The EMU Diversity Campus Climate Assessment Committee will gather information from a random cross-section survey of students, faculty and staff, and host a series of town hall meetings designed to give a platform to the unique voices on our campus. The findings will be delivered to the President’s Commission on Diversity, and a plan of action will be put in place to bolster, improve and monitor issues of respect, inclusion, access and equity on campus.


Month 00, 2019

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Month 00, 2019

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"Campus climate touches the core of our basic need to feel connected to the places where we work, learn, lead and serve. As president, I am committed to advancing a coordinated effort to increase diversity, equity and inclusion on Eastern's campus. To facilitate this goal, a Campus Climate Assessment Committee will conduct a University-wide assessment--work that will help to identify our areas of strength as well as our areas for improvement as we work to enrich the daily reality of students, faculty and staff at EMU."

James Smith, Ph.D. 
EMU President