(EMU Students Only.
Please only apply once per semester.)
Year in which you are applying for a position:
Semester in which you wish to work:
First Name:
Last Name:
Student ID: E
Emich Username: @emich.edu
(Note: We require that you submit your Emich username and ask that you frequently check your Emich E-mail, as some managers may contact you directly by E-mail.)
Permanent Address:
Permanent City:
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Cell Phone:
Permanent Phone:
Living on-campus?
(As in, in an "EMU Residence Hall". Excludes Peninsular Place.)
Do you have previous work experience?
If yes, when and where?
Do you have Work-Study?
If you have Work-Study, how much were you awarded?
Attach a "Week-At-A-Glance" version of your class schedule:
(Required.  If you do *NOT* have a class schedule, please submit a rough idea of the classes you are looking to schedule for the semester in which you are applying. If you *DO* have a schedule, the "week-at-a-glance" version is much easier for us to read when we go in to match your class schedule with our scheduling system and found under your my.emich account under the Student Services tab, and then click on the Registration link!)
Attach a Resume:
(Optional.  We please ask you to keep your resume to one page.)