Feb. 1–April 15

Kick Off and Project Planning Phase

  • Convene Diversity Campus Climate Assessment Committee
  • Fill and clarify all roles: Advisory Team, Committee, Subcommittee members
  • Finalize team charge
  • Create and charge subcommittees
  • Develop communication plan
  • Update President’s Commission as requested
  • Develop “heat map” to understand other internal campus survey efforts and their impact
  • Agree on assumptions and domains of climate survey, scope of qualitative climate assessment activities and timetable

March 15–June 15

Initiate Qualitative Assessment Activities; Continue Survey Preparation

  • Implement communication plan
  • Begin implementing Qualitative Assessment Plan – create standards and respository for documenting input
  • Agree on climate survey items and constituencies, reporting levels, demographics
  • Agree on survey administration platform and details
  • Convene Leadership Action Planning group

June 15–Sept. 15

Qualitative Assessment Planning: Climate Survey Testing

  • Continue implementing communication plan
  • Finalize and test climate survey
  • Develop and test climate survey and survey items
  • Agree on response rate strategies
  • Continue planning for methods and vehicles for collecting qualitative climate assessment data during Fall Semester
  • Develop reporting formats and distribution schedules
  • Agree on schema for summarizing qualitative data findings
  • Update President’s Commission

Sept. 1–15

Announcements about a Campus-Wide Engaged Climate Assessment Process: Includes Multiple Forums for Input as well as a limited Climate Survey

  • Implement fall communication plan, including “branding” the campus assessment input and dialogue process

Oct. 1–Nov. 15

"Go Live” with Campus-Wide Engaged Diversity Climate Assessment Process: Including Multiple Forums for Input as well as a administration of a limited Climate Survey

  • Administer climate survey to various constituencies through multiple pathways through a targeted sampling method to ensure validity
  • Track on and report interim survey participation
  • Encourage participation through various tactics
  • Simultaneously engage campus in additional qualitative input:
    • Face to face forums, other input formats
    • Summarize data findings and begin analyses as survey constituencies or groups are completed
  • Update President’s Commission

Nov. 15–Dec. 15

Reporting and Results Dissemination

  • Nov. 15–Dec.15: Create and present EMU Overall 2019 climate assessment summary report to President’s Commission and Executive Cabinet
  • Nov. 15–Dec. 15: Present EMU Overall 2019 climate assessment summary report to President’s Commission and Executive Cabinet


Dec. 15–Jan. 31

Continued Reporting and Action Planning

  • Begin distribution and presentation of school, college and unit reports
  • Begin documenting survey process and lessons learned in preparation for the next administration of the survey
  • Kick Off Action Planning
  • Update CDI as required
  • Recognize and disband teams

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