Commission Members

Devika Dibya Choudhuri, Chair

I believe oppression is trauma echoing across generations in the lives of individuals and communities. As a counseling professor preparing students to serve diverse populations competently, a counselor working with trauma, and a member of the EMU community, I am honored to serve on the President’s Commission for Diversity and Inclusion.

Personal Goal

To facilitate a healing process for the EMU Community, while building towards an inclusive, equitable and responsive campus.


Sharon Abraham

As the Director of the Office of Diversity and Affirmative Action, I am responsible for ensuring the University is in compliance with equal opportunity laws. That includes serving as a resource to the campus community on matters related to diversity, inclusion and equity, and conducting trainings and workshops on diversity related matters. The diversity office also serves as an internal resource for students, staff, faculty and applicants who may have concerns about possible discrimination or harassment.

Personal Goal

To educate all stakeholders about the educational, economic, and social benefits of diversity, equity and inclusion 


Steven Bryant

I am the newest CDI commissioner and joined the EMU community as Director of Diversity and Community Involvement on June 2, 2017. I was the Director of Diversity and Inclusion at Northwest Missouri State University since May 2011. I earned my bachelor's in public health education and health promotion from Central Michigan University, and my master's in higher education from Northwest Missouri State University.

Personal Goal

To inspire others to get involved with diversity, equity and inclusion implementation.


LaMarcus D. Howard

I am the Associate Director of EMU’s Disability Resource Center and a member of the Association of Higher Education and Disability. The importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion is a mainstream narrative in higher education, yet we must make our words our behavior, our behavior our character, and our character our values.

Personal Goal

Build a just, equitable, and inclusive EMU community by addressing systemic and cultural barriers.


Eric Reed

I am the Coordinator of the EMU Opportunity Program, which is EMU’s first year program that provides an intensive summer enrichment experience and ongoing student support for first-year students. From my experience of performing poor in early college, I enjoy helping students from urban areas make it through college.

Personal Goal

Develop programs that provide equitable support to increase degree completion for underserved student populations at EMU.


Christine ‘Kate’ Mehuron

I am the Chair of the EMU Women’s Commission, and Professor of Philosophy. I returned to faculty from the Associate Dean position in Fall 2017. As Associate Dean, I developed the College of Arts and Sciences faculty advisory committee on Diversity and Inclusion. This committee advises the CAS Dean on diversity and inclusion issues, as these pertain to the College.

Personal Goal

I plan, as a member of CDI, to assist the President to establish consistent, action-oriented, and ethical responses to campus diversity and inclusion issues.


Desmine Robinson

My name is Desmine Robinson. My major is psychology, with a minor in creative writing. I am an English Tutor at Upward Bound and a Peer Educator on Gender-Based Violence for the Women’s Resource Center. I am the Secretary for Active Minds. I am a member of Washtenaw County’s My Brother’s Keeper Youth Council and I want to earn my PH.D in counseling psychology and work with those who live with anxiety and depression.

Personal Goal

My goal for the Diversity and Inclusion Commission is to mend the trust between the administrators/faculty/staff and students, to make our campus more inclusive and loving and to inspire my peers to get more involved in the political process whether it be on campus, in their community or on the national level.


Michael Tew

I am Associate Provost/Associate Vice President for Academic Programming. I work with all dimensions of students’ academic experiences at EMU. I am additionally responsible for the implementation and continued development of the University’s Degree Completion and Retention Plan. Previously, I was Director of the EMU Equality Research Center.

Personal Goal

To foster inclusion, equity, and success in all aspects of our students’ progress toward their degrees.


Inaugural Members

  • Ron Woods, Chair
  • Devika Dibya Choudhuri, Vice Chair
  • Sharon Abraham
  • Jessica "Decky" Alexander
  • Adam Baraka
  • Candace Dorsey
  • Melissa "Skeeter" Gentile
  • LaMarcus Howard
  • Christine "Kate" Mehuron
  • Amber Morseau
  • Gregory Peoples
  • Eric Reed
  • Desmine Robinson
  • Michael Tew

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