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The purpose of this section is to provide a basic, baseline understanding behind the classroom accommodations typically available as outlined by the DRC. Based on the accommodations listed on the Accommodation Letter, students and course instructors should use this appendix information to gain knowledge of accommodation definitions, processes and boundaries. DRC Advisors will use this information as a starting point for any conversations pertaining to specific situations.

To determine a reasonable outcome based on the environmental variables and the student situation may require consideration and input from the student, the instructor and the DRC. Timely coordination of reasonable accommodations is required from the day the student requests accommodations (letter plus communication) to her/his course instructor and forward. Any course events (tests, assignment deadlines, etc.) eligible for accommodation that took place prior to the instructor receiving the accommodation letter need not receive retroactive accommodation consideration. Rare exceptions for retroactive accommodations may apply on cases of unusual and extreme hardships (such as hospitalization) that impeded with the student timely addressing his/her needs. The DRC will carefully review those cases, as applicable.

Accommodation letter adjustments are the minimum level of accommodations that need to be considered and coordinated when reasonable. Additional adjustments to presentation methods (such as closed captioned videos or providing copies of Power Points notes to all students prior to class) may benefit all students. Instructors and others are encouraged to consider specific adjustments that go above and beyond those provided on this list as long as the student understands that any additional adjustments are at the instructor's or other's discretion based on what would be considered reasonable for the specific course or situation in question. Furthermore, what happens in one situation does not automatically carry over to another situation, as each circumstance is unique.

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