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Unit Manager Eastern Eateries

Derek Kell
Unit Manager, Eastern Eateries

Over 25 years in hospitality
 - ServSafe Certified

 Assistant Unit Manager Eastern Eateries

Joseph Tiboni
Assistant Unit Manager, Eastern Eateries

38 years in hospitality
 - ServSafe Certified

Account Specialist Eastern Eateries

Cindy Harwood
Senior Account Specialist, Eastern Eateries
Currently working on a Bachelor of Fine Arts, EMU

17 years of bookkeeping experience at EMU

Unit Supervisor Eastern Eateries  Beverley Sterling
Unit Supervisor, Eastern Eateries
Masters in Hospitality Management, EMU
Currently pursuing a Masters in Human Resources and Organizational Development, EMU

15 years in hospitality
 - ServSafe Certified

Full Time Supervisor Eastern Eateries

Daniel Willey
Full-Time Supervisor, Eastern Eateries
Bachelors in Psychology, EMU
Associates in Liberal Arts, St. Clair County Community College

19 years in hospitality
- ServSafe Certified

Eastern Eateries Chef Durjon Morris
Associates in Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management, Henry Ford Community College

13 years in the culinary field
 - ServSafe Certified
Pastry Chef Eastern Eateries

Nina Jones
Pastry Chef, Eastern Eateries
Bachelors in Hotel and Restaurant Management, EMU
Associates in Culinary and Hospitality Management, Washtenaw Community College

30 years in the culinary field
 - Gold Medallion Award Winner 2011
 - WCC Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Advisory Board
 - National Restaurant Association Education Foundation Certification
 - ServSafe Certified