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Amanda E. Slade, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Amanda R. Slipper, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Evelyn A. Smith, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Lindsey M. Smith, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Meredith F. Smith, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Dayna R. Sprentall, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Nakiva S. Spruill, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Dwayne M. Stange, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
CheJuana D. Stewart, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Jenna M. Stewart, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Amanda E. Stolt, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Heather L. Stutzenstein, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Daniel R. Svacha, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Meghan J. Svoboda, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Ryan C. Tasker, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
April T. Taylor, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Jeremy L. Taylor, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Jade S. Teachey, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Kristen L. Thomas, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Shayann Thomas, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Bethany A. Townsend, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Linda B. Tran, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Christopher L. Tubbs II, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Michelle L. Vail, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Jacquelyn R. VanHout, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
William D. VanLoo, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Nicole L. Vandelaar, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Lindsay A. Waksmundzki, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Kyle J. Walker, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Christy J. Wallace, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Julie E. Walters, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Joan F. Ward, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Max A. Wartel, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Thomas G. Wawrzaszek, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Sonya R. Weideman, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Daniel C. Whorley, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Adrian Wideman, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Elizabeth M. Wilhelm, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Jennifer R. Willhelm, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Cristal L. Williams, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Hannah J. Williams, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Jennie R. Williams, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Margo A. Williams, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Monica M. Williams, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Rozlyn Williams, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Sonya M. Williams, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Zalina C. Withem, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Diana M. Wood, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Robin L. Wright, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Sandra L. Wright, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Kristina R. Zielinski, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Kristian G. Zigulis, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Amanda J. Zuhlke, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Rogena D. Monday, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Lindsay C. Sarin, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Darlene L. Swain, Ypsilanti , Michigan 
Amelia F. Bateman, ann arbor , Michigan 
Rebecca A. Schroth, ann arbor , Michigan 
Renee L. Brown, battle creek , Michigan 
Peter L. Kuykendall, brighton, Michigan 
Nusibah K. Altayib, canton, Michigan 
Khadija Hussaini, canton, Michigan 
Raymond E. Germain, carleton, Michigan 
Nathan T. Ponte, chelsea , Michigan 
Kimberly R. Brown, grass lake, Michigan 
Todd M. Holappa, lincoln park , Michigan 
Jennifer M. Reaume, novi, Michigan 
Carter S. May, southgate , Michigan 
Joseph P. Divelbiss, taylor , Michigan 
Jacqueline S. Rosenberg, west bloomfield , Michigan 
Thomas M. Giles, westland , Michigan 
Sonja M. Halsey, ypsilanti , Michigan 
Joel R. Mann, ypsilanti , Michigan 
John M. Woody, ypsilanti , Michigan 
De'Cember N. Diarra, ypsilanti , Michigan 
Ryan E. McCormick, ypsilanti , Michigan

Elizabeth M. Schulz, Rochester, Minnesota
Roy B. Johnson, White Bear Lake, Minnesota

Michele M. Downey, Kearney, Missouri

Afton E. Ott, Reed Point, Montana

Ashley A. Durand, Lincoln, Nebraska

Rocco F. DeFelice, Hackettstown, New Jersey
Stefanie C. James, West Windsor, New Jersey

Mackenzie L. Steger, Blasdell, New York
Joshua W. Olson, Getzville, New York
Hannah M. Wilding, Lockport, New York
Kate G. Caputo, Merrick, New York
Matthew J. Guinan, Victor, New York

North Dakota
Amber D. Land, Kulm, North Dakota

Stephanie M. Ferreira, Akron , Ohio 
Amy F. Kobb, Akron , Ohio 
Michelle L. Lloyd, Akron , Ohio 
Jessica L. Moats, Akron , Ohio 
Adrienne M. Glass, Antwerp , Ohio 
Joseph E. Stromski II, Antwerp , Ohio 
Stephen M. Stewart, Archbold , Ohio 
Matthew D. Molyett, Attica , Ohio 
Erin K. Murphy, Avon Lake , Ohio 
Jane A. Daniels, Bay Village , Ohio 
Eleni Y. McConnell, Beavercreek , Ohio 
Ashley M. Upton, Beavercreek , Ohio 
Lyle E. Garrison, Beavercreek , Ohio 
Lauren E. Holden, Bellefontaine , Ohio 
Kristopher C. Osher, Bellevue , Ohio 
Jeffrey A. Hehr, Boardman , Ohio 
Greta J. Finch, Bowling Green , Ohio 
Darcy M. Kapron, Bowling Green , Ohio 
Lindsay N. Cartledge, Brecksville , Ohio 
Noah B. Coyner, Brecksville , Ohio 
Rebecca L. Brillinger, Broadview Heights , Ohio 
Andrew J. Widlak, Broadview Heights , Ohio 
Jessica M. Beerbower, Bryan , Ohio 
Amanda C. Hamon, Bryan , Ohio 
Kevin M. Pool, Bryan , Ohio 
Ronald A. Stout, Canal Winchester , Ohio 
Andrew S. Wellock, Canton , Ohio 
Charles S. Dryer, Centerville , Ohio 
Mary K. Hoenes, Centerville , Ohio 
Meghann M. Janes, Centerville , Ohio 
Jessica L. Sorosiak, Centerville , Ohio 
Jaime L. Axthelm, Chagrin Falls , Ohio 
Lindsay E. Vlah, Chesterland , Ohio 
Emi C. Cummings, Cincinnati , Ohio 
DeAnna L. Dodson, Cincinnati , Ohio 
Maria J. Doerger, Cincinnati , Ohio 
James J. Flick, Cincinnati , Ohio 
Amanda K. Iannitti, Cincinnati , Ohio 
Kathleen Teresa M. McGoron, Cincinnati , Ohio 
Amanda R. Morgan, Cincinnati , Ohio 
Andrea L. Renzenbrink, Cincinnati , Ohio 
Aimee J. Woodrum, Cincinnati , Ohio 
Matthew K. Davey, Cleveland , Ohio 
Osareme O. DeIyamu, Cleveland , Ohio 
Victor M. Torres, Cleveland , Ohio 
Drew A. Slack, Cleveland Heights , Ohio 
Mercedes K. Youngston, Columbia Station, Ohio 
Kana M. Kubota, Columbus, Ohio 
Yedidah S. Schramm, Columbus, Ohio 
Nicholas R. Prokup, Cortland, Ohio 
Elizabeth L. Carpenter, Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio 
Matthew P. Burt, Dayton, Ohio 
Constance S. Howard, Dayton, Ohio 
Shannon M. Besaw, Defiance, Ohio 
Frances M. Schnipke, Delphos, Ohio 
Sarah R. Butts, Dublin, Ohio 
Laina K. Shuey, Dublin, Ohio 
La'Tasha K. Simon, East Cleveland, Ohio 
Tonya S. Gamble, East Liverpool, Ohio 
Gregory J. Bish, Eastlake, Ohio 
Anne E. Rahn, Enon, Ohio 
Katherine M. Sander, Fairfield, Ohio 
Ashley E. Sandmann, Fairlawn, Ohio 
Carl F. Brooker, Fairport Harbor, Ohio 
Arielle C. Foust, Findlay, Ohio 
Aubrey F. Kirchner, Findlay, Ohio 
Anthony D. Pearson, Findlay, Ohio 
Jennifer M. Cook, Forest Park, Ohio 
Kyle T. Rhoad, Fostoria, Ohio 
Jeffrey W. Burr, Fremont, Ohio 
Cynthia L. Mullins, Ghanna, Ohio 
Ashley M. Okonski, Gibsonburg, Ohio 
Michelle L. McCourt, Grafton, Ohio 
Amy A. Ziemak, Granger Township, Ohio 
Lindsay M. Mack, Hicksville, Ohio 
Canaan M. Magginnis, Hilliard, Ohio 
Tiffany D. Crosby, Holland, Ohio 
Jonathon F. Ducey, Holland, Ohio 
Megan C. O'Shea, Holland, Ohio 
Michelle L. Pohlable, Huntsville, Ohio 
Jabari S. Dortch, Kent, Ohio 
Amy E. Lynch, La Rue, Ohio 
Lane E. Stover, La Rue, Ohio 
Rebecca S. Kurtz, Lagrange, Ohio 
Johanna E. Groh, Lakewood, Ohio 
Erin E. Hanson, Lakewood, Ohio 
Corie L. Bland, Liberty Twp, Ohio 
Amanda M. Lund, Liberty Twp, Ohio 
Alison J. Stier, Loveland, Ohio 
Derek E. Martin, Lyndhurst, Ohio 
Brian P. Foster, Macedonia, Ohio 
Elise A. Caunter, Madison, Ohio 
Lindsay K. Schmid, Madison, Ohio 
Jamie L. Jerew, Marion, Ohio 
Jaime L. Seiter, Mason, Ohio 
Andrew W. Eckhart, Massillon, Ohio 
Kayla M. Breymaier, Maumee, Ohio 
Andrew C. Brown, Maumee, Ohio 
Emily C. Markus, Maumee, Ohio 
Andrew J. Pettee, Maumee, Ohio 
Sara N. Schuster, Maumee, Ohio 
Lauren E. Snell, Medina, Ohio 
Amy M. Suba, Mentor, Ohio 
Christopher R. Griesinger, Middletown, Ohio 
Kristen M. Peiffer, Millbury, Ohio 
Megan A. Smith, Monclova, Ohio 
Nicole D. Jamison, Monroeville, Ohio 
Rebecca M. Aeschliman, Napoleon, Ohio 
Jessica E. Aten, Napoleon, Ohio 
Kelley J. Atkinson, Napoleon, Ohio 
Aaron M. Kaufmann, Napoleon, Ohio 
Brittany A. Hartwig, New Bremen, Ohio 
Ashley M. Ricciardi, New Middletown, Ohio 
George A. Biddle, Newark, Ohio 
Courtney E. Mays, North Baltimore, Ohio 
Kelly L. Becka, North Olmsted, Ohio 
Meghan L. Kelly, North Olmsted, Ohio 
Victoria N. Lee, North Olmsted, Ohio 
Jeffrey M. Gerres, North Ridgeville, Ohio 
Jacqueline C. Hansen, North Royalton, Ohio 
James R. McAllister, Northwood, Ohio 
Stacy M. Little, Norwalk, Ohio 
Benjamin C. Seamans, Norwalk, Ohio 
Kerry M. Butanowicz, Olmsted Falls, Ohio 
Emily M. Vincent, Oregon, Ohio 
Jeffrey C. Schulte, Ottawa, Ohio 
Ashley M. Babjak, Parma, Ohio 
Hannah L. Burandt, Parma, Ohio 
Carrie A. Sirna, Parma, Ohio 
Jeanette R. Williams, Payne, Ohio 
Heidi M. Krukemyer, Pemberville, Ohio 
Kellie M. Abbeglen, Perrysburg, Ohio 
Kelly A. Rogge, Perrysburg, Ohio 
Garrett R. Miller, Pettisville, Ohio 
Jessica A. Schmucker, Pioneer, Ohio 
Sara M. Benson, Port Clinton, Ohio 
Elizabeth E. Logsdon, Port Clinton, Ohio 
Megan J. Riznikove, Port Clinton, Ohio 
Adam M. Schultz, Randolph, Ohio 
Elizabeth Saddler, Reynoldsburg, Ohio 
Ryan A. Loar, Rockford, Ohio 
Todd C. Graves, Saint Marys, Ohio 
Sarah M. McCullough, Sandusky, Ohio 
Adrienne M. Mork, Sandusky, Ohio 
Bryan E. Barhorst, Sidney, Ohio 
Elizabeth A. Naseman, Sidney, Ohio 
Stacy L. Quillin, Silver Lake, Ohio 
Jacqueline M. Keller, Sycamore, Ohio 
Ellen E. Gutman, Sylvania, Ohio 
Andrea K. Jacobs, Sylvania, Ohio 
Kimberly J. Jurski, Sylvania, Ohio 
Lynn F. Montgomery, Sylvania, Ohio 
Jason R. Ness, Sylvania, Ohio 
Rebecca A. Sova, Sylvania, Ohio 
James D. Spencer, Sylvania, Ohio 
Ashley E. Tarschis, Sylvania, Ohio 
Brittany L. Prochnow, Tallmadge, Ohio 
Erica S. Hawkins, Tiffin, Ohio 
Frank A. Perna, Tiffin, Ohio 
Laura A. Stiverson, Tiffin, Ohio 
Elizabeth K. Alfred, Toledo, Ohio 
Demetria L. Boyd, Toledo, Ohio 
Maureen B. Cherry, Toledo, Ohio 
Christina L. DeYoung, Toledo, Ohio 
Madison A. Flick, Toledo, Ohio 
Paula J. Holt, Toledo, Ohio 
Laura E. Lembas, Toledo, Ohio 
Andrea T. Lemon, Toledo, Ohio 
Jessica A. Metcalf, Toledo, Ohio 
Erika M. Oehlers, Toledo, Ohio 
Rebecca A. Pietrowski, Toledo, Ohio 
Janeen K. Romp, Toledo, Ohio 
Rachel M. Seabold, Toledo, Ohio 
Sarah J. Weingarden, Toledo, Ohio 
Afton C. Williamson, Toledo, Ohio 
Sarah N. Wineland, Toledo, Ohio 
Alisa A. Zawodny, Toledo, Ohio 
Aquila M. Sams, Trotwood, Ohio 
Michelle N. Radabaugh, Uniontown, Ohio 
Jillian Wolosiansky, Uniontown, Ohio 
Samantha E. Mercer, Valley City, Ohio 
Kimberly M. McGrath, Van Wert, Ohio 
Roger A. Wolford, Van Wert, Ohio 
Julie L. Warmbrodt, Wadsworth, Ohio 
Rachel L. Dicus, Wapakoneta, Ohio 
Emily C. Barba, Warren, Ohio 
Lisa M. Coliadis, Warren, Ohio 
Leah D. Gernheuser, Waterville, Ohio 
Nealey M. Hearns, Waterville, Ohio 
Sarah R. Riley, Waterville, Ohio 
Katelyn J. Deleranko, West Alexandria, Ohio 
Miranda M. Vollmer, West Unity, Ohio 
Joseph W. McGonigal, Westerville, Ohio 
Ashley M. Robb, Westerville, Ohio 
Sara L. Schiffbauer, Westerville, Ohio 
Courtney K. Ward, Westerville, Ohio 
Diana L. Arnold, Westlake, Ohio 
Korey H. Lesnak, Youngstown, Ohio 

Jillian A. Schmidt, Newberg, Oregon

Joan E. Savage, Bellefonte, Pennsylvania
Jeremy L. Allen, Brackenridge, Pennsylvania
John F. Jolley, Fayette City, Pennsylvania
Sandra L. Tuckowski, Perkasie, Pennsylvania
Kimberlee A. Johnson, Sharon, Pennsylvania
Emily M. Winderman, Yardley, Pennsylvania

Shannon L. Fowler, Houston, Texas

John C. Obzansky, Salt Lake City, Utah

Kristen M. Schmiedel, Ruckersville, Virginia
Cynthia P. Goodman, Virginia Beach, Virginia
Lindsay M. Anderson, Woodbridge, Virginia

Kathryn L. Brzakala, Grafton, Wisconsin
Jennifer L. Aycock, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Starr L. Strange, jerome, Wisconsin
Courtney E. Behnke, Wisconsin
Emily I. Bigas, Wisconsin
William J. Brown, Wisconsin
Susan R. Charlesbois, Wisconsin
Robert T. Degnan, Wisconsin
Sophia Y. Dickerson, Wisconsin
Kimberly B. Dovitz, Wisconsin
Eid F. Fakhouri, Wisconsin
Janelle E. Holdren, Wisconsin
Sarah J. Miller, Wisconsin
Elisa N. Murphy, Wisconsin
Joseph N. Novell, Wisconsin
Kathleen M. O'Connor, Wisconsin
Laurice L. Smith, Wisconsin
Sarah R. Thompson, Wisconsin
Jenna M. Waters, Wisconsin
Anastasia J. Zuzak, Wisconsin


International Students 

Flavia Cristina C . Vasconcelos , Campus Grande - MS , Brazil 
Flavia M . Micati , Petropolis , Brazil 
Victor G . Petreca , Sao Paulo , Brazil 

Aditi Krishnan , Markham , Ontario , Canada 
Emily A. Cercado , Mississauga , Ontario , Canada 
Matthew A. Kudu , Mississauga , Ontario , Canada 
Kelsye A. Deppe , Morrisburg , Ontario , Canada 
Pamela S. Klundert , Oldcastle , Ontario , Canada 
Duyen K. Vuong , Ottawa , Ontario , Canada 
Donald H. Ellison , Schomberg , Ontario , Canada 
Chantelle R. Lonsdale , Sharon , Ontario , Canada 
Nicole M. Barker , St Catharines , Ontario , Canada 
Kelly E. Emslie , St Catharines , Ontario , Canada 
John Conflitti , Tecumseh Ontario , Canada 
Alyssa R. Vito, Terra Cotta Ontario , Canada 
Elizabeth Syrova , Newmarket Quebec , Canada 
Mark L . Kurtzer , Pierrefonds Quebec , Canada 

Li Li , Shanghai , China 

Paola A . Sanchez , Bogota , Colombia 

Marika LeRoy , Carling , France 
Edouard Joliveau , Mennecy , France 
Paul Reysz , Noisy Le Grand , France 

Anke Thorey , Berg. Gladbach , Germany 
Katharina Maurer , Frankfurt , Germany 
Sylwia Seradzinska , Frankfurt Oder , Germany 
Barbara C . Rambold , Munich , Germany 
Vanessa S . Frankowski , Stuttgart , Germany 
Maike K . Wehage , Wittlich , Germany 

Rahul . Bharadwaj , Banaglore , India 
Rohan M . Nayak , Mumbai , India 
Tejas S . Parikh , Mumbai , India 

Rony Widjaja , Jakarta , Indonesia 

Daniel Zoldan , Petah Tikva , Israel 

Shamarie A . Giscombe , St. Andrew , Jamaica 

Yukihiro Yamada , Aichi , Japan 
Saki Tsujimura , Anjo , Japan 
Takumi Ando , Fukuoka-ken , Japan 
Mami Matsunaga , Hirakata City , Japan 
Tomotake Kimura , Nara , Japan 
Sakura Kurosu , Utsunomiya Tochigi , Japan 

Israh F . Meraj , Kuwait , Kuwait 

Hee-Chen Lee , Johor Bahru , Malaysia 

Sonjhi Y . Olea Hernandez , Mexico City , Mexico 
Daniel Vazquez-Garcia , Queretaro , Qro. , Mexico 

Jeroen H . Van Diessen , Udenhout , Netherlands 

Waheed . Ahmed , Karachi , Pakistan 

Monika Kaczynska , Dolnoslaskie , Poland 
Andrzej S . Olesinski , Zielona Gora , Poland 

Yana I . Parfenyuk , Omsk , Russia 

Saudi Arabia 
Abdulrahman S . Alghaseb , Asir , Saudi Arabia 
Bader F . Al-Jishi , Qatif , Saudi Arabia 
Nadine C . El-Ayache , Riyadh , Saudi Arabia 
Hani H . Al Matrood , Saihat , Saudi Arabia 

Wei-Wen Ng , Singapore , Singapore 

Slovakia  ( Slovak Republic ) 
Gabriel Molnar , NOva Basta , Slovakia ( Slovak Republic ) 

Gaber Burnik , Zirovnica , Slovenia 

South Korea 
Jeong Lan Lee , Jin Ju Si , South Korea 
Hye J. Oh , Puchun kyunggi , South Korea 
Ju Won Baek, Seoul , South Korea 
Jonghwa Lee , Seoul , South Korea 
Hwan Joo Park , Seoul , South Korea 

Sri Lanka 
Chalan Munasinghe , Battaramulla , Sri Lanka 

Ting-Ting Yang , Kaohsiung , Taiwan 
Shyuan-Guang A . Huang , Taichung , Taiwan 
Guan-Uei Tsai , Taichung , Taiwan 
Wan F . Hung , Tainan , Taiwan 
Tasaporn Rojanasap , Bangkok , Thailand 

Trinidad and Tobago 
Lindy-Ann M . Bourne , Arouca , Trinidad and Tobago 

John E . Nwofor , Tunis , Tunisia 

Emre Ozel , Ankara , Turkey 
Tolga Ciftci , Istanbul , Turkey 
Ozgecan Eralp , Istanbul 81690 , Turkey 
Melis Ulker , Ugkuyular , Turkey 
Burc Coteli , Turkey 

United Kingdom 
Sarah L . Tyson, Cheshire , United Kingdom 
Robin P . Stone, Derby , United Kingdom 
Fay J. Kenyon, Jersey Chanel Island , United Kingdom